Friday, August 26, 2011

Vroom Vrrrrooommm! Let's Go!

Nothing like a little weekend FUn to keep the motor juices going...

Life in the FUst Lane ;)

My last weekend consisted of...

1. My FUrst 10K;


2. Drag Races; and
3. A Sleepover!

After sweating buckets from my run...

I had to get ready FU the...

National Hot Rod Association's Pro Drag Races! (Nookie's husband Matt races)

My very FUrst Drag Race!

When arriving to Luskville...

We made our way to Matt's set up/tuning area! 

He's the guy in the Yellow :)

I don't know anything about cars (aside from starting 'em, driving 'em and FUeling 'em up with gas), but...

I can appreciate the workmanship in building a Pro Dragster!

Now that's an engine!
I wouldn't dare touch this type of machinery!
1500 HP
 (My car has 140 lol)

UnFUrtunately FU Matt and his Team...

A last minute mechanical issue occurred!

I understand this is not uncommon FU these cars as they are
revving with power!
(Meaning, you can't trust nothing will go wrong
even if it runs well the day prior!)
No Super Magician could fix this problem! 

That being said...

Matt could not race because the FUel Pump Cable broke! (And this part could only be ordered online from CaliFUrnia!)

It was disappointing, but the good news was (not good, but the bright side)...

Better it happen on this day as opposed to his Big Race in Toronto! (Taking place this weekend)

In any event...

We decided to stay and watch the others FU a little while...

The Track
Kids as young as 10 race these cars!
They can go up to 85km/h!

When it came time to watch the Pro Dragsters...

It was really unbelievable to see how FUst they could go! (Holy Schmokes!)

The black car goes from 0 to something like 140km/h
 in less than 5 seconds!!!
I learned this is called a "5 Second Car"
This is a good thing.
Vroom Vroommm!
The engines are really, really LOUD!

We watched all the action from the bleachers...

Martin joined us FU the FUn :)
Nookie and Baby Mavee :)
He got into a fight!
This was a cycling injury from a FU days prior.

Another interesting thing about the races was...

Snowmobiles even had a category of their own!

UnFUrtunately, we didn't get a chance to see them race!

It was also neat to have a look at the difFUrent cars because...

They were all so unique in comparison to one another!

And not just in the color ;)
But in their build.
Notice the small fan in FUront of the car.
Purpose: Cooling down the engine!
We thought this car was cooler than the Bat Mobile!

BeFUre heading out...

We all had our turn behind the wheel!

Go Nookie Go!
FUst and the FUrious!
 Now with hyperextended arms! ;)
Super out of control! ;)

All in all...

Our morning at the races was FUn! 

It was something completely out of my element and...

I would deFUnitely return to watch another!

When we got back home...

I went to pick up my sister Kiki as we had a planned sleepover date!

We FUrst headed to The Sassy Bead Co. in the Glebe FU some jewelry making!

Upon entering...

We picked up our trays and pencils! 

We needed to keep track of all our beads!

She's had loads of jewelry making experience!
She had her bday party there one year :)
So many beads to choose from!

Kiki's FUrst FU selections were...

As you can see...
She FUrgot to write down the list of beads she picked.
Good thing she remembered from where she picked them!

Did I make my own?

Of course! 

I went FU the browns and oranges!

What makes this activity FUn is the fact...

You are personalizing your own jewelry creations! (Be it a necklace, bracelet, anklet, ring, tiara etc...)

There are deFUnitely no replicas! 
One of a kind.

Once we were FUnished picking out our beads...

We sat down and put it all together!

It requires a lot of patience :)

As I didn't have many beads to put on...

I FUnished Step 1 in no time! 

My jewelry making skills ended here.

I then asked FU some assistance because I wanted to put it on a leather necklace...

Thank goodness the Staff are happy to lend a hand!

I helped Kiki with some of her beading and beFUre you knew it...

We both had a piece of FUntastic jewelry to show off :)

Not FU sale.
Sorry ;)
We both ended up wearing them out :)

After leaving The Sassy Beads Co....

We went FU some much deserved Starbucks!

Iced Passion Tea Lemonade FU her and a
Skinny Vanilla Latte FU me!
(I ordered a Grande but was given a larger size by mistake...I didn't complain lol)

Our drinks were awesome but...

I can't say we had a great view!

There's lots of construction going on downtown.

On our way back to my car, we noticed...

It looked incredibly delicious but...

We opted FU a healthier snack!

Sliced Apples with Cinnamon :)

Between snacking and dinner time...

SuperFit taught Kiki a very important lesson!

In Drumming!
She slowly got warm to the idea...
Bam, Bam, Bam.
Like this?
"Here, let me show you" ;)

As they were having FUn drumming away...

I was getting dinner ready!

BBQ Chicken FU them and Turkey Breasts FU me!

In less than 25 minutes...

Dinner was served! (You gotta love Quick and Easy Dinners!)

Lemon Zest, Salt, Pepper and Olive Oil.
Broil at 415F FU about 20 minutes.
You could also BBQ them.
My Turkey Breasts!
I absolutely love them!

I called them upstairs as...

It was ofFUcially time to dig in! 

Glad I got a Thumbs up from my Sis!
SuperFit on the other hand looked as though
he was ready FU bed!

As soon as we FUnished our supper...

We cleaned up and headed to the movie theatre!

We had plans to go see...

Did we get popcorn? Of course!


The movie was great! (A little sad at the beginning but by the end we were routing FU the Apes!)

We immediately went to bed when we got home and by morning...

Kiki woke up...


While she took the time to wake up...

I made her breakFUst!

6 Egg Whites, 1 Banana, 1/2 Cup Oatmeal, Vanilla Stevia,
Dash of Cinnamon.
2 Tablespoons of PB and Strawberries FU the
Ultimate Nomeeness Experience ;)

BeFUre you knew it...

It was time FU Kiki to leave! (We had a great time!)

On her way out...

She left me with a gift she made at camp!

How did she know I liked CuPcAkEs! ;)
It's a CuPcAkE Piggy Bank!

Questions FU you:

1. Popcorn or *CaNdY*?
2. Your FUvorite Morning BreakFUst?
3. What are you UP to this weekend?

Stay Tuned FU more on *CaNdY FiT*

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