Tuesday, June 28, 2011

OfFUcially 4 Weeks Out: Taking the 'DIE' out of 'DIE-ting'

**June 18**

I am ofFUcially 4 weeks away from my FUrst competition!!!

Holy schmokes!

I had an Impromptu Posing Session with my fellow
Competitor Nookie :)

1/4 Turn

I'm so excited about getting on stage at both of these great competitions...

Fitness and Theme Categories

**Tickets are now on sale for both shows!
 I hope you can make it out!**

Fitness and Figure Categories

I want to jump around like a kid excited about getting his/her FUrst ice cream cone of the summer season! 

Cow's Ice Cream in Halifax

Who are we kidding, we all know I'd be doing flips for a lick! (At this point lol)


I've decided to save my energy ;)

On this particular day I had a plan...

A plan to make new and FUn recipes for me and others to enjoy!

There's deFUnitely no 'treble' in my kitchen!
Other than the fact I continuously burn my FUngers or Knuckles.
I should have bought these now that I think of it.

I find when you are given a 'die-t'...

It is never really welcomed with open arms because it often means you have to...

1. Cut down
2. Replace
3. Remove

Some of your FUvorite snacks/meals from your current daily menu options.

Of course...

This is mostly true. But,

There are so many yummy alternatives to clean and healthy eating that...

You won't feel like you're 'die-ing' while 'die-ting'!

My FUrst taste of Cottage Cheese
Click here to see my FUrst Week Die'ting

There is obviously an adjustment process involved as you are...

Replacing a FU bad habits...

With new ones...


You will be glad you did!

We have to remember...

Deciding to FUllow a healthy lifestyle is a positive thing and...

We all require some kind of direction and motivation to...

Stay committed!

That said...

We need to seek out FUn and Eatable alternatives in making our goals realistic and achievable!

Protein FUflé

Click here for Recipe
(located in the Healthy Eating is FUn album)

And I must say...

Finding creative ways to cook kept me motivated while I 'dieted' my way to FIT...

Click here for Recipe
(located in the Healthy Eating is FUn album)

And now...

As I approach my competition date!

I'm also finding that taking the time to plate (or cup) my FU'd 'nicely'... 

This was part of a cheat meal!
Click here to see my FUll Cheat!
 Marshmallows, Yogurt, Blueberries, Frozen Banana Slices
and  Kashi's Go Lean Crunch

Has only left me...

So much more satisfied with the meals I've prepared!

Cheers to a healthy lifestyle :)

With all that said...

Let's get Cookin'!

Here are a FU things I cooked up during my '4 weeks out celebration' (some new, some old, some with a twist!)...

1. Baking an Apple...

My mouth is watering just looking at this picture!
I saved the other half FU the next day :)


1 tsp of Cinnamon 
1 pack of Vanilla Stevia
6 ounces of Water


Split the Apple in half
Fill an oven safe pan with 6 ounces of Water
Fill the core of the Apple with 1 packet of Vanilla Stevia
Generously sprinkle Cinnamon all over the Apple (and let it fall in the Water)

Bake for 45-60 minutes at 350F.

Once baked, out of the oven and cooled...

I used my FUruit (my weekly treat) to make...

2. Baked Apple Protein Pancake

Ingredients to blend:

6 Egg Whites
2 Espresso Shots (my measuring tool) of Instant (uncooked) Oatmeal
1 tsp of Ground Flax Seeds

In a FUry pan over medium-low heat, pour the mixture into round-like shapes. Flip to cook both sides.

(You can make 2-3 pancakes depending how big you make them)

Once cooked...

Slice your Apple.


Top your Protein Pancake with the Apple Slices, one spoonFUl of Greek Yogurt and a dash of Cinnamon...

It was amazing!

Enjoy! :) 

I made sure to store the 'Apple juice' from the baking pan in the FUridge for later use.

Once I FUnished my breakFUst...

I had some exercising to do!

On the menu for my training:

Cardio; and

When I got back, I made my post-workout snack...

