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Bye Bye Vegas...Hello Maintenance!

**July 24 & 25**

Our last morning in Vegas...

We (I) made a point to make the most of our my BreakFUst!

That said...

I started with Granola and a FU WaFUles!

The closest I've ever come to eating WaFUles were Eggos during
my childhood. No lie!

As FU SuperFit...

His FUrst plate included...

FUrench Toast and WaFUles :)
With warm maple syrup of course!

As a result of my continued raving about the Granola...

I absolutely love Granola!!!

SuperFit had to try it out and I got myself yet another bowl!

We also went back FU some added Protein...

I didn't end up eating the bun.

As soon as we were done eating our 'main courses'...

I went back FU dessert to complete my last meal at the Wynn Buffet!

*CaNdY* Apples!

I ended up with...

Two mini CuPcAkEs, a PB Cookie and a *CaNdY* Apple!

It was delish!

Nom Nom!


I almost managed to FUnish my plate!

I shared my Choco CuPcAkE with SuperFit!

When we were done eating...

We headed over to the FUshion Show Mall!

I had no troubles finding myself a FU things ;)
Neither did SuperFit!
He bought 3 hats while in Vegas!
 (And we thought I was the one with the hat addiction!)

If you don't remember my collection of hats...

Here it is:

This is just part of it!
I used to wear a hat everyday.

Once we were FUnished with our shopping...

That's our hotel in the background.
We were across the street from the FUshion Show Mall.

We walked around FU a FU hours beFUre stopping FU lunch at Treasure Island (TI)! (I don't think I could have used FU any more in that one sentence!)

I stayed here the last time I visited Vegas with my
brother and Furends!

The buffet at TI was pretty good...

Especially because they had Sushi!

Sushi is one of my FUvorite FU'ds!

We tried to keep to an Asian Theme...

Although the pizza threw us FU a loop.
We took a wasn't worth another.

FU dessert we had an array of options to choose from! (Of course we had dessert, it was our last day to splurge!)

Can you guess what I chose to have?!

Both SuperFit and I went FU a...

CuPcAkE! (They will never get old!)

My new CuPcAkE Tank Top.

This time...

I tried the Red Velvet!

It was incredible!

SuperFit went with the Chocolate!

His loves FU CuPcAkEs has grown ;)

After a very FUfilling lunch...

We continued walking around the Vegas strip! (There's really not much else you can do when you're waiting to catch a FUlight)

This FUto was taken at The Mirage.
Can you tell how tired we (SuperFit) are?!
I think SuperFit just wanted to sit and rest his feet!
I don't think he actually wanted his FUto taken ;)

BeFUre leaving Vegas...

There was one place I wanted to check out!

That place would be... 

The FUrozen Yogurt Parlour!

It was a build your own FUrozen Yogurt Place!

Needless to say...

I had a lot of FUn with it!

It was hard not to get carried away!

And of course my FUrst selection was...

No surprise there!

SuperFit added his own FUlavor to the mix too...

Except he over did it with the machine!

He was having a little too much FUn!

Our end product looked like this...

There wasn't much room left FU FUruit!

SuperFit knew he made a boo boo ;)

It was delicious nonetheless!

As we continued on with our walk...

We eventually needed to take a break!

 Forum Shops.


We sat down FU a FU minutes.



We did find ways to keep ourselves entertained!

Like I've mentioned beFUre...
It doesn't take much to get us going!

Although this FUn only lasted us so long!

In our attempt to keep busy, we decided to visit...

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum!

Notice how SuperFit is on his tippy toes ;)
Indiana Jones is really that tall!

$50 later...

We were in!

The Rock!
Jennifer Jameson.
No explanation required.
Enjoying some bubble with Hefner!
I'll choose not to explain ;)

I have to say...

It's pretty boring if you don't have FUn with the mannequins!


We (SuperFit) did our best to make things a little more interesting!

J-Lo's booooteh!
The Sperma....I mean Terminator!
SuperFit showing the Ice Man his prize pack ;)
Evil Fu!
Especially with a FUlower in my hair lol
No resemblance!
Again, the FUlower just ruins the affect lol

I must admit...

