Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Run FU Run!

As some or most of you may know...

I can't run to save my life!

And on top of that...

I vowed to SuperFit "I would never run...ever!"

No Thank You!

**It's something I just told myself I would never get into**


That came to bite me in the ass because I've given myself a new goal!

A Goal? Me?! ;)

In between now and my next competition...

I plan to run a half marathon!

**What the hell has gotten into me?!**

No word of a lie...

SuperFit (among many others) have laughed at the site of me running! (I would laugh too considering I tell myself I look like a FU'l when running across the street! lol)


I run like a princess! (Translation: On my tippy toes as if I were wearing heals - and we all know how often I wear heals right?! Hardly ever.)

Snow White is the most appealing to me in the FUto.


What gave me the craving (not FU'd related) to do something so out of character?!

My pure dislike and disinterest FU the sport!

And the fact that I said...

I would never find myself running anywhere! (It would simply be too embarassing!)

As you may have noticed...

There are a lot of 'NeVeRszzz' in this single blog post, which is why...

I've decided to do the exact opposite of what I vowed never to do!

In this case...
It would be Me!

**I promise not to use the word 'never' FU what remains of this blog post**

Luckily and thankFUlly FU me...

Nookie is an all time Marathon Runner...

And SuperFit pretty well does anything Super Sporty...

Gym Rat, BodyBuilder,
Cyclist (competed in both mountain and road racing),
Runner, Football Linebacker,
Hiker, Rock Climber...
The list goes on and on. 

Needless to say...

I've got some FU'in great support by my side!

And I must say...

Florida Fitness Aylmer has a lot of members who love to run and who love to participate in Marathons!

Or Duathlons FU that matter!
(It's Nookie!)

All in all...

I couldn't be surrounded by a better bunch of individuals to help me along the way!

So how did I do in my FUrst attempt at running?!


FUrst of all...

I was advised  to get comFUrtable on the treadmill (best advice ever!) beFUre heading outside.

Nookie suggested:

1. The pace I should be running at; and
2. The length of time I would need to achieve beFUre going out to play!

**Just so you know, I never (okay in this case it's not negative!) never once went on the treadmill to run. I've used it to walk a couple of times, but that's it!**

Here's a snapshot of my beginnings to the sport and how it all played out (Aug.2 - August 11):

1. 3 minutes (what did I get myself into?! ~ SuperFit had to correct my stride - I was on my tippy toes lol)
2. 5 minutes (Not too too bad!)
3. 10 minutes (my chins FU'in hurt!)
3a). I decided to go outside instead (bad FU ~ I didn't listen!) **I lasted 2 minutes - I got to the end of my street**

I also managed to lock myself out of the house.
I had to wait for SuperFit to get back from his
bike ride!

4. 20 minutes (It's a miracle!)

You don't even know how I happy I was!!!

5. 30 minutes (I'm taking a liking to this!)

When I got home....

I told SuperFit and Nookie I did 30 minutes! (From a pathetic 3 just a FU days prior!)

I also shared my next two goals on the treadmill with SuperFit:

- 45 minutes the next time I get on; and
- 60 minutes (by August 19)

Of course, SuperFit being the person that he is said...

"If you do 60 minutes beFUre the 2 week marker, that would be incredible!"

So what did I do?

I made it my new goal! 

How did I do at my 60 minute attempt?!

I lasted a whopping 3 minutes! (It wasn't a good day but I still had time to reach my goal!)

**It seems you have good and bad running days! And they don't typically go hand in hand with the way you feel, because I felt great!**

When I told SuperFit about my pathetic run...

I was so discouraged!

**He reminded me that it was normal and he made a point to say it shouldn't get me down!**

Trust me...

I wasn't about to give up!!!

I went back to the treadmill the FUllowing day and was determined to do 60 minutes!

Did I do it?!

YES!!!!!!! (I gave myself no choice in the matter and I created a new playlist to keep me motivated!)

Multiply this by 3!!!
60 minutes - It took me 10 Days!

SuperFit and Nookie were out on a bike ride in the Gatineau Park and by the time I got home, they had just arrived!

BeFUre even stepping in the house...

I looked at them both through the FUront window of the house and signaled #1 with my FUnger!

I was beyond thrilled that I ran for an hour...non-stop!

They were both really proud me! (And surprised (in a good way) that it took me 10 days to getter done!)


It was time to go outside FU my FUrst 5km Run with Nookie!

That being said...

No magic trick could get me to the start/finish in a blink of an eye!

This is me after 60 minutes.
I don't know where I pulled it out of but it certainly
was not the SuperFit's Magician hat! ;)

If you run...

1. Was it a difFUcult start? 
2. What kept you motivated?
3. Do you have any tips FU me?!
4. Peanut Butter or Chocolate?

Stay Tuned FU my FUrst run outside on *CaNdY FiT*


  1. I was out for a walk one night and decided I wanted to run. Made it from one streetlight post to another before I had to walk again. Motivation came from signing up for a 5K, then a 10K. I loved the Couch to 5K program to get started and once I started running outside I found the treadmill unbearable. The runners' high at the finish is totally worth the torture to get through.

    Definitely chocolate.

  2. I don't run either! But weird its one of my new fitness goals. I would like to be able to run, but I don’t really enjoy it. We'll see how that goes in the next few weeks and I cant wait to hear about how you do with this new goal! Yeah!

  3. What do you mean chocolate?!! Kidding ;) PB is definitely my #1 choice!

    In my first attempt to run outside, the level of difficulty of the sport really sunk in. I literally ran to the corner and walked back lol Motivation and determination are keeping me going and the support and feedback from others is definitely helpful (as I now realize what I'm going through, many have also). I like the mini goals you can set up within this larger goal, 5K, 7K, 10K and so on! So what you did Tanya is a really great tip to keep going and pushing ourselves forward! I can also totally relate about the runner's high (although I haven't gotten high too often as I'm still very new to the running thing lol).

    @ A Fine Balance...Go for it! Instead of thinking you don't like it (like I did in the beginning) make it so that you love it (and soon you will!) :)

    Good luck!

  4. I heard about your blog a few months ago. Your story(ies) are so inspirational and absolutely entertaining.

    I am pretty much at that point where you described "layering clothes to hide the rolls". I hope to soon get off my a$$ and "choose" to reconnect with my body.

    Please don't stop writing, your gift should be shared.

  5. Thank you for your kind words Camyle! You've definitely brought a smile to my face :)

    I always tried to find ways to hide my weight gain and by the end of it, I was getting really frustrated! I constantly told myself I needed to go to the gym (usually after a junk filled meal or because my pants wouldn't button)!

    It took me 7 years to get there (but hey, I eventually made it!)!

    Like you, I needed to "reconnect" with my body. I'm happy I did because I've never felt better! And trust me, it is matter how long it's been!

    Sometimes, we just need a little push (or a big one lol) to get started. In the end, we all have to start somewhere :)


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