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Grand Prix Montreal: Pro Cycling Race!

FU the past two years...

SuperFit and I have attended the Grand Prix Cyclistes de Montreal!

GPM 2010.
GPM 2011.

As we raved about how much FUn we had the year prior...

The Masta and Martin wanted to join us FU the Pro Cycling Race!

We left early in the A.M. (it's about a 2 hour drive) and made sure to eat a nomee breakFUst the moment we arrived in MTL! (There was a lot of walking to be had throughout the day!)

The Boys were in a hurry to eat!
I was FUllowing in their FUtsteps...

We enjoyed our morning eats at...

The last time I was there I was celebrating my 1st Place Win!

Without a doubt...

We were all excited to order! (I very seldom eat out FU breakFUst!)

I wasn't sure what I wanted more...
Coffee or FU'd!
The Masta was simply a happy fellow..
No matter where we were or what we were eating!
There was no questioning what Martin would be ordering!
He loves Chez Cora WafFUles!
There was no denying the level of excitement.
No matter how serious we are as individuals.

In a moments time...

My coffee arrived! (Yay!)

I had 1 cup 4 cups of this much needed FUel.

After taking a FU sips...

In no time were the FUlashes of cameras setting off! (No surprises there! lol)

I'm not sure who's worst when it comes to taking pictures...
Me or The Masta?
It's up FU debate.

Once the caffeine kicked in...

I was awake and ready FU anything!

If I were you...
I'd be scared (of The Masta!)

Good thing Our meals didn't take long to arrive! (Or else who knew what kind of Kung FU trouble party we would have started!)

I had the Traditional BreakFUst.
Martin and his beloved WafFUle!
And The Rosemary FU The Masta and SuperFit.

SuperFit couldn't help himself but take a shot of his Baby FU eating Bacon Protein! ;)

This was a very rare occasion and...
It was Absolutely Deeeeelicious!
I made a Bacon and Egg Samwich.
It was gooey and amazing.
I left my potatoes behind.
I was beyond FUlfilled!

Once we were FUll with nomee goodness...

We walked over to the Start/FUnish line! (Little did Martin and The Masta know, but we would be walking from place to place alllllll day long! Well, actually, we told them on the way there!)

Giddy up!

Once we got closer to the event...

I took out my camera and got ready to shoot!

Of course...
I brought my new camera! (Click)
I was beyond excited to use it FU an actual event!
And I must say...
I wasn't the only one thrilled about getting a FU shots!

As the streets were closed off and jammed packed with people excited over the race...

The Cyclists were relaxing getting in the zone beFUre their 17 laps around Mont-Royal! (Translation: 5 hours; double translation: approx. 200K!)

Hanging out with Fellow Teammates.
And soaking up a little sun!
None of us could've asked FU better weather!

In the mean time...

The FUllowing cars were getting ready to roll! (Literally!)

1. The Doctor Car (in case there was a crash and a Doctor was needed); 
2. The Commissaire Cars (Referees);
3. The Team Cars (carrying Le Directeur Sportif and Team Mechanic alongside all necessary parts);
4. The Neutral Support Cars and motorcycles (if something were to break down and the team car wasn't in sight, they'd help out); and
5. The Broom Truck (responsible FU picking up Riders who quit the race).

One of SuperFit's FUvorite Team at the moment.
He rides the BMC Team Bike (The Team Machine), weighing in at only 14lbs.

BeFUre long...

The Cyclists were lining up at the Start/FUnish!

I couldn't imagine how this must feel.
Knowing you are about to race against some of 
THE top in the world!

The countdown soon began...

Everyone was on the balls of their feet!

And so began the race...

Blast off!

As did our walk! (To catch the race from diFUrent angles and locations!)

Everyone was making a wok walk FU it as we wanted to catch up
with the Pro Cyclists!

Our FUrst stop was here...

Not far from the Start/FUnish.

They started with a climb right off the bat!

We didn't wait long beFUre they arrived.

And I must say...

They go by you really quickly! (I was happy to have been able to take FUtos in sequence with my camera!!! A feature I had never used beFUre!)

Here a FU shots from their FUrst climb:


As we moved locations...

We bumped into some Cycling FUrends!

On the other side...

While we exchanged our Hellos...

I anxiously awaited the Racers!


And so did SuperFit!!!

"FU, the race is that way!"
"They're coming!!!"

Within a blink of an eye...

They rode by us!

So we then continued our walk to our next locale!

We caught up with our FUrends...
From the other side ;)
We also did our fair share of climbing!
As did many others!

Once we reached our next destination...

We had some time to take a FU candids!

The Masta's Most Muscular Pose.
Behaving ourselves as usual.
Group Shot!
There was no denying...
We were all having a great time!

Soon enough...

The Riders arrived to their next climb...

