Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bike 4 Your Ruuuun!

After my last run with SuperFit...

I decided to give myself a little goal!

That goal being...

A 40K Bike Ride immediately FUllowed by a 5K Run!

When I shared this with SuperFit...

He too jumped on the bandwagon! (What a copycat! lol)

It was only a matter of days beFUre we put this goal to the test!

We wore matching coats FU our ride!
I told you he was a copycat! ;)
SuperFit looking Super...well...FIT!
He chose to ride his beloved Sooped Up Colnago Fixie!
(Meaning a bike with 1 gear!)

On this particular day...

We made a point to ride to the Start/FUnish of the Army Run!

I had wanted to take part in the 5K...
But it was sold out!

Among the 16,000 registered runners/walkers (Yup, 16 thousand!) was...

Nookie and Super Sly!

We got there just in time to watch them cross the FUnish line! (They completed the Half-marathon!)

They FUlew across the line at 1h55 minutes.
But in actuality it was 1h49 minutes.
(It took them 6 minutes to cross the start line with the 
thousands of people in FUront of them!!)
It was really awesome watching them cross together!

Of course...

I brought my camera!

This was a really happy moment FU them! (Nookie had been preparing Super Sly FU this run!)

Showing off their well-deserved medals!
WoOt WoOt!
Those legs are made FU running!

As soon as we said our goodbyes...

We rode back home and quickly changed into our running gear to complete our goal!

We were in good spirits!

As we began running our 5K...

I wasn't as exhausted as I thought I would be! (I actually felt really good and my breathing did too!)

We chose to run the same route we did a FU days prior and by the end of it...

We beat our time by 4 seconds! (Oooohhh...I know, but we still did better! lol)

Another 5K down FU us!
SuperFit can actually run a lot faster than me...
So in reality, I beat my time lol
Mission Accomplished!
(Apparently I sweat FU Two)

We immediately kicked off our shoes the moment we got back...

Just do it.

And we ate a post-run snack!

I had Greek Yogurt mixed with Dried Raisins, Ground Flax Seeds and
Vanilla Stevia.
It was sooooooo yum!
I took a nap soon after!
I needed to reFUel! :)

Later in the day...

We headed over to my Mom's FU dinner!

Thar she is :)

When we got there...

I sat down and gave my legs a well-deserved rest!

Ahhhh...The Couch :)

While our meal was being prepared...

We munched on homemade Guacamole and Corn Chips!

I hadn't had this in so long!

The menu FU the evening consisted of...

BBQ'd Mango and Red Pepper shish kabobs. 
And Marinated Ginger Honey Chicken (click) with Red Onions.
Obviously done over the BBQ as well! :)
I was really looking FUrward to a great meal!

In addition to talking and sharing a FU laughs...

My sister Kiki kept us entertained!

"Look, I can put my FU't over my head"
"Well, maybe not!"

Soon enough...

Dinner was ready!

Double drooooool.

I decided to start with a salad...

BeFUre digging in to the bigger stuff!

It all smelled so delicious!
The dressing was reFUreshing!
3 tbsp. of extra virgin olive oil, 2tbsp. of lemon juice,
1 small clove of garlic (minced) and 2tbsp. of chopped parsley.
Salt and Pepper to taste.

Once I FUnished my salad..

I lined up FU the rest!

"Step riiiight up!"
"I'll take this, and that, oh and this too and a little bit more of that!"
This is one content Baby FU.

As we sat down and started eating...

We got introduced to the idea of adding Worcester Sauce to our Rice and Meat!

SuperFit did a quick nutritional analysis! lol
Dun, Dun, Dunnnnn.
He gave it the green light!
Good job on a tasty discovery!
I splattered a tiny bit of it all over the place.

By the time we FUnished our meals...

My Mom's homemade Lemon Tart was waiting FU us!


Both SuperFit and I drooled with every bite!

It was so pretty you didn't want to eat it!
But how could one resist?!
I was so excited!
The texture was unbelievable and the taste indescribable!

Let's just say...

I didn't take long FU me to inhale my Sweet Sunday Treat!

It disappeared....
Just like magic.

Snowie (the Cat), was pissed he couldn't have any!


All in all...

We had a great day!

1. I accomplished my goal of riding 40K and running 5K; and
2. We had a FUntastic Dinner with the Family!

Do I plan on repeating this goal?

Yep! (The plan is to do this once a week!)

Questions FU You...

1. Did you take part in the ARMY Run?
2. YAY or NAY on the Worcester Sauce?
3. What goal(s) are you working on?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*

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