Sunday, September 18, 2011

Slab Me with Some Ice Cream!

It's become tradition FU SuperFit, G and I to indulge into our FUvorite Sweets!

That said...

How could we not continue this delicious trend?! (I mean really?! lol)

As my week's are FUeled with...

1. Biking;
2. Spinning;
3. Running (Yep, now on the rotation!):

8K Whaaaa!


4. Weightraining:

This is from my 1st FUtoshoot (Click)...
I'm 2 weeks out from my FUrst competition (Click)
Note: I don't train in my bra and army pants lol

It is without a doubt...

SuperFit and I made plans to try out the Marble Slab (FU the sake of treating of course)! (Oh, and just as an FYI, this is sweet discovery I made recently)

Finding beauty among construction.

Like I mentioned beFUre...

What's a treat without G?! (Well it isn't one!)

"You seriously debated going without me?!"

So we gave him a call and delayed our plans until he was FUree to meet us!

When we stepped FU't into the Creamery...

I couldn't help but drool at the smell of the FUreshly baked WafFUl Cones and Bowls!

Oh Yummmm!

I have to say...

Making a decision didn't come easy!

They all sounded so delicious!

So we had to try a FU FUlavors just be to be sure...

Heck, why not try all of them!
(I tried 2 lol)

What quickly got my attention was...

That's right!
Red Velvet CuPcAkE FUlavor!!!

So already...

My decision was made! (I came 2nd in the decision making process, G came 3rd - he was having a really hard time!)

"That's right...SCOOP it up!"

As SuperFit was quick to make up his mind...

In no time was he was found indulging into his Rocky Road Ice Cream Bowl!

He couldn't wait to dig in!

While in the meantime...

My sweet concoction was being made!

Bring on the FUdge!

This, Ladies and Gentleman is...

What makes this ice cream shop difFUrent from the others!

**You pick your ice cream and toppings and they mix it all together in FUront of your eyes! If you can't decide - they have a 'FUvorites' selection from which you can pick!)

Laid out on a marble slab!
(Hence the name of the Creamery!)
The tools required FU the mixing!
Hurry, Hurry, Huuuurrry!
I had mine in a WafFUl bowl!

Once everything was said and done...

I got Slabbed with some Ice Cream!

It was monstrous!
Trust me...
There was a whole lot of "happiness within!"

I think it's safe to say...

We were all happy with our Slabs!

Smile if you like Ice Cream :)

Especially mmmMe!

Nom. Nom. Nom

The treat was great and the unique feature of the Marble Slab was cool!

I mean common...

You get to personalize your Ice Cream FUlavor!

Making the most of my WafFUl!
I couldn't FUnish it. 

For anyone who hasn't been Slabbed...

It's worth going at least once!

Until then...

Cheers to Healthy EatingTraining and Treating!

Stay Tuned FU more on *CaNdY FiT* 

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