Tuesday, September 13, 2011

These Shoes are made FU Running!

Guess what?!

I'm running again! (Yahoo!)

I started with 3K on the treadmill and moved up to...

5K after experiencing no pain in my FU't! (Like the last time - click

It was my best 5K yet!

As always...

I enjoyed a post-run Protein Smoothie!

1 Scoop Protein Powder,  4 o.z. Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk,
2 tbsp of Greek Yogurt, 1 big HandFUl of Spinach,  4 Ice Cubes and
A Pinch of Xantham Gum.
It was unbelievably reFUreshing!
And Icy Cold!
(I was boiling hot!)
It tasted amazing!
(Almost like milkshake!)

And please...

Don't hate on the Spinach!

And deFUnitely...
Don't make that 'EWW' looking-like face!
You really can't taste it and it gives
 plenty of vitamins for you to reap!

While I was excited about running a 5K....(It had been so long!)

I knew I had to prepare FU my long run of the week. 


I didn't want to run 8K without having the proper shoes! (As I feared re-injuring my FU't because of the longer distance! Simply put, I didn't want to take a chance!)


We ventured out to the Running Room!

160 Slater.

I have to say...

It was a bit overwhelming not knowing what shoe was right FU me!

So many difFUrent Types!

Luckily FU me...

The Staff at the Running Room were exceptionally helpFUl!

They assessed:

1. My running gait
2. How I balanced myself; and
3. They asked me a number of questions about me and running! (I never thought any questions about running would be relatable to me seeing how I vowed never to take part in this type of exercise!)

With that inFUrmation...

They pulled out a number of shoes FU me to try on!

Good thing I love shoe shopping! :)
SuperFit was not a Fan of these!

I must admit...

It wasn't easy making a decision!

Decisions, Decisions, So Many Decisions!

By the end of it all...

It came down to these two:

They were both extremely comFUrtable!

I ended up going with...

The Mizuna Wave - Inspire 7
They gave my feet all the support they needed!
They literally fit like a glove!  I felt like I was walking on air!

One FUn and quick sell later...

We had Sushi!

Super Nom!

Did we bike FU it?!

Yep Yep Yep!


When we got home...

I was super excited to test out my new shoes the next morning! (I never thought I'd get excited about running!)


I had a good night's sleep and enjoyed a nomee breakFUst bowl to give me some extra FUel FU my 8K run!

Greek Yogurt, 1/2 Banana, Go Lean Crunch and
A FU Carob Chips :)
With a coffee of course!
The bowl looks so much better when not mixed together!
It tasted delish nonetheless!

When it came time to head out...

I took out my "preciouuuus" shoes out of the box!

Exciting isn't it?! ;) 

I then strapped on SuperFit's Garmin Watch FU trial use!

Instead of using my Run Training App or Nike +

I also updated my Running Playlist...

Nothing 'beats' good tunes to run to!

Once I was all geared up and ready to go...

Look @ my new shoes!
(Not my thighs!) lol
The 8K Face!
Scary isn't it?! ;)

I ventured off into the open air! (Run FU Run!)

All I have to say is...

My new runners felt FUreakin' FUntastic! (I could immediately tell the difFUrence! These shoes were deFUnitely made FU running!)

I felt great and my feet were thankFUl!

I must be high because I look dazed and conFUsed!
I'm actually super happy here lol

I topped off my run with my FUvorite Super Protein Blend!

All the necessary mixings!


It was reFUreshing as per usual!

If I had to tell you what I'm lovin' about running thus far, it would be:

1. The FUreedom;
2. The Solitude;
3. The High; and
4. The desire to Push Myself on a whole difFUrent level!

That said...

I think I'm FUlling in love with running ;)

Thumbs up!

Questions FU you...

1. What do you love most about running?
2. Your FAV post-run snack?

Stay Tuned FU more on *CaNdY FiT*


  1. I enjoy running because there is always something to strive for, you can always push yourself in someway. I think that can be a good thing or a bad thing, sometimes I don't know when to stop pushing myself lol.


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