Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Welcome Home *CaNdY FiT*

**July 17-19**

After an incredible FUrst time experience competing in my very FUrst Fitness/Figure Competition...

I introduced my trophy (named *CaNdY FiT*) to her new home!

But FUrst...

We celebrated the achievements of all Florida Fitness Aylmer Competitors with a Potluck at PINK's house!

I started off with a CuPcAkE!

After eating my sweet treat...

I had a couple of Egg Rolls I brought FUrom The Golden Palace!

I had two!
They were gone within a blink of an eye!
(They are that good)


So did Nookie!

We both sat beside them :0

Nom Nom Nom!

There was so much FU'd to try that....

We had to taste it all!!!

Peanut Butter Cookies and Pies!

(After the whole dehydration process, I couldn't get enough!)

Cheese & Crackers, Hummus, Pita etc...

I munched on this all night!

I found my place and stayed there lol

It was so good tasting FU'd with FUlavor!

Everyone was having a great time talking about the day's events and how much FUn we all had that...

It didn't matter what time it was or how exhausted we all were! (Trust me, as much FUn as it is prepping and competing, it is really tiring as well!)

Even PINK's dog was having a great time! ;)

BeFUre long...

It was time to go!

So, we a snapped a FU shots of the FFA Team beFUre calling it night!

007 and I with *CaNdY FiT* and *BAM*
You can tell who showered and who didn't ;)

SuperFit and the FFA Team!
(Missing in action: Nookie, Martin and Terri)

When we got home...

I couldn't believe how quickly the past 7 months had gone by!

I also couldn't help but get emotional by simply looking back on everything that took place during my preparation (including my transFUrmation over the past 17 months)!

The last list I made beFUre competing!

I was still in shock and overcome by a tremendous amount of joy that...

I brought *CaNdY FiT* with me to bed (so when I woke up, I'd know it wasn't just a dream!)

It took a really long time beFUre SuperFit and I could fall asleep as
we were both so excited! :)

The next morning...

*CaNdY FiT* would be joining me FU all the days activities!

Here she is posing with a gift I received FUrom
Nookie :)

Of course...

I made myself a little something with PB....

It was sooooo good!

BeFUre heading off to our traditional post-competition breakFUst at Cora's!

SuperFit had a FUruit Waffle :)

I had Bacon, Eggs, Homefries and Blueberry Pancakes!
I couldn't FUnish it!

We brought our girls with us :)

Once we were done eating...

We took a FU more shots beFUre going our separate ways!

It's a deal they made...
 FU every time she wins 1st Place (and that's a lot)
he has to kiss her biceps lol

Celebrating our win! :)

The Girls and SuperFit!

As the day's events were in my hands...

We hung out by the Pool FU a little while!

Swedish Berries :)

I also continued munching on various things I bought myself....

Bits and Bites, Gold Fish and Allegro Cheese :)

I also had an Apple!

A FU hours later...

We headed downtown FU lunch...

Chicken Panini with a side of noodles :)

I couldn't FUnish the Noodles!


I did save room for a Sour Key FU dessert!


Later that evening...

We went out FU Sushi with Tha Masta!

Oh and *CaNdY FiT* ;)

It was delish!

To top it all off...

I had my long awaited Blizzard FUrom DQ!!!

I bet you can't see the excitment on my face!

The Masta went biking for a FU extra hours to enjoy his ice cream treat!

Carb and Sugar loading has never been this FUn ;)

My very FUrst bite :)

We had to eat in the car because it was raining :(

I shared ;)

I should mention that the night we went FU ice cream there was a power outage in the city of Aylmer. The DQ we had planned on going to had been temporarily shut down. We drove another 25 minutes beFUre reaching another DQ! (I was going to have my Blizzard damnit! lol)

The next day...

I woke up and had a bowl of Greek Yogurt, Granola, Bananas and Raisins!

It was incredible!

I wasn't too hungry FU the remainder of the day as I was still FUll FUrom everything I had eaten thus far...


I did make up FU it at dinner time!

Mom's Spaghetti!

My FUvorite homecooked meal! :)

I also left some room FU...

Popcorn and Twizzlers :)
I shared it with SuperFit!

That same night...

I made myself overnight oats FU the FUllowing morning...

Oatmeal and  Protein Powder...
(mixed with water and left in FUridge overnight)
I topped it with Bananas, Raisins, Carobe Chips and a tbsp of Peanut Butter when I woke up!
Heaven in my mouth!

I will admit that....

I couldn't help but do an hour of cardio beFUre leaving FU Vegas! (I was told not to but I did anyways - it's hard when it's become part of your routine!)

One reFUreshing sweat fest later...

I met The Masta FU Dim Sum at Jadeland (amazing FU'd!)!

My FUvorite is their Steamed Chicken and Mushrooms!

After lunch, I was excited to get home because I'd be...

Surprising SuperFit with his Birthday Present!

A Helicopter Tour of the Grand Canyon!

I'd show you pictures of his surprised face but...

I accidentally deleted the FUtos! (To be more specific, I deleted those from our departure date to our FUrst couple of days in Vegas!!! ~ I shed a FU tears!)

Moving on (FURom this unFUrtunate event)...

I'd like to point out that after the competition...

I'm required to put on a certain amount of weight in order to put on a little more muscle.

It would also be unhealthy FU me to stay at my competition weight throughout the year (as my BF % is too low), as well as it being...

Illogical if I plan on improving my physique FU the next competition!

Yes, I plan on doing another :)

That said...

I'd have the next 5 days to splurge in Vegas (guilt-free)!

Like I said...
100% Guilt Free :)

Stay Tuned FU our Vegas Trip on *CaNdY FiT*

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