Sunday, August 21, 2011

My FUrst 5K Run and Ice Cream!

The morning I woke knowing I'd be running my very FUrst 5km outside....

I didn't know what I was getting myself into!

I was FU'in nervous beyond belief! (Since I only lasted 2 minutes the FUrst time around!)

Even if I'd achieved my goal of 60 minutes on the treadmill...

I knew playing outside with 'the big kids' would be very difFUrent! (Nookie is THE Marathon Runner and there would be no conveyer type thing to push me a long the way!)

As I would be meeting Nookie at 9:30am...

I had plenty time to enjoy my morning Coffee and Pancakes!

Memories of Vegas!

In the blender:
1 Banana, 6-8 Egg Whites, 1/2 Cup of Oatmeal, 1 tbsp of Cinnamon and
Vanilla Stevia

BeFUre you knew it...

She was at the door! (Just having FUnished her 10K run!) 

We didn't simply take off like rockets...

We stretched FURst!

A+ FU EfFUrt!

Once we were done stretching...

SuperFit started the countdown! (Not really, he just said "Go FU!")

Although in my head I thought...

3.2.1....Blast off!

Running is a serious thing.

Look at my right leg. Is that normal?!
Hence why I laugh at myself! lol

While we were out...

SuperFit had a plan of his own!

He bought himself a Drum Set!  (I wasn't kidding when I said he was a drummer ~ And a good one at that!)


**I should point out the room it's been installed in was supposed to be soundproof. It's not.**

Getting back to our run....

The FUrst 5 minutes were torturous


1. Nookie was talking to me and I had a hard time catching my breath;
2. There's a small climb right at the beginning of our route; and
3. It's a lot harder than it looks! (I was getting an A$% kicking)

I would soon learn talking is important while running because it helps regulate your breathing pattern! (The FUnny part was when Nookie asked me if at any point I thought "Is she ever going to stop talking to me?! I said yes. It's true!!! lol)

In the FU minutes we were running...

Nookie said it would take 5 beFUre adjusting to the running motion and the breathing! (Oh Geez, was she ever right! I thought I was going to die!)

As we ran along the bike path...

I felt more comFUrtable as we went along!

I even initiated some conversation! (It's a big deal when you're trying not to choke when gasping FU air lol!)

Of course...

There were times when I really wasn't enjoying the exercise...


I was determined to get it done and not give up!

Soon enough...

We were back home! 

**The last stretch beFUre reaching the end of our route made me feel super excited because I knew it was almost over! (In a good way!)**

Nookie gave me a High 5 FU a job well done! (No correlation between the High 5 and 5K, I swear!)

We then debriefed on the FUront steps of my house and talked about the next steps FU me:

1. Practice;
2. Practice;
3. Practice! (And be patient!)

In the end...

It felt really good having completed my very FUrst 5K run outside!

2 Thumbs Up FU me! :)

I will admit...

Running sure takes a lot out of you! (I wanted to nap immediately after lol)

But I soon felt reFUreshed after a Nommee Snack...

Greek Yogurt, Strawberries, Blueberries and 1/2 a Nectarine.

It's much prettier when not stirred.

By the time I was done eating...

SuperFit arrived with his new baby!

Tharr she is!
The Sonor with Canadian Maple Shells.

I got my turn an hour after asking! lol

I shared with him the good news and...

He gave me a big hug!

He then through me in the car (not literally) because...

We had plans to spend the day in Mont-Tremblant! 

We wanted to go back to the Samwich place we loved! (And have a FU licks of our FUvorite Summer Treat!)

La sandwicherie is inside a bike shop (Cybercycle).

It's really neat FU us because:

1. SuperFit is an avid Cyclist; 
2. I got into the sport last year; and
3. I love Samwiches!

Either way...

It's a really cool joint! (Lance Armstrong even had a Samwich there ~ "Ooooh!" I know lol)

SuperFit's tricep is the FUcal point in this FUto ;)

When arriving to Tremblant....

We immediately made our way up the stairs and entered La sandwicherie FU a bite to eat!

Nom Nom!

Both SuperFit and I ordered...

The Specialized
(It's the name of a bike company Cybercycle carries)
It had Chicken, Spinach, Provolone Cheese and a
Sundried Tomato Mayo.

We also ordered ourselves some much needed caffeine! (I had a snooze on the way up - I was pooped after my run!)

He had an Americano...

While I had a Cappuccino!
illy makes great beans!
(Although without the milk is a tad strong FU my liking)

What I like about La Sandwicherie is the fact you get a great view while you eat...

UnFUrtunately FU us....
Thunderstorm came passing by 15 minutes into our lunch :(
We stayed outside anyway.

Once we were FUnished our lunch and satisfied beyond belief...

We headed to the tourist area of Mont-Tremblant!

It's cute, it's quaint, it's expensive.

My FUrst 5K run left me feeling exhausted!
Just look at my sleepy eyes  lol

Such a stud ;)

As I've mentioned beFUre...

SuperFit has a new found addiction to hats...

He couldn't resist buying himself a new one!
 (Phew...cuz I didn't like it! lol)

We continued touring around and...

Eventually sat down to enjoy some live entertainment!

The lead is singer does cartoon voiceovers...
For one, she's Arthur's Mom!
 (If you have kids, I'm sure you know all about that T.V. Show

After all this activity...

We were in need of a little boost!

Soft Ice Cream is amazing!
Can you believe this is a small?! (I didn't complain) ;)

When we were done paying FU our ice cold treat...

It started to pour outside!

There was no way I was going to let this baby melt!
(Yup, I got the Vanilla/Chocolate Swirl)
Lick, Lick, Lick = Nom, Nom, Nommmm!

Halfway through our cone...

The rain FUnally stopped! 

We headed back outside to FUnish what was left of our nommmee treat and rushed back to the car to avoid getting poured on again! (We got soaked while touring around!)

Me + Ice Cream = <3
That's a heart, FYI ;)

Rain or shine...

It was a FUntastic day!

**I should mention we had a FUn ride home because we sang along to my FUvorite Country Tunes (Yup, I'm Country Fan)!!!**

Now the plan was (is) to...

1. Continue on with my running;
2. Learn to be patient with my development in the sport;
3. Set myself up with mini goals to eventually reach my bigger goal (21K); and
4. Enjoy it! (Even on the toughest of days!)

Questions FU You:

1. What do you recommend FU a running shoe? (I need to upgrade mine!)
2. Do you preFUr running alone or with a partner?
3. Ice Cream or CuPcAkEs?

Stay Tuned FU more on *CaNdY FiT*


  1. Great job on your first 5k run, running always wears me out too and makes me more hungry. I suggest Asics Gel, I love them and they have awesome support.
    Cupcakes all the way-red velvet!

  2. Thanks Chels! Come to think of it, running has left me feeling more hungry post-exercise (in comparison to any other activity I do)! I will definitely look into the Asics Gel, I've been getting a lot of positive feedback on them. Good choice with the cupcake, NOMMmmmm! :)

  3. Hi There!

    Found your blog through Tina! I'm from Montreal,excited to have found a blogger close to me! :)

  4. Wahoo! Me too! It's always neat to find bloggers near you :)

  5. Your blog is such an inspiration, I love it!! So glad to be a new follower! xoxo

  6. I find I gain a few pounds when my mileage gets higher. A trainer friend of mine told me to always use the race car analogy - high performance vehicles need premium fuel, when your body performances increases make sure you fuel it with premium foods!

  7. Thanks for sharing Tanya! I love it :) FU'd for FUel!


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