Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Running High!

Every running goal I've given myself so far has required...

Some mental preparation!

After now having twice completed a 5K Run...

I've given myself a Thumbs Up!

I thought...

"Why not try FU 7K?!"

Of course...

This decision was based on how I was feeling after both runs!

With a mix of Runner's High...
I had no idea what this was until SuperFit pointed out that 
I was acting FUnny (I wondered why I felt difFUrent!)
A little pooped after what felt like a great cardio session.

I soon talked to SuperFit about my new goal... 

And without surprise, his response was:

"Well, why not 10K?!" (lol!)

Again, judging by the way I felt after my second 5K run...

I knew I could have gone longer!

So what did I do?!

I took on the challenge!

When it comes to running, I find I have to constantly tell myself...

"You can do it FU!" (Especially in the FUrst 5-10 minutes! It's simply the worst part of it all...FU now at least lol!)

In my beginning stages of preparing FU a Half Marathon...

I've been living by a new Mantra:

"Set goals, get motivated and charged after them in an unstoppable manner!"

So far...

That's exactly what I've been doing because I'm committed to what I've set out to do!

Even if my socks don't match...

White and Pink.
I made a boo boo when doing the laundry :S
I had no plans on changing them.

When making my way out in the early morning (6am to be exact) FU my run...

I continuously repeated my newfound mantra in my head! (It works FU me!)

I also had my new handy 'Run Training' APP to help me along the way...

Run FU Run!

It helps in setting goals and mapping out my course...

It also has a voice telling me when I'm
"Halfway there" and "I've now reached my goal"
Who doesn't love a little positive reinFUrcement?! lol

While on my mission to complete a 10K run, I...

1. Watched the sun rise;
2. Felt FUree in the open space; and
3. Breathed in the beautiFUl greens around me! (Good thing I took a Reactine or else I'd be wheezing, sufFUring from itchy eyes and wiping my nose non-stop! - Please don't try and picture this, it's not pretty lol!) 

Did I make it?!

Yes!!! (O.M.G.!!!!)

In the last FU minutes beFUre the end...

I felt like I was running with the wind!


I felt yet another Runner's High! (It's an odd feeling when you have no idea what is. What is it? Activating endorphin production resulting in a form of's a good feeling to say the least!)

Did I sufFUr from any post-run pain?

Yup! :(

- The arch of my right foot ached (it took two days to rid of it)
- My left knee did too! (It took a day beFUre it went away); and
- The left side of my groin felt uncomFUrtable! (Again, it was gone within a day)

**I hear these things are common and that everyone, at some point in time, runs through (no pun intended) these types of pains!**

"No Pain, No Gain!" (I now see the truth in that statement!)

Mission Complete!
I patted myself on the back as
SuperFit wasn't awake yet lol

When SuperFit FUnally awoke from his slumber...

I told him "I reached my goal!" (He was super happy!)

One quick celebratory dance later... 

We discussed the next steps! (Which I also talked over with Nookie)

The plan is now to...

Rest my body! (I need to let my body repair the kinks I've created and let it adapt to this new FUrm of exercise!)

And go back to:

1. A couple of 5Ks;
2. Increase this gradually throughout the week; and
3. Run another 10K! (Cross my FUngers!)

**I'll let you know now that my next run was absolutely, 100%...terrible! That said, I'm not giving up! I'm going back out damnit!**

Questions FU you:

1. Sunset or Sunrise Run?
2. Do you get a Runner's High with every run?
3. What's your Mantra?

Stay Tuned FU More on *CaNdY FiT*


  1. Awesome job!! Yes, now that my tendon on my ankle has been pretty messed up, that is the one thing that I continue to miss is my runner's high :( I can get a 1/2 way runner's high on the elliptical but it is not the same. I am going to give myself an attempt at a mile run tomorrow, hopefully no pain!

  2. Thanks and good luck today!!! I have my long run scheduled for tomorrow morning (crossing my fingers for a good day! lol) Let me know how ur run goes :)


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