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Part III Vegas: The Magic of Vegas...

**July 22 and 23**

After an incredible time on our helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon...

Happy Birthday SuperFit!

We got dropped off in the middle of the Vegas Strip to try out a buffet that came highly recommended to us! (The bus dropped us off, not the helicopter lol)

It was wicked alright :)

Upon arrival to the restaurant...

We weren't 'technically' dressed according to the preFUred dress code. (We were in tank tops and shorts).


We were seated near the washrooms! (No lie, I heard the hostess tell her staff to put us at the back!).

But, we didn't care because...

We were there to eat!

An assortment of breads.

The interesting thing about this buffet was the fact...

Most main courses were covered in a mini pot of some sort!

I wasn't kidding.
The dishes weren't always labelled so a lot of guessing took place.
This was truffled CauliFUlower.
 The only reason I remember this is because SuperFit had to try it out.
Because on the last Master Chef the competitors had to create a dish using a
$3000 piece of Truffle.
It didn't taste like chocolate like he thought it would lol

Although some dishes were much more easily identiFUyable...


After an enormous selection to choose from...

My plate ended up looked like this...

Asian Noodle Salad, Sushi, Korean BBQ Beef and Gnocci.
I realize the Gnocci doesn't quite fit with my other FU'd choices!
You just want to try it all!
SuperFit had the Korean BBQ Beef, Sushi, Truffled CauliFUlower,
General Tao Chicken and something else I can't make out nor remember lol
I can't say he did much better than me in keeping with a theme!

As soon as we were done our main courses...

It was time FU dessert! (I was surprised there were no CuPcAkEs!)

We had the options of choosing from a variety of sweet treats...

Chocolate covered Strawberries.
One was covered in pistachio crumbles and the other with crushed nuts.
Chocolate covered marshmallow and Red Velvet Cake.
An assortment of Gelato.
Mini desserts.
"Too doo too doo doo doo...ohhhhh Sugar, Sugar!"

SuperFit went with...

Chocolate Gelato and a chocolate covered Strawberry.

And, Ummmmmmm (mmmmm!)...

I went with...

I couldn't decide!
Chocolate covered Strawberry, Make Your Own Strawberry Shortcake,
Chocolate covered marshmallow and PB and Jelly Gelato!
I didn't FUnish it all....
But, I think I did pretty good ;)

Once we were done indulging....

We headed back towards our hotel! (Which ended up taking 1.5 hours)

You can't say the Vegas strip is boring!

In our trek back to the Wynn...

We stopped by Caesar's Palace to check our more of the shopping...

Everyone comes out at night!

During our visit to Caesar's...

We had the opportunity to watch one of the most boring of shows!

It wasn't comparable to "O" ;)

Let's just say...

The Fish were more entertaining!

The show was so boring it almost put SuperFit to sleep.

I should mention...

SuperFit really likes Fish ;)

"Look FU look"
This one liked me :)
This one couldn't see me...
(It's missing an eye!)

In our time spent at Caesar's Forum Shops...

I bought a sweater (yes a sweater!) from Victoria's Secret!

It doesn't get more riské than that ;)

By the end of our shopping excursion...

We were toast (without the PB and Jelly)! (I realize I am the Queen of Cheesiness!)

In other words...

We couldn't wait to get into bed!

So close but yet so far!

The FUllowing morning...

We trained our little butts off (well, mine may have grown during my stay in Vegas)!

They had everything we needed.

While in Vegas...

We ended up doing two FUll body workouts!

Dumbbell Press

Now I realize I said...

"I'm going to rest and not train"! (A typical rule FU all FFA competitors after they compete - rule of thumb is 2 weeks)...


I seriously love to lift weights and I was going through withdrawal


I 'convinced' SuperFit! (hehe)

To be honest...

It's empowering FU me! (Not convincing SuperFit but being able to train lol)

Wearing my new IDFA Shirt :)
Seated Machine Rows.

SuperFit always has the best workout faces!

Machine Pulldowns
I may have the most boring of faces ;)
Machine Shoulder Press

Side Laterals
I almost knocked out the person beside me!
He was racking his dumbbells in the middle of my set.
Not the smartest idea.

Bicep Curls

Still expressionless.
Machine Bicep Curls.
"One more FU, one more!"
"Push it SuperFit"
Line Dumbbell Extensions.
I haven't yet crushed my head while doing these ;)

Ab roller.
We had never seen one quite like this beFUre.
We had FUn with it.

Right after our amazing workout...

We cleaned ourselves up (ya, we do that lol) and...

FUeled up our tummies with lunch!

We both opted FU the Original Burger!

Plain and simple!

