Thursday, July 14, 2011

Just Days Away from the SAF/IDFA Stage!

**July 10-13**

As I am just days away from the competition day...

Everything in my preparation this week has been 'Kick Ass'!


Let's start from the beginning!

We spent Sunday evening at The Masta's...

And enjoyed Watermelon...

My little bro Jeff :)

Well not me...

I had coffee.

I can't say the two are comparable lol

SuperFit's pile.
It looked so yummy!

Once everyone was FUll (with no Watermelon left in sight!)...

Masta Fu gave me a lesson!

A lesson in the Art of Tae Kwon Do!

I haven't trained in 13 Years!

Teaching me proper positioning for balance and execution!

Haaaaaa Yaaaaaa!
Showing me the preferred height to my pichagi!

As you can see The Masta is thinking on how I can better
improve my kick!
While I break to smile from the seriousness of the Art.

I think he was surprised I kept my FUlexibility! lol

Of course this all had a purpose....

SuperFit took away my carbs FU three days! (And, I was just getting used to them! lol)

So, I had to show him who's Boss!

3.2.1. Fight!

To slow with your block SuperFit!

In your face!

You lose!
Game Over.

Despite my Kicking his Butt...

The FUllowing three days would still remain without carbs!

Let's just say...

I enjoyed a lot of Turkey Scallopine!

BreakFUst has never looked so amazing!

Changing up the presentation FU lunch!
(Same thing, just cut up and in a bowl!)

At least Coffee wasn't taken out of my 'diet'!

Well, not FU a couple of days at least!

The next three days would also incorporate:

a) 3 Circuit Trainings with SuperFit (targeting each muscle group); and
b) Cardio (the minutes would end up diminishing each day)

I'm not that strong...yet! lol

Seeing that my 'diet' is currently the most intensive it has ever been...

By the 3rd day (Wednesday), I had very little left.  


I did manage to squeeze in lots of relaxation time in as...

This would be my FUrst week on holidays!

With that said...

I spent (literally) one of my FUrst vacation days with my Sister JoJo!

We started off at...

The Masta and Mom gave her some $$$
to splurge :)

We had no problems picking her out loads of clothes to try on...

And let me tell you...

She deFUnitely knows what she likes!

They were all a Yes!
(Including a FU more pieces that are not shown)

We then made our way to the *CaNdY* Store...

Of course...

I FUeled up on a FU goodies myself as...

I've been preparing my own personal post-competition Treat Basket!

They have the most incredible Gummi Bears!

Some classic *CaNdY*

*CaNdY* Heaven!!!
I love the old fashioned way of picking out your *CaNdY* and
having it bagged right in FUront of you.

Some of the Treats I bought!
The bag of sea salt taffy is not mine lol

I treated my Sis to a FU as well :)

We then made our way to Truffle Treasures (which I have mentioned many-a-times in my blog!)
They have the best homemade Gelato!

And of course....
Chocolate Treats!

I bought myself a...
 Dark Chocolate Pecan Caramel Bark Bar! (FU my basket of course!)

I bought JoJo...

Nom Nom Nom...

She went FU
Mango and Chocolate!

We soon headed back to The Masta's Tae Kwon Do School...

Where we then showed off our yummy purchases!

We had a great day to say the least :)

When I got back home...

It was time to eat!

Turkey and Flax Seeds.
I also made sure to get all of my H20 in...
As it gets cut down to measured amount in the FUnal Days!

Once I FUnished my meal...

My FUriend Ben came over FU a visit and Swim!

It was great catching up by the poolside :)

The next day...

I received yet another 1 on 1 with The Masta!

"Knee Up...Knee Up...Nice!"

Trust me...

There is a purpose to these mini-training sessions aside from kicking SuperFit's butt!

You'll just have to wait and see what exactly that purpose is ;)

After my lesson with The Masta...

And FUnishing off my last day of circuit training with SuperFit...

I had a scheduled appointment to attend to!

It was a Pre-Competition Gift from my good FUriend SD!!!

Gel Nails with Shiny Silver Tips :)

I've never gotten my nails done beFUre!

And I must say...

It was the PerFUct treat in my preparation to...

The bright lights and the big stage!

Stay Tuned for More on *CaNdY FiT*

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