2. Apple Smoothie!

I cut up a FU pieces of my Apple to top

Into the blender went:

6 ounces of the leftover 'Apple Juice'
Add an extra 2 ounces of water ~ if you wish
1 scoop of Vanilla Protein Powder
4 Ice Cubes
Dash of Cinnamon

It was deFUnitely reFUreshing!

After quickly scanning my FUridge and Cupboards, I noticed...

I was running low in the groceries department...

So, I hopped in my car to load up on my much need supplies:

Once I unloaded...

It was lunch time! 
(SuperFit was working the backstage at a BodyBuilding Show ~ I'd be joining him for the night time portion)...

So I wanted to surprise him with a yummy lunch!

To start...

I cut up a large Sweet Potato into Chip-like Shapes...

I microwaved it for 5 minutes to make it less hard to cut through.

I then placed the sweet potato chips onto a 'PAM'd' baking pan and sprinkled them with:

Sea Salt; and

I put them in the oven at 415F for approximately 45 minutes (flipping them over once)

While the chips were cooking...

I started on my balsamic salad dressing...

Combine the FUllowing ingredients into a bowl:

1/4 cup of Olive Oil
2 tbsp of Raspberry (or regular) Balsamic Vinegar
1 tsp of Dijon Mustard
Pepper to taste

Mix (whisk) together until it thickens. Set aside and place in FUridge.

While I was still waiting on the potato chips to cook...

I fired up the BBQ and cooked up some chicken using my Char Crust Seasoning...

I just can't get enough!

Once everything was said and done...

I plated our FU'd...

Mine :)

SuperFit's :)

Ready to enjoy his lunch b4 heading back to the show!

I was looking FUward to diggin' in!

After gobbling down our plates clean...

Well, almost clean!

I didn't have any problems FUnishing mine!

We were FUll! 


That didn't stop me from making my Afternoon Snack!

I eat Protein every FU hours to keep my muscles happy!

Choco PB Protein Bowl

Ingredients in blender:

10 ounces of Water
2 tablespoons of Greek Yogurt
1 Scoop of your FUvorite Protein Powder
1 large handFUl of Spinach
1/2 tsp of Xantham Gum (for thickening - optional)
4 Ice Cubes

As I would be working the André Maillé BodyBuilding Show with SuperFit, 007 and Martin that night...

I couldn't cook up dinner at home, so I packed up my meal and off we went!

I couldn't rely or hope there would be something for me to eat at the show so...

I preferred playing it safe and being prepared! 

That way...

I wouldn't find myself in a sticky situation without FU'd to eat!

But as promised...

Here is my recipe for my Very Low Carb (carb source is Fiber) Chicken FUjitas!

So so good!

4 Egg Whites
1 super large handFUl of Spinach
2 tbsp of Ground Flax Seeds

Optional Ingredients:

1/2 cup of Oatmeal 

Heat up your FUry pan and make Tortilla like shapes (should make a total of 2). 

Flip to cook both sides.

BBQ or cook your Chicken however way you like and spice it up!

I recently bought Mrs. Dash's seasoning to FUlavor my FU'd...

Zero everything and 10grams of Sodium.

Slice your chicken into strips (once ready) and...

Cut up some of your FUvorite veggies to top your Chicken FUjita!


Nom Nom Nom!

'DIE-ting' can be FUn!

Not FU'in scary! ;)

Stay Tuned for More on *CaNdY FiT*


  1. Honestly you are wonderful. I am so happy to have found your blog...SERIOUSLY...are you sure its 4 weeks? I think its more like three no? xoxox :P

  2. You are too kind! Thank you!!!

    I put the date at the top of my blog to note when I was 4 weeks out ;)I'm always 1 week behind in my postings (which is done on purpose).

    We are now at 2.5 weeks!!! Wahoo!

    How's your prep coming along?

  3. oooh! makes sense :P
    Prep is going well

    I have a little twinge in my knee so not so great this AM. but excited!


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