Friday, October 14, 2011

The Cheating is Over!

**October 2**

Okay so...

BeFUre my last amazingly delicious supper...

I ran a good 6K! (I had loads of calories energy to burn off from the two days prior! ~click~)

I needed to do something with my extra energy!

To make my breakFUst a FU'in sweet one (literally!)...

I started with my Banana Protein Pancakes!

8 Egg Whites, 1/2 Banana, 1/2 cup Quaker Quick Oats,
1-2 Packets of Vanilla Stevia, 1tbsp of Ground Flax Seeds,
and a Dash of Cinnamon.
PAM FUry both sides over medium-low heat.

Of course...

I added a good spoonFUl (or two) of Peanut Butter! (I won't be enjoying this breakFUst FU a long while!) 

Two big ol' spoonFUls!

Ugh. So. Good.
It literally melted in my mouth.

After my run...

I FUeled up with Apple Slices, Ground Flax Seeds and Greek Yogurt! (Yup, I won't be seeing Apples FU a while either! I gotta watch the Carb/Sugar Count!)

Check out some of my Apple recipes here ~click~

Once showered (Yup, I shower!)...

SuperFit and I headed out FU coffee!

DeFUnitely ready FU the Fall season!

As we walked through Westboro...

SuperFit decided to have some FUn with the camera...

"Pretend like you're stuck to a brick wall"

We soon settled at Bridgehead's FU one of our FUvorite hot and spicy drinks...

Can't you tell how much I'm enjoying my beverage?!
Chai Lattes are super nom!
Non-fat, 1/2 sweet.
SuperFit only discovered this drink less than a month ago!
What the FU would he do without me!? ;)

I enjoyed every single sip! (Down to the last drop!)


One great and soothing Chai Latte later....

It was time to make our way to my Mom's!

She ofFUred to make whatever I wanted FU my last supper! (How could I reFUse?! I'd honestly preFUr her cooking over a restaurant...any day!)

What did I ask for?!

A request that even took me by surprise!

As a Starter:

  • Homemade (oil based) Caesar Salad... 

So FUreakin' Nomee!

FU our Main:

  • A Roast (made by Timbits);
  • Mash Potatoes;
  • Brussel Sprouts; and
  • Yorkshire Puddings! (All homemade, of course!)

You see that brown sauce...
It ain't gravy. 
So. Amazing. 
Childhood FUvorite!

And FU dessert...

  • Brownies; and
  • Homemade FUdge sauce!

FUdgin' good stuff!
My Mom's brownies are so moist!

SuperFit was all too pleased with my menu selection! (I mean I asked FU meat and potatoes! Typically, I would have asked FU her FUmous spaghetti!)

He's never had Yorkshire Puddings!
He loved them. I mean, he ate 6 of them!

As we patiently (and so anxiously) awaited FU dinner to be ready...

We had no problems keeping ourselves occupied!

This is the Baby FU signature face.
If you haven't noticed already! lol

But you see...

I'm not the only one who makes faces in my FUmily!

Kiki is pretty good at them too!

Notice my expressionless face throughout.
I'm probably thinking about the FU'd I'm about to eat! lol


It was time to chow down! (Yahoo!)

So. Hungry.

Some of us (SuperFit to be exact) were eagerly waiting FU our plate! (To put it lightly!)

"Get out of my plate SuperFit!"
This was mine!
It was succulent and once again,
 melt in your mouth good!
Holy FU!

Once savored and devoured...

We cleaned up! 

"Common, Common, I want dessert!" lol

Come time FU my last taste of sweetness...

I asked FU the corner piece! (Trust me, it's the best piece...I know from past experience lol!)


To my lovely surprise...

My Mom even made us homemade Vanilla Ice Cream!!!! (Yep! She's FUreakin' awesome!)

I ate parts of my dessert beFUre snapping a shot.
SuperFit was in Chocolate Heaven!
Step 1.
Scoop and bring straight to your mouth!
Step 2.
Try not to look guilty! ;)

As you can see...

My weekend was FUll (you got that right!) of amazing...

  • Cheats;
  • Treats; and 
  • Sweets. 

So from now until December 15...

I will be 100% FUcused on my FUtoshoot prep and say...

'Sayonara' to my weekend indulgences! (Unless I'm given the green light FU a cheat! All dependent on my progress!)

Here we go!

Stay Tuned FU more on *CaNdY FiT*

Want to join me in reaching a fitness goal by December 15?!

Click here for more info!

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