SuperFit did a superb job with the FUcial expressions!

This is my FUvorite!

Once we left the Wax Museum...

We FUl'd around in the Gift Shop!

"Man, I really like Vegas" Elvis Presley
"Thank you, Thank you Verrrr much!"
Side burns are a good look FU me ;)

After all this FUn...

We were even more tired exhausted than at the start of our day!

That said...

Nothing a little a lot of Java couldn't do to help out!

We sat here FU a good hour.
I'm not sure why he's making this face lol
Or this one!

We eventually got up and headed back to our hotel, where we decided...

To give one last shot at playing the slot machines with our $10 Credit!

It's not working.

We ended up having to call FU help!

We learned that in order FU the credit to work...

We had to place the FUrst bet ($1)!

A quick $10 play later...

We lost. Got up. And searched FU somewhere to sit to pass the time (we didn't want to walk anymore)!

In our search...

We came across...

That would have passed the time!


It was closed!

Ah well...
Better luck next time ;)


We managed to find a big comfy couch!

It was very exciting (even if his expression says otherwise lol)

We took FUll advantage of the space provided!

Time to nap!

Our feet were so sore...

No running shoe could have saved us!

Not even SuperFit's Super Shoes!
(He got new ones when we got back home)

I was so FU'in tired...

Nothing was making sense anymore, which resulted in...

The giggles!

Tired FU.

Enough was enough...

We decided to make our way to the airport a tad earlier so that...

We could nap!

We were soooo pooped!

Upon arrival to the airport...

We checked-in, passed through security and called it a day! (UnFUrtunately, our day was long from being over! lol)

As we toured around the vicinity... 

We noticed an i*CaNdY*! 

I got excited (of course), but didn't buy anything.

Both SuperFit and I were FUll from all the FU'd we ate in Vegas...

We needed to take a break and rest our stomachs (and feet) FU a while!

Maybe we should have bought SuperFit some socks!
The aftermath of walking 10 hours a day or simply cheap socks lol

Once we got comFUrtable in our seats by our gate...

We had 3 hours to relax beFUre having to board our plane!

Needless to say...

We had loads of time to spare!

Taking pictures became difFUcult!
But making faces did not ;)

We (I) did end up FUlling asleep FU a little over an hour!


When it came time to board our FUlight at 11:50pm...

I really can't say I remember any of it because...

I slept from the moment we buckled up to the moment we landed (in Chicago)!

And beFUre you knew it...

It was breakFUst time!

SuperFit and I split a Cinnamon Raisin Bagel and
we each had a Cappuccino from Starbucks.

At this point in our travels...

I could no longer wear my running shoes!

My feet were far too swollen and were aching beyond belief! (As were SuperFit's -  they would remain as such FU 4 days FUllowing!)

You can hardly see my ankle bone!

Our connection wait time wasn't too long so....

We were FU'in happy!

Although this meant...

Our vacation was ofFUcially over!

The face of well rested (exhausted) travellers!

Once we landed at the Ottawa Airport (9am)...

We drove home and slept until 2:00pm! (The dogs - Zippy and Yogi - were really happy to see us!)

All in all...

We had a wonderFUl trip!

It was a great way to celebrate:

SuperFit's birthday and...

The past 18 months in my Fitness Journey!

We both got to enjoy delicious and sweet FU'ds during our stay in Vegas...

And we got to train while on vacation!

What now?!

It's back to the routine!

This means:

1. Going on a maintenance eating plan (healthy and clean eating);

I can now have FUruit! Yipee!!!

2. Starting back at the gym with a new training program to build a bit more muscle;

Giving it my all!

3. Continuing with my cardio (which now includes my BIKE!!!);

I love riding with SuperFit!


4. Enjoying living a healthy and exercise FUeled lifestyle!

Happy to be back at Florida Fitness Aylmer.


And of course I get to have a FU treats, but I make a point to earn them!

No guilt there! :)

Stay Tuned FU more on *CaNdY FiT*

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