Monday, May 30, 2011

Part 1 ~ Week 7: On the Road Again...

Another week under my belt towards my journey to the Stage!

In my 7th week leading up to my competition date, I was...

"On the Road Again"

Which meant...

1. Making another list to prep myself;
2. Cooking a large amount of Chicken to bring with me;
3. Buying myself some yummy Bell Peppers;
4. Packing all my essentials to keep my routine going.

These lists really keep me on track!

Making Spag Sauce for SuperFit and
 Bagging my Chicken for the week.

I love these!

Some of my much needed essentials :)

I'd be screwed if I didn't have a
Fridge in my hotel room!

Packing this time around was a little lighter as I left the blender, kettle and protein powder at home.


 I'd be going for Pure Proteins for the week. 

After finishing my packing and zipping up my bags...

I made my way to the airport and ended up having to carry my luggage up 3 flights of stairs (a great workout to say the least ~ good thing I was traveling lighter!!!).

If that wasn't enough...

I got held up at Security. 

After successFUlly passing through the metal detector, my carry-on did not.

I had forgotten to clean out my bag from a while ago, and as a result, it was searched with plastic gloves!

The Security Agent found something suspicious.

This something was....

Mini jars of Peanut Butter & Jam!!!!

The Agent said I must really like PB to have packed this many! (I think he figured me out!)

He saw a total of 8, which were all hiding in the many different compartments of my bag.

I'm not complaining about my awesome MEC purchase!
I had two laptops, chicken, green beens, power cords, my purse and of course
8 Jars of PB and Jam!

Needless to say....

We had to empty my carry-on to find them all and careFUlly place them in a clear ziplock - to keep them safe of course! ;)

Unfortunately for me, I'm unable to have these delicious condiments until July!!! 

This was obviously a test ~ lol

SuperFit was quick to comment after I told him about this incident....

"That's so FUnny FU. Although I'm not sure what's worse; the fact you took these jars from wherever you were or the fact you got caught with them!"

Good point to ponder ~ I'll leave it at that ;)

Moving on...

As I settled myself on board the plane, we were offered a snack with a drink of choice...

I wasn't quick enough to say I didn't want the Pretzels.
I gave them to my neighbor who was thrilled to have seconds.
I probably would have been thrilled too if my 'diet' allowed for this salty snack! lol
Ah well...just another test  successFUlly completed for fighting Temptation!

After enjoying a large coffee and a black tea, I managed to sleep for 20 minutes of the 45 minute flight to Toronto.

Upon arrival, we made our way to our car, which took us to our final destination.

I ate on the car ride there...

Chicken and Green Beans

With a side of....

I get motion sickness :(

After checking in at the hotel, I was greeted with...

Neither. Thank you very much.

Good thing there was a Starbucks in the lobby!

Venti Green Tea on Ice

The next day...

I'd wake up to some delicious food.

Of course, it wouldn't be for me to enjoy... good ;)

Test or no test, my results make it all worthwhile!!!

So take that delicious desserts!!!! ;)

Stay Tuned for Part 2 on *CaNdY FiT*

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