Sunday, August 14, 2011

My Passion FU Health and FUtness...

When I FUrst began my new lifestyle in health and FUtness...

There was a large learning curb that came with it!

One I did not anticipate ever taking place (really!).

In the past....

I never put much thought into what I ate, so there was never a need to plan out my meals or training schedule! (Training whaaa?!)

Bring on the Sugar Filled Drinks :)


 Chocolate Treats!
This was a gift. I ate it all. No Guilt.
This of course was before I knew anything about
Eating Sweets in Moderation.

Truth be told...

I didn't think I'd ever have to put much thought into what they called a "healthy lifestyle". 

Diet and Exercise what?!

I thought I could simply continue on with my lack of exercising (which was widely known among my FUmily and FUriends) as well as my carefree eating habits surrounding my FU'd choices! (Bring on the salty, sweets, high fats and large portion sizes! Nom!)

To my surprise, my lack of caring FU my own Health and FUTness would eventually catch up with me...Out of nowhere! (Suuurrprise!)

As a result...

I put on 10 pounds in less than 6 months....

Weight gain is personal and varies from one person to the next.
For me, I knew I had put on weight and I wanted to lose it.. 
(Without having to do anything lol)
I was uncomfortable with the way my body felt and
 I was too lazy to do anything about it.

These FUtos made me realize how quickly your body can change! (In so little time!)

Again, how you feel about your body is completely personal...

No matter what other people think or say! 

**I wasn't comFUrtable with the way I looked because I knew I lacked doing anything physical as well as FUllowing a sensible 'diet'. As a result, my body was showing me the affects of my poor decision making surrounding my lifestyle choices!)**

How we see ourselves may be different from how other others see you (and we can certainly be our own worst critic).

I knew I wasn't leading a healthy lifestyle (which I was consistently reminded of) and I wasn't putting any efFUrts into doing anything about it! (I loved FU'd far too much and had 'no time' to exercise ~ bring out the rolodex of excuses!)

I couldn't have cared less about the nutritional facts.

Not only had I gained weight, but...

I wasn't taking care of myself and...

That needed to change! (Setting a date always seemed to be the hardest part because it had a way of changing itself to another day, week, or month!)

"Oh...I'll start 'dieting...'tomorrow"
After I enjoy this delicious Blizzard from DQ!

If I were to start making a FU changes, it was obvious there would be many steps involved in making this process a reality...

Starting at the bottom and working my way to the top...
Mayan Riviera (2010)


That just seemed like far too much work. Exhausting to say the least.

To be honest....

My solution to hiding my weight gain was done by:

1. Layering my clothes;
2. Sitting in a certain position to hide my 'rolls';
3. Covering my body with looser clothing; and
4. Wearing my belt outside the belt loops so there wasn't any 'hangover'.

Loose clothing and a belt.
For a more layered look.

**For 7 years, I never (or at least I can't remember) wore a belt through the hoops of my pants. Not until last year, when I started losing weight and feeling comFUrtable with my body ~ yes, there is of course a style component to my belt wearing, but the thought of going through the hoops was something I'd never even considered!**

Fast forwarding to...

The beginning of my relationship with SuperFit! (After my rude awakening of my BMI and knowing I had to do something about my lack of anything Healthy in my life)...

I decided to try out a 'diet'...

And an Exercise Plan (created by SuperFit of course!)...

His workouts are tough but they get you the results
you're looking for!

I was both excited and nervous when I took the FUrst steps into FUtness because I didn't know anything about Healthy Living.


I was ready and willing to learn!

This was a rude awakening to healthy and balanced eating.
Where's the PB?!!

It also meant I had to buy new runners.
This is more of a FUshion Runner lol
So I learned ;)

I knew my decision to lead a healthier life would only bring positive changes!

Plus, SuperFit guaranteed (and this is word FU word):

"Fu, you will wear a belt like they're meant to be worn in no time! You'll stop hiding behind your loose clothes, and you'll feel better than ever! Trust me!"

I laughed.

In no time...

I received tremendous support and encouragement from my peers when deciding to make a Fu small changes in my lifestyle.

Especially from 007!

Needless to say...

I was happy to have met with SuperFit and other members at Florida Fitness Aylmer!

They helped guide me, without hesitation, in my beginning of becoming a Fit and Healthy Fu.

Because I had no idea...

1. Where to start;
2. What do do; and
3. If I'd be able to adapt to any sort of 'diet' and exercise regime.

BeFUre long, my Journey began...

I was thrilled...
and a tad nervous (perhaps even skeptical of my own abilities) ;)

For anyone looking to 'diet' (eat well) and exercise...

You have to prepare yourself.

