Friday, September 9, 2011

Snap. Crackle. Shoot!

Guess who got a new camera FU her birthday?!

Me! (It was an early bday gift from SuperFit...because it's not actually until the 25th!)

A camera 4 grown ups like me! ;)
I got the whooooole package!

After doing much research (actually SuperFit was the sole researcher)...

We FUnally made our decision on the best camera suited FU me!

We ended up getting the Olympus Pen PL2 from...

As I've been taking more and more FUtos FU my blog (and 4 memories sake!)...

It was time to say goodbye to a dear old FUriend! (Of course I will still make use of it, but on a smaller scale!)

Thank you FU the 100, 000, 000 pictures.
And I'm sorry FU all those times I dropped you!

When we got home...

We immediately charged the battery FU later use.

In the mean time...

SuperFit prepared me little 'something something'(This something something is actually a talent of his that he's kept from me since the beginning of our relationship!)

"I can make you mean Cappuccino or Latte, you just never asked!"
What?! Are you joking?! Don't give me that smile! ;)

When I initially discovered his hidden talent...

He took no issue in making me a specialty coffee! (To prove he wasn't kidding!)


He asked me to shave (no, not my mustache! lol) some chocolate from a Hershey's Kisses! (Yup, you heard right!)

I wanted to stick the whole thing in my mouth!
SuperFit got to it b4 I did!


He had asked that I add some kisses (the shavings) to my Cappuccino!

Real kisses vs. Hershey's Kisses... that's a toughy! ;)

I was beyond impressed because...

It was Delish!

From there on out....

I've been taking FUll advantage of my own personal Barista!

So on this particular day....

I asked FU a Latte! 

Again, it was nomee!

And I must say...

It went particularly well with my afternoon snack!

Greek Yogurt, 4 Strawberries, Ground Flax Seeds and
Vanilla Stevia FU that extra sweetness :)

As soon as I was FUnished devouring my nomee snack...

SuperFit and I walked down to our local Marina FU some live entertainment!

We kept within the speed limit.
At least I did ;)

Along the path...

We came across hundreds of sail boats!

Ready FU a SuperFit Joke?
In a British accent:
 "Were you in tha boat when tha boat tipped ovah?"
"Naahhh, I was in tha blood-eh wattaaah!"
Insert drum roll here.

As soon as we took our seats...

We ordered ourselves a diet coke FU sipping!


And a side salad b4 we headed back home FU dinner...

A Bed of Spinach with...
Orange Slices and a Raspberry Vinaigrette.

BeFUre long...

Our FUriend's band was ready to jam out!

Moe is an awesome Sax Player!
The band's beat made my head bop and my feet tap.
When I was a kid...
I took the FUrench Horn in music class.
I sucked.

An hour and 1/2 later...

We were still jamming out to the live beat!

Once the band FUnished their FUrst set...

We said our goodbyes and made our way home FU supper!

I took this meal preparing opportunity to make use of my new camera! (The battery was FUlly charged! Wahoo!)

**Please take note I knew nothing about the FUnctionalities of this new apparatus - these are test FUtos! This is not an excuse FU what may be regarded as poor picture quality! lol**

I FUried up some...
Sliced Turkey Breasts, Spinach, Red Peppers and Mushrooms
1 tbsp of Gourmet Garden's Basil Blend, Chili FUlakes and
Salt and Pepper to taste.

On this particular evening...

SuperFit and I enjoyed difFUrent Pasta Dishes!

He had my Mom's FUmous Spaghetti Sauce while I craved the
less saucy option.
Nothing like waiting FU water to boil...

Once everything was ready FU plating....

"One Spaghetti and Meat Sauce coming right UP!"
I don't actually call out orders ;)
I made extras FU me....
As I knew I'd want leftovers the FUllowing night :)

We sat down and enjoyed our supper together!

Nom Nom!

Once we were done eating...

We played around some more with my gran' spankin' new camera!


We had a mini FUtoshoot!

Handsome SuperFit!
Spaghetti Mouth!
Notice the orange colored lips...
It goes well with the green of his eyes ;)


It was my turn!

"Work it FU"
"Work it!"
"You know what's up!"
"Oh ya, that's the shot"

Do I like my new camera?


Can I guarantee another impromptu FUtoshoot?


What did we learn today?

It really doesn't take much to keep us me entertained!

Questions FU you...

1. Should I do a Mexican, Chinese, Italian or FUsion inspired birthday dinner?
2. Your FUvorite pasta dish?

Stay Tuned FU more on *CaNdY FiT*


  1. Glad to see you got a new camera, always glad to see a new photographer at work. Nice choice of camera, good work by Kenny. Look forward to seeing more of your shots of great meal ideas and inspirational poses of your evolving FUsique!



  2. Thanks Chris! I think I'm in desperate need of a tutorial! That said, I got to try out a FU features this weekend, which was really FUn!

    p.s. I'd love to do another shoot with you :)


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