Oh ya and...

We also got ourselves a side of FUries!

We didn't realize how big the sides would were!
I ordered the Sweet Potatoes...
SuperFit went for the New York Style Cut FUrites.

I decided to eat my open faced.
With a FUrk and Knife.
The way a Burger should not be eaten.

After lunch...

We headed towards the FUr end of the Vegas Strip (the opposite end from where we were staying).

On our way there...

SuperFit played the FUree sidewalk slot machine and won!

Now tell me that's not a face of a winner!
$50 in FUree Slot Play or 
Buy 1 Get 1 FUree 'Domesetic' Beer or Margarita!
Interesting options I say!

He could only use the FUree slot play after 10pm so...

We decided to continue our walking in the desert heat! (We ended up FUrgetting about his winnings until now!)

This fan sprayed water all over you to cool off.
I just thought I was cool standing near the 'cool zone'.

In our march to the FUr side...

We made a FU stops!

The Coke Store!
More like walking in the desert heat makes you thirsty!

SuperFit was so dehydrated...

He could have had a whole Coke Zero Bottle to himself!

Well, maybe not the whole thing ;)

Right beside the Coke Store was....

M&M World!!!

This is not a mirage ;)
I was in heaven!

As we had visited this Chocolatee Heaven beFUre...

I knew exactly where to go to FUel up on my second batch of M&Ms!

I was just as excited as the FUrst time :)

I made sure to choose my colours very careFUlly!


I FUnally decided to go with...

Pastele Colours!

Going to any *CaNdY* store is always a big deal FU me!
I take my selections very seriously ;)

I have to admit...

My second batch seemed a lot larger than my FUrst! (This may be due to the fact SuperFit decided to add his own colours to my loot, which 'ruined' my pastele theme and increased the weight of my our goodie bag! lol)

Should I dare share the price of our goodie bag?!
Okay was:
No comments necessary ;)

From this point onwards...

We never returned to M&M World!

But heck, I had $17 worth of chocolate with me!


We did bring the M&Ms with us everything we went!

They never melted.
"The *CaNdY* that will only melt in your mouth, not in your hands"
It's true.

As we continued our walk...

I had to see how sweet the 'Kotton Kandy' perFUrmer really was!

 *CaNdY* what?!
This should be good!

To my surprise...

His dancing was anything but sweet!

It didn't leave me wanting 'Kotton Kandy'.

As we approached the 3/4 mark of our FUnal destination...

We stopped by the Excalibur FU a drink!

This is where I stayed the FUrst time I went to Vegas.
I was 11.
We were thiiiirssss-T!

As we toured around the hotel in search FU a coffee shop...

We noticed yet another Chapel!

Of course we checked it out.

We didn't get married because...

Starbucks was waiting on us!

Patiently waiting ;)

It took a total of 3 tries for the Barista to make our two Cappuccinos (he said he was tired)!

SuperFit was happy when it was FUnally ready!
Because he was getting grumpy ;)

After we downed our hot drinks...

I got a little boost of energy!

Oh no wait...that's just me all the time!

As I was enjoying all of the activity going on around us...

SuperFit requested I take off my glasses FU a nice FUto (but I thought I was pretty in every way?! LOL)...

"There, that' a nice FU"
We don't actually talk like that.
I'm lying, yes we do ;)

We eventually got off our butts... 

SuperFit bought himself a new hat on the way out!
He's been looking for this type of hat since coming back from Cali.
Check out his trip by clicking here

And made our way over to the Luxor Hotel! 

Yes, we FUnally made it!

SuperFit has never looked so big ;)

When we entered...

Everything about this hotel was Egyptian...

The entrance to the casino.

To say the least...

The architecture was incredible!

It was really amazing!

Attached to this hotel was...

Mandalay Bay! (Another hotel and casino)

In it was...

A shopping mall FUeled with the things I love!

Omg, omg!

I just had to check it out!

Oversized Gummie Bear and Tootsie Pop!

Stuff like this is just....

Way too much FUn FU me!

*CaNdY* Girl living in a *CaNdY* World...
My excitement over sweet treats never fades. 

Soon enough...

It was time FU us to head back and eat some grub FU'd.

Located in the Luxor Hotel.
Our choice was an easy one: FUjitas!

While we waited...

Our waiter brought us over some corn chips to munch on!

Two difFUrent Salsas came with it.
Regular and  Spicy Lime.

In no time...

Our single FUjita orders were ready FU us to enjoy!

SuperFit absolutely loves FUjitas.
Especially from the Lonestar!
What our plates looked like.

Once we were all FUeled up...

We bought tickets FU two exhibits at the Luxor!

