Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Birthday FUstivities!

If there's one thing my FUrends and FUmily know...

I absolutely love my Birthday! (It tends to last a FU days)

This year...

It started off with a date at the gym with SuperFit!

*I would love to train with him on a regular basis but I train at night, while he, in the morning! So this was a treat! You must think I'm crazy to believe going to the gym FU a Birthday workout is exciting. But trust me, training with SuperFit is awesome. I'll just leave it at that lol*

Pre-Gym Face!

Once arriving at Florida Fitness Aylmer...

We were ready to pump some serious Iron!

The plan was to pump up! (Translation: Getting a little blood FUlowing to our muscles - Come to think of it, that sounds pretty gross!)

Each upper body muscle group would get one exercise (2 sets at 12 reps)...

We started with our Chest!

Incline Dumbbell Press.

We then put our 'Backs' into it...

"Push it FU!"

Worked our Biceps...

Concentrating on the Curl.



Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Presses.
And UP it goes!
My turn!

We FUnished off with our Triceps...

One arm lying dumbbell extensions.
Up, down, Up, down.
It's me...The Birthday Girl!

After a great little workout...

We headed to the mall FU some shopping FUn!

I shared a small bag of Kernel's Jalapeno PoPcOrN with SuperFit as we toured around FU things to buy....Me! (I'm a big baby and perFUctly well aware of it! lol)

Treat # 1

Let's just say...

It didn't take long beFUre finding something I liked loved!

Not something...a lot of things ;)

As we made our way back home...

I had to stop by the grocery store FU a FU things...

Weekly load.

When I got back to the car...

Something was waiting FU me on the backseat!

What's a birthday without cake?!
Okay, well it's still your birthday but...
 It's without cake and that doesn't make sense ;)

As soon as we got back...

I changed from my gym wear to dinner wear!

I changed a FU times.
I actually started with a dress.

Can you guess where we went FU my Birthday Dinner?!



We went to Milestones! (Love, love this place!)

FU my celebrations...

I was joined by:

My Mom and Timbits.
My Sister Kiki.
My cousin Alexis and Sasha.
SD and 'D'.
'B' (and SD)
My one and only.
And Martin!

Now I realize that in my previous post (click)...

I said I would deter from my usual and try something difFUrent...

But I failed.

I couldn't help myself! (My usual is just too good to pass up!)

Baked Goat Cheese and Garlic Flatbread Plate!
I didn't FUnish it all as I wanted to leave room FU the rest!

As we waited FU our entrees...

We all chatted away!

Or 'cheesed' it FU the camera!

I wanted to make my rounds...

So I took every measure to see this through!


BeFUre long...

Our mains arrived!

My CaliFUrnia Spring Salad!
I asked FU extra Pecans!
So Sweet. So Spicy.
Did I mention it was my Birthday Dinner?!
007 had the Portobello Mushroom Chicken over Capellini. 
She was crazy about her dish.
Martin had the Kobe Style Classic Meatloaf.
My Mom and Timbits had the Butternut Squash Ravioli...
While Kiki had the SeaFU'd Risotto. 
'B' had the Top Sirloin...
And SuperFit...
The New York Striploin with a
Fire-Grilled Garlic Tiger Shrimp Skewer.

We all enjoyed our meals! (Although I think SuperFit enjoyed his Garlic Mash more than the Steak - the cut was a bit tough FU his liking.) 

To put it simply...

We were beyond satisfied with our menu choices! (Even if the Steak was a little tough! lol)

Mmmm. So. Good.

In no time...

Did I get treated with a surprise Birthday Dessert! (Trust me, I had no idea this was coming because we had brought the cake!)

And believe me...

This was no regular on-the-house dessert!

What was it?!

The Big Cookie!
I had been talking about this dessert FU months!
A FUrend of mine who works at Milestone's
made sure it got planted right in FUront of me!
Have I ever told you one of my nickname's is Cookie Monster?!
It's true.

While everyone was telling me to blow....

I was aFUraid the sparkler was going to burn my mouth!

While no injury or burn was had during my blowing of the sparkler...

I received a Precious Rock as a gift from Sasha!

Yep! A rock that smoothes your skin.
Gosh...look at that cookie.

Of course...

I shared The Big Cookie with everyone!

In no time...
Only remnants remained.
Treat # (I've lost count now)

But guess what came next?!

The Cake!!!
It was ginormous!
That's me!
Martin quickly assumed his role as...
 The Masta Cake Cuttah!
SuperFit was happy with his Cake selection!
Chocolate Truffle Mousse Cake!

I found 007 and Martin's card to be very appropriate FU this occasion...


I wasn't worried because...

It was my Birthday and...

"Birthdays are nature's way of telling us to eat more Cake"! (I had to make the most of this special occasion! Common now! lol)

I managed to eat half beFUre calling it quits!

Next came the gift opening! (I didn't expect anything! Having my FUrends and FUmily with me on my Birthday was perFUct FU me! That's all I could have asked for!)


Since there were gifts to open...

Can anyone guess (again) what I may have received?!

Here's a hint...
It comes in a box.
A brown box.
Let's just say...
Kiki knows me all too well 
to have surprised me with this type of brown box!

CuPcAkEs!!!! (How does anyone know about my love FU CuPcAkEs?! Rhetorical question lol)

Isobel's CuPcAkEs!
It's Ottawa's FUrst CuPcAKe Shop!
I had been wanting to try out this CuPcAkErY FU so long!

In addition to this sweet treat...

I also got some *CaNdY*, a Peanut Butter FUdge Spread, a Running Top, Two Charms FU my Pandora Bracelet, a Gift Certificate at the Marble Slab Creamery (click), a FUnky Scarf and much, much more!

I know...
I got spoiled!
Check out Candela's (click)!
They are FU'in cool!

After calling it a night and saying my thank yous and goodbyes...

I felt blessed to have celebrated my special day among FUrends and FUmily! (I would be celebrating with The Masta the FUllowing evening; on my actual Birthday! You always lasts longer than it should! lol)

All in all...

I can't thank everyone enough FU making my Birthday a great one! :)

Stay Tuned FU more Birthday FUn (ya, there's more lol) on *CaNdY FiT*
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