Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Part 2: 007 and PINK Compete!

After a good night's sleep...

Wrapped in her sleeping bag...
This is to avoid staining the bedsheets with the tanning product!

Both 007 and PINK  prepped themselves as soon as they woke!

There was no time wasting as they had to be backstage no later than 8am. The show started at 9am.

The moment they got out of bed they had to:

1. Apply more Tanning Cream to their bodies;
2. Do their Hair;
3. Apply their Stage Makeup;
4. Eat their Prescribed Foods without any water (as it had been cut for dehydration purposes ~ meaning no water between the muscle and the skin);
5. Pack their suitcases with competition supplies and necessities; and most importantly...
6. Put on their Posing Suits!

Good thing she started early ;)


Making sure she Carbed up with her Protein Pancake!

While I FUlled up with my Homemade Protein Cookies and Yogurt :)
For recipe: http://candyfit.blogspot.com/2011/04/cooking-like-fu.html

And PINK' gargling with a mouthFUll of Scope!
You gotta keep that breath FUresh! ;)

As soon as we were all ready, we got a move on!

Ready to go!

And ready to get on with the Show!

Once we arrived, we had to present our entry pass...

The Golden Ticket in...

Saying goodbye before he headed backstage with The Girls!
I'm also his #1 Fan ;)

As we waited to take our seats...

We got our News Fill...

SuperFit helped The Girls get Stage Ready....

As you can tell by SuperFit's facial expression...
He really hates this part of the job...

Making a FU Makeup Touch-ups...

Cheers'ing to Greatness and Pure Love for the Sport...
with a Shot of Maple Syrup (it's tradition).
Right before stepping out....
Athletes are encouraged to have a FU sweets to get the Pump Going!

There's always lots of activity going on backstage!

Striking a Pose and showing off the goods!

"Pumping it Up!"

But sooner rather than later, it was time to get the show on the road!

It began with the Women's Bodybuilding Category...

That's a whole lotta Muscle!

Next, it would be 007's turn to step out into the bright lights! 

*She would be competing in two categories: Women's Figure Master (35+) and Women's Figure Medium (by height). There were between 10-15 women competing in each category.*

Lining Up...

1/4 Turn...
007 is the one on the far right.

Back Pose

1/4 Turn (facing the other way)

Relax Pose

Looking Outstanding!

There are five main poses competitors must do when presenting their 'package' to the judges:

1. Relax Pose
2. Face Front
3. 1/4 Turn to the Right
4. Back Pose
5. 1/4 Turn to the Left

(You are basically going in a circle - breaking it up with 1/4 turns). You must strike each pose perfectly, as you want to be sure you are displaying the muscle definition you have, the best way you can. There is a lot of practicing prior to the competition date to master each of them. A routine may also be requested by the Athlete (typically in the Fitness, Body Fitness and Bikini Categories - which involves choreographing a little something something) 

**Note: Fitness (not Body Fitness) choreographies involve gymnastics ~ I can only do cartwheels and somersaults... Needless to say, I won't be competing in that category lol**

After 007's category was done, it was PINK's turn to step out on stage....

PINK offers one on one training in posing and choreography through
her business entitled PINK PUMPS! (pinkpumpsonstage@gmail.com)
 Needless to say, she is absolutely Oustanding to watch!
She is second from the right.

SuperFit also made an appearance on stage ;)
He won for most handsome (I realize how cheesy I can be lol)

Once the girls were judged, we debriefed....

Talking about the competition...

Both 007 and PINK had amazing figures to compete with (in their respective categories). 

They looked incredible on stage!!! 

The competition was tough (remembering they were competing with the best in Canada). 

They put 110% of their efforts into getting stage ready and it would now be in the hands of the judges

They put their best package forward, with no doubts in  their mind of what they could/should have done differently. 

If you don't cheat and always keep on track, you can't second guess your efforts, and most importantly, yourself.

We were proud of the girls!

