Thursday, July 7, 2011

Approaching 2 Weeks Out! Train. Eat. Teach. Repeat.

*June 26-30*

In my Counting down to my FUrst competition...

My schedule is pretty well written out in stone with little room for change.

I Train.

 I'm posing here with a make believe bar.

I Eat.

Protein Pancake cut into Toast-like shapes with
Stir-FURied Veggies, Allegro Cheese, and
Greek Yogurt blended with Basil.
Oh and Two Protein FUeled 'Ice Cream' Samwiches!

I Teach.

I Repeat.

After a great weekend...

Celebrating the union of my (new) Aunt and Uncle as Husband and Wife:

And getting creative my FU'd options for a couple of days:

Mini Protein Samwiches :)

Protein Pancakes and Allegro Cheese topped with....
1. Cherry Tomato 2. Apple Slice and 3. Mushroom, Basil

Salad with Homemade Balsamic Vinaigrette and Sunflower Seeds
Click here for Recipe!

Grilling my Samwich on the BBQ

Grilled Apple Samwich on a Protein Pancake served with
A side Salad.

'Ice Cream' Protein Samwiches
Click here for protein pancake recipe

Freeze your Greek Yogurt after mixing in a sweetener of your liking...

Such as:

Vanilla Stevia
Crystal Light
Sugar-Free Jell-O


Berries of your choice

Let it dethaw until it becomes spreadable while remaining ice cold...

Frozen Greek Yogurt sweetened with Vanilla Stevia with....
One delicious 'Ice Cream' Protein Samwich :)

It's pretty well known that all weekends come to an end...


We must say Hello to yet another Monday.

I, on the other hand...

Would also have to welcome the FUrst day of a new 'diet' cycle.

Egg Whites, Tuna, Flax Seeds and much needed

And greet bland Chicken with open arms ;)

Packing up my FU'd for work.
And no...
That is not SuperFit in the plant ;)

I do love my Chicken and Peppers!

I also had to bid FUrewell to:

The last of my Apple FUeled weekend until after the competition...

You were amazing to the very core.
Pun intended ;)

On the FUrst Monday of my new eating regime...

We had some lovely visit over FU dinner!

That night I served...

Spag. and Meat Sauce :)

I had plain spaghetti (measured serving) with:

Red Peppers

It was horrible.

Once we FUnished up our meals...

Kiki was back in the pool!

Her evening was ofFUcially complete...

Once I made her a Protein Smoothie, as requested!

I had no influence over this request!
She took me by surprise :)

Taking the FUrst sip.

Giving it the 'thumbs up'!
She said "There's spinach in here?!!"
She couldn't taste it :)
See, I told you so! lol

I FUroze the leftovers to make Protein Ice Cubes....

You can either enjoy them as a Cubes or Blend
to make it more of an  'ice cream' treat!
Using Almond Milk is probably best...
(But I can't right now given my 'diet' restrictions)

Onto other things...

During my grocery run for my new 'dieting' cycle...

The Grocery store had run out of Egg Whites!

Good thing I had one container left at home!

This was a little disappointing as they are #1 on my list of essentials to buy...

Well, that and Chicken!

The good news was...

I received a very exciting update later on!

My FUriend got engaged!!!

And moved in to a new place with her beau!


I made my way to visit the loving couple...

Muaahhhhh xo

The Bling!

After congraluting them and checking out their new digs...

I surprised SuperFit with his FUvorite Chinese Dinner from Ging Sing!

The FUmous Order:

1. Rice Paper Shrimp Rolls; and
2. Chicken with Black Bean Sauce

I made sure they didn't FUrget the Spicy PB Sauce as it's
The Key Ingredient in making this appetizer so amazing!
Mmmm...peaaaannnuut butter!

On my way back...

I stopped by yet another grocery store to load up on my egg whites!

I never seem to leave with the one thing I set out to get!

When I got home...

SuperFit was happy to see his special meal but... 

Patiently waited until I was FUnished making mine beFUre he dug in!

Protein FUeled Veggie Burgers

Samwich "Bread":


8 Egg Whites
1/2 cup of Oatmeal
1/2 tsp of Xantham Gum (for thickening - giving it that doughy texture)
2 tbsp of Water

**This will make a FU**

Veggies I included:


I seriously love these Protein Veggie Burgers!

The FUllowing day...

SuperFit would have another posing session with the FFA Men!

They are competing in the IDFA Show on July 16...

CareFUlly observing...

Offering some sound advice.

Giving them s**t?! lol

Being a past competitor himself...
He knows a lot about posing and transitions!
He's even helped me with mine!

Once his session ended...

It was time for me to teach my Spin Class... 

I was FU'in tired and I didn't know if I'd survive (honestly!)

Me after the class.
I was done!


That didn't stop me from making SuperFit a Pizza!

All I wanted were Pancakes...

You can see them in the background.
They were exactly what I needed...
Plain and simple (literally) lol

As for SuperFit...

He really enjoyed his Healthy, Low Fat Pizza :)

Pizza does the body good ;)
I put the other half in the FUridge
No, my 'diet' doesn't allow for this!


Blue Menu Flat Bread
Allegro Cheese
A FU spoonFUls of Tomato Paste
Basil (you can also use Pesto)
Cherry Tomatoes
Chili Flakes

Bok Bok!

I was happy that the FUllowing Day was a Holiday since...

 I was FU'in Pooped!!!

All to say...

I managed to sleep in until 630am. 

Ah well...

At least I got an early start on my July 1 FUstivities! 
(Click here to see my July 1 Blog Post)

Wearing a Rice Hat on a Carb Day.
It goes hand in hand.

Stay Tuned for More on *CaNdY FiT*

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