Monday, July 18, 2011

Tales From My Very FUrst Competition!

**July 16 - Get ready FU a long one!**

No words can describe my experience at the SAF (morning) and IDFA (night) Competitions!


I want to tell you how blessed I feel to have had the opportunity to share this experience with:

My FUmily;
All of my *CaNdY FiT* Blog Supporters; and of course
SuperFit and the Florida Fitness Aylmer Team!

This has been such an incredible journey and...

I will deFUnitely continue living  the lifestyle I have now chosen to live by!


My passion for Health and Fitness has become a part of who I am and...

I couldn't imagine my life without exercising and practicing healthy eating habits!

To give you a look see into the backstage and stage life I lived during my competition day...

Here are a FU photos  I'd like to share with you as....

They highlight the life of a FUrst time Competitor!

I started my morning by eating Turkey...

And Oatmeal...

With a FU raisins!
(It was so nice to have a little sugar!)


FUrantically putting on my Theme Wear and getting my hair done at the same time!

Once we were done with the cosmetic portion of my prep...

I had to fill my suitcase with a FU more necessities!

Such as my Turkey and Rice Meals!

I should mention...

Nookie came over in the early morning to get ready with me :)

Packin' up her suitcase!

007 and Martin came over to drop off a FU things as she would be getting ready at our house during the day (she wouldn't be competing until night time)...

I was so happy to have her there with me while I got ready!

As soon as we were ready to leave...

We picked up PINK on our way to the venue!

She was the Co-MC for the day.
And yes...she is having a PB Pancake!

Ready to roll!

After making our way inside the Museum of Civilization...

We checked-in and registered for both SAF and IDFA Competitions!

Giving us the low down...

Always having a FU'in good time!

Terri and Pam
(Left to right)

Jules, Me, Nookie
FFA Competitor Group Shot!
(Missing in action: Rosanne, Hys and Martin)

Once we were cleared and received our competitor numbers...

We headed down to the backstage and got settled in FUront of a mirror!

My Suitcase was FUeled with Competition Essentials!

Anne-Marie from VivaZen helped us backstage with our hair and tan!

Each of us got ready at our own pace (to keep our 'zen')!

We put on our FUnal FU touches beFUre heading on stage... 

We then patiently waited in line...

BeFUre getting called out to do our routine for SAF Theme Wear...

One step closer to the big stage!
I am nervous and excited.
It was an interesting combo.

Right beFUre getting on stage!

After FUnishing my routine...

Haaaaa Ya!!!!

I had to quickly change into my Fitness Suit for the posing portion of this category!

Snapping a FU shots beFUre heading back out!

Waiting backstage...again!

And snapping a FU shots....again!
SuperFit was the backstage Manager...
He made sure the show ran smoothly without a hitch!
He succeeded FUlawlessly!

Martin helping with the backstage movement and
 making sure everything was in order!


It came time to go out and pose!

UnFUrtanely I didn't place in SAF.

But either way....

It was a great experience! 

And I am very happy to report...

FFA Competitor "PAM" won 3rd place in the Open Fitness Category:

Congrats Pam!!!!

There were a lot of supporters in the house cheering us on...


I was so happy to hear them in the audience!

My good FUriend SD being one of them...


As well as my cousin Alexis!

During intermission...

Nookie and I had a mini FUtoshoot outside...

But not FU long because our tan was melting off!


We had to get ready FU the IDFA Night Time Show!!!

We'd both be competing in the Fitness and Figure Categories!

I was also thrilled that...

007 had FUnally arrived!

Her FUlly BAMMED out suit by Joan MacDonald!

Anne-Marie started applying her Dream Tan right away (this is what you put on after your base competition coats)!

CareFUlly patting it down and smoothing it out!

Getting a FUto in while she was getting creamed up :)

There was a lot of action backstage and lots of FUtos were being taken!

Nookie and I waiting for our Dream Tan Application

Nookie and Husband Matt xo

He ended up getting the job of his life!

Soon it was my turn to get my Dream Tan On!

I had Matt and 007 helping out at once!

This makes me laugh.

PINK was helping her Husband Hys (one of our FFA Male Competitors) with this tan...

Having a blast!

Soon it was Rosanne and Martin's turn...

 Nookie helping out!

Matt still hating his job ;)

Can't touch this!
Literally you can't because the dream tan comes off easily!

Martin came in the middle of the action to let us know our IDFA Categories and when we'd be going up on stage!

Height Categories: Short and Tall

SuperFit came to check up on what was going on with his competitors!

It's very serious backstage!
Left to right: Hys, Martin, 007 and SuperFit

Never a dull moment with us!

Jules and I :)

007 and I rockin' the red suits!


It was time to head out on stage for the Fitness Category!

I'm in the middle.

FUront Pose

Side Pose

Back pose
Other side pose


FUnishing it off...

Waving goodbye! 

We then hurried back off stage to get ready for the Figure Category!

It was hectic but....

It was loads of FUn being backstage with great FUrends!!!

Our Figure Posing Suits.

We snapped a FU shots in between....

The FFA Girls and Joan MacDonald!
The Designer of our suits!

Here we are with PINK!!! 
She was loads of help backstage!

Baby Fu and PINK :)

Nookie's Height Category went up FUrst...

