Monday, September 5, 2011

Ride & Dine! Restaurant Eating Made Guilt FUree :)

Every weekend I get to indulge into some of my FUvorite treats!


I'm able to enjoy a FU things that bring a big smile to my face!

Like 007's company!
Yup, she's a real life treat ;)

007 and I will often get together FU some catch ups! (Outside the gym! Can you believe it?! lol)


Over some Java! (We now have the option of adding milk!)

And sometimes a little snack...
Like a croissant :)
Vanilla Cappuccino!
Super Nom!

Like I mentioned in my previous post...

Not only do I eat clean throughout the week:


I make sure to include lots of training into it! (In order to enjoy those FU little treats come the weekend!)

Taking each workout to the max!

As SuperFit and I like to keep active...

We'll sometimes turn our bike rides into ofFUcial events!

Much like our Bike 4 Sushi Rides!

Let's Go! I want Sushi! 
I had sushi on the brain our whole ride!
I'm not kidding.

On this particular evening...

We decided to go to Wasabi Sushi Bar in the Byward Market! (As per my bro's - Mr. FUntastic -suggestion)

And let me just say...

The prize was deFUnitely worth the kilometers! (We did a 40K loop) 

Mi-So Happy I get to eat Sushi!
Salted Edamame Beans and Green Tea.
Nomee Salmon and Tuna Rolls!
Bike 4 Sushi Ride = 100% SatisFUction!

Most recently...

SuperFit and I had a double date with 007 and her husband Martin...

They're a really boring couple.

007 and I thought this time around...

We'd include our men FU a change! (They felt left out! I'm kidding!)

But FUrst...

I had a coffee date with Mr. FUntastic! (He has this name because he left a comment on one of my blogs and signed it "Mr. FUntastic" - I laughed hysterically, so I decided to stick with it! lol)

We met at...
I <3 this place!
I got Mr. FUntastic hooked on the Vanilla Cappuccinos too!
We had some great catch ups beFUre he had to leave again
FU the North!

FU our double date...

SuperFit, 007, Martin and I made a point to do a Ride & Dine FU our date night! 

This in turn would make our little splurge (or big, whichever way you see it)....

100% Guilt FUree!

So what did we do?!

We met early in the morning FU a 40KM ride...

This FUto was taken last summer!
We were in a hurry to get on our bikes and didn't have
time to snap a shot :(

And reunited later in the evening FU dinner at Caffe Mio!
It's one of my FUvorite restaurants!
I had my bday party at Caffe Mio last year!
Click here to see my FUstivities!

Once we parked our cars (we asked ourselves why we didn't go all together!)...

We made our way into the restaurant and ordered our FUvorites! (We already knew what we wanted based on past experiences!)

I started with the Shrimp Diavlo!

Spicy Pan Seared Shrimp!

The boys shared the Pollo Salad and 007 had the Antipasto Plate...


Both SuperFit and I ordered Pizza FU our main course...

I had the Fresco Thin Crust Pizza
Olive Oil & Garlic, Grilled Chicken, Broccoli, Sundried Tomato and
SuperFit went with the Mio...
Grilled Chicken, Sopressata (dry-cured salami - think pepperoni!),
Roasted Red Peppers, Cremini Mushrooms,
Mozzarella & Goat Cheese

I managed to eat half of mine! (I didn't want to push myself to the point of feeling FUll - I hate that feeling!)

It was delish!

After wiping our mouths clean...

We decided to walk around the Byward Market.

We soon found ourselves deliberating on which Ice Cream/Gelato joint we should try out!

Rocky Mountain...
Or piccolo grande?

We chose Piccolo!

I love Gelato!
ReFUrase: I love anything SuperFit!
(That was Pure Fromage, I know!)

With a variety of FUlavors to pick from...

I FUnally settled with the Banana and Chocolate!

They were very generous with their serving portions!

007 and Martin went with the Chocolate Chocolate...

She's bursting with Chocolatee Goodness!


SuperFit went with the Chocolate Chocolate and Raspberry...

Nom Nom Nom!

Needless to say...

We were all smiles by the end of the night!

And high on sugar!

Especially me!!!

I scream FU Ice Cream!

Is there another Ride & Dine planned?!

Of course! (If not with FUrends then on our own!)



I recently got measured to see how I was doing with my post-competition training and maintenance 'diet'.

As you know...

I've had to increase my body fat since my competition date in order to:

1. Get myself back to a healthy weight; and
2. Put on more muscle. 

As of August 22, I stand at:

- 132 lbs; 
- 13.4% Body Fat; and
- A 4.7lbs increase of Lean Muscle!!!! (On top of what I had pre-comp! This is huge FU me!) 

I must say...

I'm super happy with my measurements!


I'm going to continue doing what SuperFit has prescribed me to do, as...

I work towards my goal!

Be it a:

1. Competition;
2. Half Marathon; and/or
3. A FUtoshoot!


Questions FU you:

1. Your FUvorite Cheat Meal?
2. Piccolo's or Rocky Mountain?
3. What goal are you working towards?

Stay Tuned FU more on *CaNdY FiT*


  1. Love love love margherita pizza, with oodles of fresh mozzarella & basil.

    2 weeks out from my first 1/2 marathon in Banff. Excited and nervous in one little bundle!

  2. Nommmm!!!!

    That's so exciting!!! Good luck! :) Wahoo!


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