The FUrst batch of riders...
In the lead.
The Second Batch of Riders riding in The Peloton.
About 6 minutes behind.
Climbing in a pack.
It was deFUnitely a tight squeeze!

Once again...

We continued our walking...

It was a beautiFUl day!
Compared to the year prior where it was cold and a tad rainy.
The perFUct weather to be strutting your stuff outside!

We posed 4 a FU more shots...

Super Cool.
Baby FU
We were having a terrible time.


We took the time to eat a small snack! (3 hours had already passed since Chez Cora's!)

He always has troubles opening the package.
He FUnally got it open without my help!
I munched on a FU nuts.
No...those are not Smarties! ;)

Oh! And...

We even got to play with Horses!

Nom Nom Nom.
SuperFit stuffing the Horse's mouth!
It preFUrred knawing on the wood.
But it didn't stop SuperFit from wanting to feed it some more!
SuperFit believed the Horse was Competition Ready ;)

As we ventured down to the bottom of a hill...

We came across a Popsicle Vendor!

Decision making made difFUcult.
I got the Strawberry FUlavored Popsicle.
The Masta had a Drumstick.
And SuperFit had a Rocket!
(Of course! They're his FUvorite!)
It was like we were all 10 again!

In no time did the Riders arrive to an insanely fast descent!

They must have been going at least 70KM/H!
You could feel the wind cut right through you as they zipped by!
You really wanted to stay out of their way at this speed!
The FUnny thing...
Watching some of them eat while going down at lightening speed!
(Like Apples!)

One quick descent later...

We made our way back up the hill!

Here we go again! lol

When we reached the top...

We stopped again! (There was about 6 laps left at this point)

Grand Prix Montreal.
Every stop we made...
There were plenty of people cheering on the Cyclists!
WoOt WoOt!
The FUrst Batch.
Martin patiently waiting FU the Second Batch of Riders.
There was now about a 2-3 minute gap between the two groups.
The Masta wanted to get in on the action!
Making every pedal stroke count.

While we watched these Pros go by...

The Masta had found a new FUrend!

There was a connection right off the bat.
He really couldn't get enough of The Blue Man.
They eventually got into a fight and...
Broke up.
The Blue Man was pissed.

Despite having to leave our Blue Man behind...

I was having such a FUbulous time with everyone!

Having a Great Time :)
I was happy to have spent the day with The Masta!
And SuperFit too! :)

Another quick FUtoshoot later...

They were back! (I got up close and personal! So close that I almost got horked on...Yuk!) 

I believe this was the guy clearing out his throat! lol

During the last hour of the race...

We sat down...

And ate another snack!

I came prepared!
I brought Tuna FU all!
I knew The Masta would want some!
Look at how much he's loving it! ;)
Even SuperFit had some!
He never, EVER eats Tuna out of a can!
He had his fair share back in his Competitive BodyBuilding days!

Three Tuna cans later...

The Pros zoomed by us again! (The heat was on as there were only a FU laps left!) 

Some of the Tall Tree Guys cheering them on!
Just look at the intensity of their faces!

Push come to shove...

There was camaraderie among the Cyclists! (Even if it was time to call it a day!)

The support and cheers from the crowd was amazing!

With only about 4 laps left...

You could really see the hunger in their eyes to win and FUnish the race!

It was all very intense to watch!

As we made our way closer to the Start/FUnish line...

We enjoyed the last FU loops from other various locations!

The temperature dropped.
Good thing I packed my awesome coat The Masta bought me
on his Cycling Trip in Mallorca (Click)
Self-portraits never get old.
Well not FU us ;)
My FUvorite Shot of the day.

 We FUnally arrived to the main area...

Where we had no choice but to watch the very last lap on the jumbo screen!

There was no way we could get any closer!

In the last FU seconds of the race...

24 year old, Rui Faria Da Costa sprinted his way to Victory!

The Movistar was quoted to say:
"I never doubted"

After a very exciting day (in the heat)...


It was time to head home!

Even when the race was over...
People were still FUeled with excitement!
"Who are you? Can I get your autograph anyway?!"

We stopped by Jadeland Restaurant FU a quick eat when arriving in Ottawa...

Flat Rice Noodles with Chicken and Black Bean Sauce and
Snow Pea Leaves.

There was no doubt...

We were all hungry!

The Chicken with King Mushrooms didn't have a chance at survival!

All in all...

It was a FUntastic day FUeled with:

Great FUrends;
Lots of laughter; and
A whole lot of pedaling!

The event attracted thousands of fans!

It was truly incredible to see the amount of support had by the Pro Cyclists!

Needless to say...

I'm deFUnately looking FUrward to next year's race!

Click here FU the FUll list of results!

Stay Tuned FU more on *CaNdY FiT*

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