Friday, September 2, 2011

Eat and Run!

This past weekend was spent doing what we love to do best...

1. Riding...

Look at how excited we look ;)
A difFUrent shoe FU a difFUrent kind of exercise!
SuperFit bought these FU me at the The Cyclery :)
My bissike!
She's called the "Asian Xpress"
Post Ride...

2. Going out FU a Sushi Dinner! 

Seaweed Salad!
It's so good!

We typically order the same thing every time! (We know what we like!) 

Edamame Beans.
Sashimi (The Masta's FUvorite)
and Tuna Sushi.
And a FU rolls :)
I love the Rainbow Roll!


3. Running FU Me! (My love is growing FU it but I'm not yet in love...if you know what I mean! lol)

Nikki, Nookie and I went FU a Girls Run!

Now, let's talk about my run.

BeFUre heading out with the ladies...

I had myself a Nomee BreakFUst Bowl! (2 hours earlier)

Kashi Go Lean Cereal, Greek Yogurt, Berries, Ground Flax Seeds
and Vanilla Stevia.

Once everyone arrived at my house...

We took off into the distance! (Nookie had just FUnished running a 10K, Nikki a 25K bike ride and SuperFit was on his way out FU a Fast 50K ride!) 

As you can see...
My feet are facing in the right direction
(As opposed to my FUrst run with Nookie!)
(Click here to see)

During our run together...

The Girls were a great support to me the whole time! (Always ofFUring words of encouragement!)

We also had some great conversation! (I listened more than I talked. I'm still working on not choking!)  

In addition to this, we...

Exercised our creative minds and made a FU plans! 

Such as:

1. Making some Nookie Butter (PB a la Nookie - we are both PB lovers!); and
2. Going to the 2012 Walt Disney World Marathon. 

I'll keep you posted on the development of both these 'ideas' ;)

By the end of our talk & run...

We ran our planned 8K!

It felt Grrrrrrreat!

We then debriefed in the kitchen over Protein Shakes and...

Discussed the next steps FU me in my training to run a half marathon!

From now on....

The plan is that I do a:

1. 3K;
2. 5K; and 
3. An 8K throughout the week (the 8K being my long run).

We will then add the Kilometres in due time! (We don't want to rush my distance until I become more comFUrtable in my new venture as a Runner!)

So FU now...

This is will be my training schedule! 

Moving on...

Once SuperFit got back from his ride...

We headed downtown to 'run' a FU errands!

Like getting some new equipment from Dave's Drum Shop!

Dave can expect to see us on a regular basis now.
"Can I play FU just 5 minutes?!"
"Go Wild"

I'm not sure FU how long I stared at the wall of drums....

This place is pretty neat (FU a non-drummer)!

But by the time I got out of my daze...

SuperFit was already at the cash with loads of new gear he wanted needed (open to interpretation lol) FU his new Drum Set!

Skins, Pedals and something else.

He was quick to set it all up once we got home!

Double Pedals
DW 8000
(Trust me, I have no idea what that means!lol)
His new black skins.

But beFUre we headed back...

We went to Starbucks FU our weekend FUel!

Cappuccino FU him and a Vanilla Latte FU me.

We then called Nookie and invited her over FU supper with Baby Mavee! (Matt was away racing at the Pro Drag Races in Toronto!)

The menu FU the evening was:

Salmon Steaks...

Topped with a Splash of Olive Oil, Fresh Dill, Lemon Wedge and
Salt and Pepper to taste.
BBQ'd over Hot FUlames FU about 20 minutes.

Parisian Potatoes...

1tsp of Olive Oil, Basil, Paprika, Salt and Pepper to taste.
Mixed all together!
Pan FUry on Medium-High Heat FU about 15 minutes.
(Until you can easily poke a knife through it)


Oven Broiled Asparagus...

A FU sprays of Olive Oil, 1tbsp of Lemon Zest, Salt and Pepper to taste.
415F FU about 20 minutes.

As an Appetizer we had...

Hummus with Olive Tapenade FU Dipping the Mini Pitas! (Both baked on non-baked)

A Quick and Easy App!

I have to say...

It was a relaxing and low-key evening! (PerFUct!)

We searched everywhere FU these chairs!
It took two weeks beFUre we actually found them...
On sale! 
I later found them at Shoppers for less!

As dinner was in the making...

Mavee was having FUn feeding everyone!

Eat it!
Open Wiiiiiide!

As soon as everything was ready...

I plated the veggies and potatoes FU individual serving!

Ooooh...Ahhhh! ;)

Once I sat down with my plate...


We all dug in!

(Now with potatoes!)

I should mention I mistakenly used Cayenne Pepper as opposed to Paprika...

So the potatoes were a tad spicy!
Chef Ramsay wouldn't have been impressed...
At least it wasn't

By the end of the evening...

Baby Mavee had dessert FU all of us!

Rockets are also SuperFit's FUvorite Popsicle! 

All in all...

I'm deFUnitely looking FUward to another:

Eat and Run! or vice versa ;) 

Stay Tuned FU more on *CaNdY FiT*

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