Monday, October 10, 2011

Counting Down...

Here we go again...

The countdown begins to something Super FUn!

To what exacly?!

My second Fitness FUtoshoot! (I had a blast the FUrst time around! ~click~)

"Ow, Owwwwww!"
"Smile FU, Smile!"
"Look like your eating something sour!"
As you can see...
I make every shot count.

Okay, Okay...

My FUtoshoot with Chris Kiez was far more impressive (and even those words don't do his skills justice)!

It was a heck of a lot of FUn!

So what does this mean?

The start of new, ever-changing 'diets' with the goal of leaning out! (To the desired look I'd like to have FU that day!)

FU the next 11 weeks...(10 weeks now)

I will continue on with my regular training schedule:

1. Chest, Triceps;
2. Back, Biceps;
3. Shoulder, Abs;
4. Legs; and
5. Biking (until I have no choice but to go inside), Spinning, Running and the Elliptical (FU good measure! lol)

As usual...

I will make sure to train hard and (try) not skip a beat! (Especially in my travels over the next month and half!)

I am now grateFUl for the running aspect of my training...


Because I'll be able to easily slip on some runners while away and enjoy some FUresh air in a new city! (Weather permitting of course!)

Sweaters will be a deFUnite must!

The plan is that I also start my workouts a day early...

So as not to rely (or worry) too much on what the hotels carry (in terms of equipment)!

Crossing my fingers FU FUree Weights!

I will also have to make sure I pack enough protein (and yes that includes Chicken, Tuna and Peppers) FU my time away! (As opposed to my last stab at taking it easy while traveling! ~click~)

"Remember when I used to eat you every single day FU 7 months?!"
Hey, at least I'm not sick of Peppers!

Even if I'm not prepping FU a competition...

I take my preparation FU this FUtoshoot just as seriously! (I want to look the best I can and commit myself to this new goal I've set out FU myself!)

This means...

I don't plan on cheating myself from the look I'm working towards!

And speaking of cheating...

My weekends won't be FUeled with any of my FUvorite sweets! (Unless of course I'm given the green light FU a cheatwhich would all be based on how well I'm progressing in my prep!)

Treats such as:

Ice Cream! (~click~)
Peanut Butter!!!! :(
My Mom's FUbulous Desserts!
Carob Chips :(
Although the bright side of this one is
the fact they've discontinued them at my local grocers!

And of course...

Those are foamy pig heads and yes...
They are amazing.

**Note: I don't have all of these sweets in one weekend, I treat myself moderately! This is just to highlight some of my FUvorite indulgences**

Knowing that FU the next 11 weeks...

Sugary sweets and PoPcOrN cheats won't be included in my 'diet'...

I made sure to make the most of my last treating weekend! (Yup, a weekend's worth! Trust me, having already gone through a FUtoshoot/Competition Prep, I've learned to get all my cheating out of my system as the weeks don't go by in a blink of an eye!)

**I should point out SuperFit will also be eliminating his weekend cheats as we plan on doing a FU shots together as well!**

So what did my/our cheat weekend entail?!

You'll simply have to wait and see!

Being B.A.D;)

Stay Tuned FU more on *CaNdY FiT*

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