Friday, July 15, 2011

Ready. Set. Compete!

**July 14-15**

Tomorrow is the FUreakin' day!!! 

I can't believe how fast time as FUlown by! 


Being on holidays did help!


I had something to do everyday!

Monday: Train, Cardio, Tan, Visit my FUmily;
Tuesday: Train, Cardio, Spend day with my Sister JoJo, Have Ben over FU a swim;
Wednesday: Last day to Train and do Cardio, Tae Kwon Do Lesson with The Masta, Get Nails Done with SD;
Thursday: Appear on A Channel Morning News to promote the SAF Competition, Do Groceries (and fill up my treats basket);

Of course I'm not going to eat all of this!
It's just FUn to have a taste of everything you've been
Craving FU so long!

Doug Schneider:
President and Founder of Serious About Fitness

Here's the news clip!

Although I didn't talk...

I had a great time and met some FUntastic People!!!

Moving on...

Friday: Buy Eggrolls from Golden Palace (they make the best!) to bring to the Pot Luck on Sat. Night...

What's an Egg Roll without the Plum Sauce?!

And lastly...

Get my hair done at VivaZen!

I will wake up to a world of curls!!! :)
Anne-Marie is hands down the best!

I think it's safe to say...

I made the most of my FUrst week off!

It was intended to be...

FUeled with relaxation...

Now this is relaxing! lol
having to take off my nail polish because...
It would ruin my new manicure!

He loved every moment of it ;)

And stress-FUree activities...

Good Boy!

And, I think I ended up satisFUying both of these goals!

I even got to meet a celebrity...

No, you are no hallucinating!

It's Smoothie...
The KRAFT Peanut Butter Bear!
They are promoting a charitable event called:
"Spread the Feeling"

FU Every Hug...

1 Kraft Peanut Butter Jar is donated to the Ottawa Food Bank!

Needless to say...

Pink and I had no troubles giving Smoothie a hug (or three)!

Find out more at:

'Smooth' Operator ;)

We now love PB even more than beFUre!

I have to say...

Thursday would also end up being a great day because...

I got to have carbs!!!

Ya right!
I made this for SuperFit (it's a smiley face!)

My carb load looked a little more like this...

Oatmeal and Chicken

Turkey and Rice
(I FUrgot to use my chopsticks!!!)

I never FUrgot them again ;)

I wasn't kidding lol.

Although repetitive...

It was satisFUying nonetheless as it gave me extra energy!

The last couple of days of my preparation...

I had to be sure to:

1. Pack Competition Suitcase;

Yes...there's a point where I get to Sugarload!
(Although it is careFUlly calculated as I have a tendency
to bloat in a blink of an eye)

2. Put on my FUrst two coats of Tanning Cream (you should see how dark I am right now!);
3. Try on my suits again to check if they still fit right (all good);
4. Bring all necessary documentation with me to the Competition (packed and ready); and
5. Relax!

I also made sure to give SuperFit his gift...

Just a little something to say thanks....

He loves "cadeauzzzz"

I think he likes it!

A new shirt to wear to the show :)

Of course...

I also had to get him the chocolate covered marshmallows he was drooling over at Truffle Treasures last week!


I should note I did one small grocery run beFUre the end of the week...

I FUeled up on Turkey Breasts and...
Bananas and Apples for next week! :)

I should also note...

The Florida Fitness Aylmer Competitors received a very nice treat from a fellow member!

To enjoy at the potluck post-competition!
Not my hands! lol

Alright well...

It's 9:30pm and I have to eat my last meal of the day!

That said...

I'd like to thank everyone for their continuous support and encouragement! 

I truly feel blessed (you have no idea!)!

I feel great and I'm really excited FU tomorrow!

I can't wait to get ready with all the girls...

As well as...

Meeting all of the other competitors!

I feel like I've already won by attaining my goal of making it to the stage (no matter the outcome)!


I get to show everyone that it is possible to reach any level of Fitness you aspire to achieve!

I'm going to go out there and have the best time of my life and...

Be proud FU all the achievements I've made in the past 17 months in my lifestyle change!

Good night everyone!

p.s. I'm also really excited to have a taste of my *CaNdY*!!!!

Stay Tune for more on *CaNdY FiT*


  1. see you tomorrow hun : ) sleep well!


  2. AnonymousJuly 16, 2011

    Good luck :D Im sure you'll do great. You've worked so hard over the past few months and like you said its a win in itsself that you've made such a change in your life and the results definetly show in the change in your figure and stuff. Hope you do great :)
    Im sure you're excited for the day after though lol i saw the Reeses cups in your case. Im a great fan of PB too :) x

  3. Thank you so much for the kind words! It was such a great experience! Reeses Cups....Mmmmmm (they were good!)!

    @ A Fine Balance: It was great meeting you!!!!! :)


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