Looking Amazing!

On stage while she waited...

Were the men!

Martin and Hys

Martin is second from the right!

While everything was going on backstage and on stage...

I was pumping up!

I also had my very FUrst Chocolate Treats!
(1/2 a PB Snickers Bar and a FU dark chocolate M&M's)
Just as a side note:
Someone took...
My M&M's and half of my PB Snickers bar from my suitcase!!! lol

Jules and I making sure to keep the pump going!

Of course...

We took a FU more FUtos while we were at it!

SuperFit and his girls :)

Showin' off the goods ;)

Joan supporting us backstage!

T-minus 2 minutes beFUre I was on!

And off I went!

After posing and doing my routine...

It was time for the intermission!

We all went out to greet our FUmily and FUrends beFUre they called us back in with the results!

I was happy to see my Mom, Sister and Timbits!

I brought some comFUrtable FUtware :)

They surprised me with.....


Are you surprised?! lol

Nom Nom Nom!
They all looked so delicious! 

I was so FUreakin' happy!
I waited to have one as..
I wanted to prevent the potential of bloating!

Take a look at them!


That's better!

I was so happy!

My Aunt and Uncle came out as well to support me and the FFA Team!

Lai Chu, Baby Fu and Hugh :)

My FUriend Lindsay also came out to watch the show!

Thanks for all the encouragement Lindz!

 While we anxiously awaited the news....

The FFA Team had loads of FUn in the lobby!

The most muscular pose! lol

Our amazing Trainer, Coach, FUriend and BoyFUriend (to me lol)

They are the FFA Crazy Abs Duo! Martin and Rosanne!

Jules, SuperFit and Crazy Abs!

BeFUre long it was time to head back in....

Luckily FU us...

We didn't have to change back into our Fitness Wear as the transitions between categories were going to be FUrly quick (and changing from one to the other can get tricky)...

So back out we went FU our results and FUnal pose downs (just FU show)!

Here I am comFUrtably walking in my heels!
Although with every step I kept telling myself...
 'Don't Fall, Don't Fall, Don't Fall FU!"

I placed 5th in this round!

Jules, Terri and I were in the Top 5 :)
Go Team FFA!!! 

My FUrst Fitness Medal!

Training Partners! :)
Jules won 3rd Place!

FU our FFA Men...

Martin came 2nd and Hys 5th!

I think he's happy! :)

And FU our Women's Open Master's Division:

Rosanne came in 5th!

In no time...

We had to go back out FU the Figure results!

007 was there with me throughout!

FUrst came the Figure Short Category...

Nookie came 3rd and Pam 2nd!!!
FFA in tha house!!!

And secondly...

The Tall Category....

Jules came in 2nd!
You can see I'm trying to hold back my tears!

I was so overwhelmed...

I was visibly trembling and holding back my tears! (I could hear SuperFit and 007 laughing backstage - they thought I was going to pass out!)

1st Place Figure Tall!
PINK was there to congratulate me!

I was asked to stay on stage for a FUto...

I didn't know what to do with my trophy so I put it on my head!!! 
Don't ask me why because I don't know! lol

When I walked off stage...

SuperFit ran to me and gave me the biggest kiss in the world!

"Baby Fu you won!!!"
I kept saying:
"J'ai gagné
I was still in pure disbelief!

She always said:
"FU, you're a Figure Girl and you are going to be on stage in no time!''
And there I was competing in my FUrst Competition with 007 by my side :)
This was really emotional FU the both of us!

My very FUrst Figure Trophy!
I'm still in shock!

Joan was also backstage to give me the biggest hug!

Thanks for the *CaNdY* Suit Joan!!!

It didn't take long beFUre...

I was on the phone calling my FUmily!

"HI Mom, Hi Dad....I WON!!!"
They couldn't stay FU the whole show.

With all the excitement going on...

I didn't want to miss 007's results!


007 won 1st Place in her category as well as...

We were both so FU'in happy!!!
She's been such an inspiration to me FUrom the
beginning that I couldn't thank her enough FU EVERYTHING!

Our Proud Men xo
It was also a great day in the office FU SuperFit as
Team FFA rocked tha house!

After packing up our things and soon arriving to PINK's FU the potluck..

You best believe that the FUrst thing I did was...

Eat my very FUrst CuPcAkE!!!

Remember I said I was craving Carrot Cake?!
Well, I had the Carrot CuPcAkE!
It was amazing!

To be honest with you all...

I'm tearing as I'm writing this blog as...

This has been such an amazing journey FU me!

My FUrst competition will always be a milestone in my life.

I'm still overcome with emotion from all the support, encouragement and the love I've received throughout this incredible experience!

I can't thank you enough for always cheering me on and for all the kinds words you've given me through my entire preparation!

Is there another competition in my FUture?!

We'll see ;)

Now I'm going to:

1. Rest;
2. Give my body a break (I have no choice);
3. Continue with my healthy lifestyle and training; and
4. Get ready FU VEGAS!!!!! (We leave in a FU days!)

Stay tuned FU the Post Competition Activities on *CaNdY FiT*


  1. Just found your blog. This is an amazing story. I know this is an older post, but it's inspiring!

  2. Absolutely amazing! Your first and you placed 1st!!!!!!!!


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