Florida Fitness Aylmer Group Shot!

As there was time between the morning show and night show (results), we headed to lunch....

After an intense FU weeks of being back from Cuba...
I was back on my regular 'diet' rotation, which allowed for some Thai Express :)
I was super happy!

We also went on a Starbucks run for 007 and PINK....

I got some caffeine too!

While they were back in the room making the most of their JUNK FOOD!!!! (They were officially allowed to dig in!)

A Latte with a Molasses Cookie!

"No SuperFit, you can't gave a bite!"

They dug into Swedish Berries, Reese's PB Cups and a number of other goodies!
All in bed :)

We were also surprised with Easter Goodies provided by 007 and Martin!!!!


My goodie bag...
Unfortunately for me, the sweets would have to wait.
I'll just add it to my competition stash for July ;)

Everyone was having a FU'in great time hanging out and bonding.....especially those who were on a sugar high!

Sugar or No Sugar...this is pretty typical on both ends lol

Watching with approving eyes :)

Soon enough, it was time to get ready for the night show, and time to put the junk away...

But not until 007 could stick her hands into a bag of PoPcOrN!
Her other nickname is PoPcOrN.

What's FUn about competing with FUriends is the fact you can help each other out :)

007 is amazing with hair!
The things she does with a flat iron is amazing...
Compared to me who specializes in burning my hair and fingers with it. 

Once the girls were ready to go, we snapped a FU shots for memory's sake (not because I'm FUto Crazy!) :)

My inspirations :)

Of course, we couldn't FUrget about our men....

Studs ;)

A 10 minute drive later, The Girls would find themselves backstage, for a second time....

A Glamourous & Smokin' Hot PINK....

And a Vivacious 007!

During the result callouts, each category was asked to step back onto the stage. From there, the winners were announced. As we knew the competition was tough, anything was possible!

Unfortunately, 007 &  PINK did not place in the Top 3.

That said...

They congratulated the winners for a job well done and valued their experience at the championship!

It also meant a lot to both 007 and PINK that they were able to compete together again - which had not taken place since 2009!

2009 Overall Winners :)

What we have to remember is...

It's not all about winning (and often times people forget that)!

What matters is the journey, the experience, the friendships, the networking, the love and passion for the sport!

The determination, commitment & perseverance they put into their preparation and overall competition package was (is) inspiring!

They qualified to compete at a National Level, and that in itself is a great accomplishment!

In case you didn't know:

PINK placed 3rd at the 2010 CBBF Canadian Natural Physique Championships. She has won countless titles, which has led her to become:

1. An InterActive Nutrition Sponsored Athlete;
2. S.A.F. (Serious About Fitness) Elite Pro Figure Model; and
3. An IDFA (International Drug Free Athletics) Apparel Model and Pro Fitness Model.

007 reached her goal to compete at the Nationals, just as she set out to do! 

In the last two years, she has won the following:

1. IDFA (2009): 1st Place, Novice Figure Tall;
2. Ontario Physique Association (OPA) (2009) ~ Level 1 & 2: 3rd Place, Figure Masters & 2nd Place, Figure Short;
3. Association des physiques Quebecois (APQ ~ Natural) (2010): 1st Place, Figure Short, 1st Place, Figure Masters & Overall Figure;
4. APQ (2010): 1st Place, Figure Masters & 2nd Place, Figure Short; and
5. IDFA (2010): 3rd Place, Figure (Open).

With all of these winnings, titles and sponsorships, they've always remained extremely well grounded Athletes!

They represented themselves and Florida Fitness Aylmer at the 2011 CBBF Championship with the upmost class and professionalism!

CBBF (Canadian BodyBuilding Federation) 2011

CBBF 2011

Now, it was onto the next competition!

PINK's next show was one week after CBBF.
007's in July.

And time to celebrate these Two Outstanding Athletes!

Stay Tuned for the Celebration Dinner and Breakfast on *CaNdY FiT*

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