Prepare yourself for one the most amazing changes of your life in becoming...

Fit and Healthy. 

There is only good that can come out of any positive lifestyle change, and...

This would be one I'd embrace FUlly!

SuperFit is truely an amazing coach, trainer and boyFUriend :)

Listening very attentively.

**When I say Fit, I mean exercising regularly to improve your physical and mental health**

I think the most challenging part was:

1. FUtting in the exercise into my already existing and busy schedule; and
2. FUllowing a 'diet' that didn't include DQ Blizzards and Peanut Butter (in the beginning of my weight loss regiment).

But now that I committed myself to this (once I have a goal, there's no stopping me!)...

I'd have to FUllow a structured 'diet', which meant...

Going to the grocery store to shop FU FU'd I wasn't particularly craving...

Tuna, Egg Whites, Lean Meat and Oatmeal...
To Start ;)

I hated Tuna up until I tried it! (Now, it's a regular in my meal rotation!)

Egg Whites, Tuna and Spinach.

As I began this new regime, I started to...

1. Ask questions to broaden my knowledge;
2. Research the FU'd I was eating;

3. Understand the nutritional information of what I was eating;

4. Cook as opposed to going out to restaurants or buying take out all the time;

My FUrst BBQ FU the FUmily!
I can't even count on two hands how many times I've BBQ'd!
Experimenting with my FU'd :)

4. Learn healthy and clean recipes;

Learning what clean meant!

Making my Protein Mini CupCaKeS
For recipe, click here 
(This will bring you to my facebook page - go to the healthy eating album)


5. Feel empowered that I was now in control.

By putting all of this new knowledge into practice...

I was actually taking care of myself in the healthiest of ways!


I felt FU'in good about it!

Exercising only added to my newfound sense of being and...

I felt aliiiive!

I was also...

Looking FUrward to seeing the results...

4 months into my new exercise and healthy eating regime...

Watching my body transFUrm...

Kept me motivated and challenged (in a good way) to stick to my new lifestyle!


By observing other women train hard...

I continued to get inspired!

All in all...

I was enjoying all the positive aspects it was bringing FUrth! (My overall sense of well-being sky rocketed!)


The more I took a liking to it, the more I learned!

As a result...

The transFUrmations just kept on coming!

5 months after the above FUto was taken.

On the subject of competing...

Never once did I think I would ever compete when I FUrst began on my mission of becoming a healthier individual.

I was quite content with doing cardio and moderate weight training and leaving it at that.

**I vocally expressed this to everyone! I simply wanted to be healthy. And and top of that, I never thought I'd be able do it! Me? On stage?!...Ya right!**

As I continued moving FUward on this route... 

I developed a strong passion FU Health and FUtness!

I felt strong...
And Empowered!

And beFUre you knew it, I'd be getting ready to compete!!! 

**I wanted to push myself to the maximum! Do something utterly unimaginable to me!**

Competing and making my way to the stage turned out to be a great accomplishment in my FUtness Journey. 

It really challenged me in more ways than one and the experience in itself was like no other!

Click here to see the my
Competition Day!

I also really looked FUrward to meeting other FUntastic Athletes who committed themselves to reaching the bright lights!

Team FFA

The road I've taken thus far in making my way to a healthy and exercise FUeled lifestyle is one I've truely enjoyed.

There are no plans in going off-road!

I must say...

The past year has only led me to discover parts of myself I never knew.

Why hello abs...where did you come from?!

My passion and motivation for being Healthy and Fit are things I couldn't imagine my life without...

The preparation, training and 'dieting leading up to the big day has deFUnitely been marked as a milestone in my life as....

I went beyond anything I've ever dreamt!!!

Winning 1st Place in the Figure Tall Category!

Right now....

I feel like I've reached the top and my next goal is to shoot for the stars!

Reaching my goal :)

Of course...

Making sure I take one step at time! (As I don't want to trip and fall) 

Do I have another goal up my sleeve? (You'll just have to wait and see what I've been working on!)

That said...

I leave you with Arnold's motivational words!

What are your FUtness Goals?

Stay Tuned FU More on *CaNdY FiT*


  1. Your story is trully inspirational. And honestly I aspire to be like you and other women in the fitness industry. your story is like my own and I appreciate that "real women can do it.


    lots of love!

  2. Thank you so much! I'm happy you can relate to my story :) WE deFUnitely can do it and WE will do it! Are you planning on competing again?

  3. I think so! I am going to wait until April. I want to put on more muscle and lose more fat next time around.

    What about you?

  4. I'm definitely competing again! I loved the experience! Right now the focus is on building more muscle. I'm in no rush as it takes time to do so and we need to give our bodies a well deserved break :)


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