It was a really good exhibit!
On our boarding passes were names of real passengers who were
on board the Titanic. At the end of the exhibit, there was a wall filled
with names of those who survived and those who passed.
My passenger lived while SuperFit's family did not.

The next exhibit on our list was...

It was extremely inFUrmational!
I don't get grossed out by stuff like this so I was A-Okay!
I would recommend anyone to see this one. It's deFUnitely worth it!

We left the Luxor after our two exhibitions and...

Headed to New York New York FU a quick tour!

Happy Hour?
But, we're happy every hour! lol

The neat about this hotel was... 

The fact they made the inside look like the streets of NYC!

It's really amazing the amount of
detail they put into each hotel.

In our walk-a-round of New York New York...

I couldn't help but notice the whack of Protein!

I'll have....that one!
It made eating Steak a little less desirable...
FU me anyway!
FUnny how Bodies doesn't gross me out but..
 Steak on display does!

On our way out...

I was yet again faced with another *CaNdY* Store!!!

Go big or go home!
The Statue of Liberty was made out of Jelly Bellies.

Our next stop was the MGM Grand...

It was grand alright!

On this particular evening...

We bought tickets to see David Copperfield!

The last time I was him live, I was 9 yrs old.

Once we entered this hotel... 

Lots of Boxing and UFC matches take place at the MGM.

We soon found out...

Two Lions lived in it!

It cost something like $11 Million to build.
I wanted one.

As we had time to spare beFUre the show got started...

SuperFit looks more like the Magician to me...
In his new hat lol

We settled in our seats and...

 FUl'd around FU a while!

He has an issue with my prescription glasses ;)
No comment.

As we waited patiently in our seats like good children would...

We noticed a snacking menu waiting to be read and ordered from!

So. Many. Options.

We ended up going with...

We really tried not eating the whole thing beFUre
the show started!


We managed to find ways to keep us distracted...

The Popcorn bucket was  bigger than his head!
I can't say the same FU me! ;)

We were so excited about our munchies!

Yum! Yum!
SuperFit even got a Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri!
This FUto couldn't have been more orchestrated ;)

With all of our FUl-ing around...

I guess we got noticed because...

We were asked to go on stage FU David Copperfield's FUrst Magic Trick of the night!!!

On stage...

We had to validate the toughness of a large piece of metal.

I had to check out the FUront end (by tapping the metal) while...

David (we're on a FUrst name basis now!) asked SuperFit to check out the my back side (he was told to slap my bum when we got our instructions on what to do - the crowd laughed) I had to act surprised!

**We were told to say we were married when David asked us on stage because of the butt tap (it could have been interpreted as inappropriate if we weren't - that's the closest we came to marriage while in Vegas! lol**

We were then asked to stomp on this large piece of metal....

I ended up dancing on it at which point David said..

"I didn't ask you to River Dance!" (Not planned lol).

All in all...

It was a FU'in good time!

To make our evening even more special...

We FUnally went back to the Sugar Factory for a Nomee CupCaKe!!!

We shared the Chocolate Lava CuPcaKe :)

SuperFit wasn't excited about having a taste at all...

Nope. Not at all.

People couldn't help but laugh with us (not at us) as we ate our CuPcAkE! 

I guess you could tell how much FUn we were having eating it because...

A Security Guard ofFUred to take a FUto of us! (To capture the messy moment of course)

It was soooooo good!

On our way back 'home'...

Vanilla Ice was perFUrming at Carnaval Bar!

I remembered him from Ninja Turtles!

Without a doubt...

We deFUnitely had to watch a little bit of it!

"Ice Ice Baby"

About 1.5 hours later...

We arrived at our hotel and needed to have 'dinner'(We only had two meals and various snacks throughout the day)!


We went to a caFUteria type place within the hotel and ordered...

Turkey Sandwiches.
It wasn't very good.

As our night was coming to a close...

We couldn't help but reminisce about our last trip we took to Cuba!

 The Masta was worried sick because he hadn't heard from us (we had no internet and using our cellphones wasn't even an option - No news is good news right?! lol)!

But at least this time...

We were connected!

As a result...

The Masta needn't worry about our safety nor did he have to repeat his FUmous line...

He knew we were alive and well because we updated
our ventures while in Vegas!

Once we were done eating...

We called it a night!

All in all...

It was a great (long) day (and night) in Sin City! 

And unFUrtunately...

It would also be our last overnight stay! 


Because we were heading back home on the red eye the FUllowing day!

Boo hoo :(
SuperFit looks more unimpressed than anything LOL

Stay Tuned FU our last day in Vegas on *CaNdY FiT*

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