Wednesday, October 19, 2011

End of Week 1: Pass The Turkey!

**October 9: Thanksgiving Eats - End of Week 1 in my FUtoshoot Prep!**

FUrst of all...

Welcome home Mr. FUntastic!!!

My brother is back FU a FU weeks!

BeFUre I begin talking about my Thanksgiving Dinner...

Let me just point out the number of faces I made throughout the night!

"Ya Ya, I know I can't have that!"
"No thanks, I'll pass"
"Why oh why did I chose to 'diet' this week?!"
"Stay FUcused FU!"

As we gave our Thanks...

Many were also thankFUl FU my Mom's cooking!

It started off with an assortment of appetizers...

Oven baked Brie with Maple Glazed Raisins and Cranberries...
Served with toasted Baguette.
Homemade Guacamole served with baked Pita Chips.
This is what I wanted.
This is what my brother had FU me.
There was also a mixture of finger licking eats...
Dates topped with whipped cream cheese and prosciutto. 
Even if I couldn't eat any...
They were pretty!
(Pretty hard to resist)
Hummus, Sundried Tomatoes and Pine nuts in a puff pastry.
I used to make these ones all the time!

While I watched everyone enjoy the FUlavorFUl apps...

I decided to pay more attention to her preparation of the bigger things! (Literally)

Heellloooo Big Bird!
Butternut Squash:
Holy Nom!
This I had :)

Once everything was ready...

We lined up FU our Turkey Eats!


No one had any troubles FUeling up their plates!

I love stuffing!
UnFUrtunately, I couldn't have any!
Not my plate.
Mr. FUntastic was happy to be back...
 to a home cooked meal!
SuperFit was simply happy and
 thankFUl 4 the amazing FU'd he was about to devour.
Turkey, Mash Potatoes, Gravy, Squash, Green Beans and

With the array of FU'd to pick from...

I ended up with this!

Delish nonetheless.
I also had a side salad.
It was hard not to give in but...
 I have a goal to which I had every intention of staying committed to!
It didn't take me long to clean up my plate.

On top of it being Thanksgiving...

We also had my Sister Kiki's Birthday to celebrate!!!

In the weeks leading up to her big day...

She worked with Way Better Cakes & CaNdIeS (by Michelle Graham) in designing her Dream Birthday Cake! 

This was the end product...
Amazing isn't it?!
The top layer was a Red Velvet Cake and the bottom was
  Key Lime FUlavored.

We didn't want to ruin the FUnished masterpiece with candles...

I mean how could we?!

So my Mom baked a FU CuPcAkEs to make up FU it!

Red Velvet with a Pink Cream Cheese Icing.

UnFUrtunately FU me...

This was the closest I got to tasting it!


I'm not going to deny the difFUculty in saying "NO" or giving in to Temptation!

Trust me...

It's not always easy! (Especially on a day like this one!)


My goals are what keep me in line! (I won't ever regret my goals but I would regret cheating on them!)

That said...

I much preFUrred sticking to my plan! (I mean, it was my decision to begin with!)

Either way...

I enjoyed the happiness around me! (That was much sweeter ~ in the non-sugary kinda way!)

Now back to the cake...

Her FUrst glance at the FUnal product!
She was more than thrilled!
She couldn't fathom the idea of ruining her beautiFUl cake!
Kiki had to look away as my Mom took charge of destroying it...
In the most masterFUl of ways of course!
I was in charge of giving out the FUrks.
It took me a good 10 minutes to get the plastic bag open.
I didn't do it on purpose ;) 


The cake was to die for! (I would have no idea of knowing!)

This face was a clear indication of how nomee it was!

By the end of all the cake cutting and cake eating...

This is what was left of it!


BeFUre calling it a night...

We took a FU FUmily FUtos!

Mom and her 'B'
(She has nicknames FU everyone - no one goes by their real name lol)
Mom and Timbits.


Kiki had to open her presents!

A signed book from the Cake Boss himself.
And a sweater from Carlo's Bakeshop in NYC!
My sister is an avid Fan!
Mr. FUntastic was in NYC a FU days prior...
He brought her back these awesome goods,
including a FU sweets!
Next was my gift...
She had been talking about a BENCH coast FU a long while!
So I got her matching one :)

As it soon came time to say goodbye, I think it's safe to say...

We all had a great Thanksgiving!

Even if I couldn't Gobble on everything...

The importance was not on the delicious FU'd (although hard to pass up) but...

Simply being thankFUl for:

- My FUmily; 
- My FUrends; 
- My Health; and
- YOU! (There are no words than can describe how FUrtunate and grateFUl I am FU all the support you have given me as I continue my journey in health and fitness!)

Thank you!

How are you coming along in the *CaNdY FiT* Challenge?! (Have no idea what I'm talking about? Learn all about it here: click)

Stay Tuned FU Week 2 in the *CaNdY FiT* Challenge!


  1. ...."(I won't ever regret my goals but I would regret cheating on them!)" Such inspirational Words, I think you should Trademark them :)

  2. Wow! Hats off on your commitment. I don't think I could have done the same thing; in these situations, I would probably think "one little bite won't hurt."

    My mom - who is a great cook - would be a little disappointed if I didn't taste it... is your mom supportive?

  3. @ Camyle...Thank you! That put a smile on my face :)

    @ Anonymous...Thanks! It's not always easy but I've got a goal in place and I'm determined to reach it!

    My Mom is 100% supportive! Given this was a special occasion, I had an idea of what I would be up against (so to speak). Otherwise, she always checks in on what I am able to eat/have when going over for dinner. She will cook according to my regime, which is AWESOME!

    In the beginning, there was an adjustment phase in my not even having a taste of any of her tasty creations (because for once my hands weren't in the cookie jar!), but she understood my commitment :)

    Now, when I get a cheat dinner, she knows I'll be coming knocking on her door! She jumps at the opportunity lol It's cute :)


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