Wednesday, July 13, 2011

1 Week Out (as of July 9)!!!

**July 9**

As I am just a FU sleeps away from the big day...(wow, that rhymes!)

Futo was taken after a
 trial carb load over the weekend!

There were a FU things I had to get done! (And still do mind you - okay that rhymes too, what is wrong with me lol)!

Such as...

Getting my hair done at VivaZen...

Anne-Marie is absolutely incredible!

Since I knew I'd be there for a while....

I brought with me some good literature and some FU'd!

Gossip Mags and a Rice Bowl

I washed it down with Lemon Water.

While under the hair dryer...

Anne-Marie's little guy paid us a visit!

It's a Chiwawa!
"Te quiero Taco Bell?!"
No and I'm on a 'diet'.
You remember the commercials right?! lol

3 hours later...

I was thrilled with my new do!

But, beFUre showing it off to SuperFit...

I had to load up on my FU'd essentials...

Including some goodies for after the competition!
I've started loading up on some of my FUvorites! :)

Yes, I bought a New Jar of PB!

And Wafer Cookies?!
I don't know why I bought these.
I used to like them as a child and they were on sale so
I thought I'd give them a try seeing  I'm allowed to splurge post-comp!

Once I unloaded...

I found out my 'diet' would alter once again for the upcoming week ahead (last minute).

This meant...

A number of things I loaded up on...

Wouldn't find their way into my 'diet' rotation! (No biggie, though!)


It would make my 'diet' one of the most intensive it has ever been!

The good news was...

I felt great in my ultra-blonde hair and I was excited over my new jar of PB!

SuperFit also liked my hair and laughed at my purchase ;)
Just so you know, I threw out 7 jars of PB. 
They were no longer FUresh and it was time to let go!
Out with the old, in with the new! 

In addition to doing my groceries and getting my hair done...

I had to buy a FU competition necessities I was missing!

Well....I ended up buying more than I had planned
which were non-competition related! lol

For the competition related stuff, I bought:

Accessories for my Theme Wear (bracelets and earrings)

In terms of my non-competition related purchases, I bought myself:

A new dress (FU a party we would be attending later on);
2 Rice Bowls (as I'm going to be eating a lot of it);
Chopsticks (of course); and
Venti Ice Passion FUruit Tea (unsweetened, no lemonade)

SuperFit bought me:

A FUlower :)

It was a good shopping day to say the least!


Let's talk about my carb load! (It's not that exciting but it was FU me considering I hadn't had any in a long time)

Throughout my two days of carb loading...

I had...

Gold Fish.
Ya right! lol

I actually had...

Plain, No FUlavor Protein Pancakes

With a whole lotta Chicken (Turkey)rice bowls!

Filling mind you.
This is not one of my new bowls.

This would be one of my new bowls and chopsticks :)

Good to the last grain :)

I seldom eat rice but this would turn out to be the weekend I would be eating my FUre share!

On Saturday Evening...

We attended our FUriend Super Sly's Birthday Party!

BeFUre heading out...

I made us dinner!

SuperFit had Salmon Steaks and Rice.

While I enjoyed yet another Turkey & Rice Bowl!

This would be my other new bowl :)


Soon enough...

It was time to get ready and put on my new dress!

Can't go wrong with that!

Once we arrived at the party...

We had a great time!

Super Sly and SuperFit :)

Christine and the Birthday Boy!

SuperFit and Baby Fu Duo

(Mmmm...Cheddar Cheese)

Jules: FFA FUriend and Competitor!

Saying our goodbyes!

By the end of the night...

I was FU'in pooped and FUrozen! (It had really cooled down!)

I ended up taking a boiling hot bath to warm up!

All in all...

The day's activities were the perFUct way to celebrate my 7 days away from...

The Competition Day! (Here I go rhyming again! lol) 

What added to this excitement was the fact...

I would be on holidays FU the next two weeks!

Which meant....

I could now give 100% of all my attention to ensuring:

1. I am ready (both physically and mentally);
2. I have all of the required essentials (posing suits, tanning cream, makeup, lashes, accessories etc.);
3. I pack my goodies to bring with me to the show; and
4. I am prepared for what I've been working towards FU the past 7 months!!!

Gettin' er done!

Stay Tuned for More on *CaNdY FiT*

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