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Part 1 ~ Road Trip: 007 & PINK Head to the National Championships!

It finally came time for both 007 (Debbie) & PINK (Jenny) to compete at CBBF's Canadian Natural Physique Championship.

The best of the best from all across Canada participate in an event, whom only those who qualify, can walk the stage to present their work! Their work in building their physique to a particular standard, which incorporate different levels of muscle building (smaller to larger amounts of muscle mass).

In the Ladies Division, there are 4 main categories:

1. Bodybuilding 
2. Figure 
3. Fitness
4. Bikini

007 would be competing in Figure and PINK, Bikini.

After both winning their Provincial Titles, including PINK's 2nd Place Miss Universe Bikini win (just last year)...

2nd Place Miss Universe

Overall Masters QC

They both knew the significance of this event. They were going to compete against the Top Women in Canada, and vice versa.

I remember one of my first conversations with 007 about competing. She said...

"My goal is to get to the Nationals, and that's what I'm going to do!" She did this in less than two years of competing; winning title after title! 

Winning Overall at her First Ever Figure Competition!

In preparation for the Championship, The Girls dedicated themselves towards their training and 'dieting', all under the Coaching Eye of SuperFit at Florida Fitness Aylmer.

Florida Fitness Aylmer brings home the hardware (2009)

These two women are incredibly motivated & committed to what they do!

By simply observing them over the past few months, while they put together their 'competition package', that in itself was inspiring! (As I prepare for mine in July)

They always remained well grounded, positive and filled with a burning drive to succeed! (And still holding these qualities during their off-season; they are amazing women to say the least!)

What we have to remember is all of the variables involved in getting stage ready (and how important it is to follow what has been prescribed during the pre-competition prep time):

1. The 'Diet' (this changes regularly and gets more intense as the big day approaches);
2. The Training (getting all the necessary workouts in); and
3. The Cardio. 

If you don't keep on track, you risk not having the best possible 'package' you can bring forth!

You don't want to cheat yourself from your greatest potential. You want to know you put 100% of your efforts in, without having any doubts of what could have made the difference...


1. Cheating on your 'diet';
2. Missing your workouts (or not giving them your maximum effort); and/or
3. Skipping your meals.

Do you think 007 and PINK risked their chances?

Definitely not!

As there were mere hours left in their countdown to the competition, it came time to wrap it up and present their work to Canada!

Of course SuperFit, as their Coach & Friend, would be attending.

Always remembering to have FUn!

Including their Entourage and Fans! (Martin & Hys - their partners - and Me, Baby Fu!) 

**Note: A few more of The Girls' fans were in attendance of the show, including three new Florida Fitness Aylmer Competitors (Terry, Pam & Joe) as well as many other Competition Friends made throughout their Journey! There was tremendous support and encouragement, which did not go unnoticed!**

So let's back track 24 hrs.....

The competition took place in Laval (Montreal).


We called "road trip!" (We always have a good time!)

Our Mascot was not forgotten!

Although his name was changed to JeFuBie...
We added PINK's name to the mix :)

SuperFit and I left a little later, so I had time to prepare a FU goodies for The Girls...

Personalizing their cards....

I have another nickname...
It's Cookie.

I thought it was appropriate on many levels ;)

As I set out on my mission to fill their loot bags, I knew exactly where I'd be going...

1. Truffle Treasures; and
2. The *CaNdY* Shop

I would be getting PINK Cotton Candy (her fav!) and 007 a ginourmous Peanut Butter Cup....

It weighed a good pound.

I got SuperFit a FU chocolate and *CaNdY* treats as well, seeing it was Easter Weekend....

They make the most incredible Chocolates!

Choco Bunny, Caramel Pecan Bark, Caramel Bites and Swedish Berries!

In addition to The Girls' treats (they were already bringing a suitcase full of junk!), I got them *CaNdY* Scented Lotions, as they always comment on how delicious and sweet I smell (please tell me you're not surprised I buy *CaNdY* scented moisturizer! lol)

Once assembled, the bags looked a little something like this...

(She is my #1 Coffee Date)

& PINK's :)
The mug is a mirror lol

When it came time for SuperFit and me to leave, I had to make sure I packed some FU'd for the weekend (making sure I had back up given we were on the road)....

My bag of goodies ;)

As we pulled up to our destination, we settled in and the FUn immediately began!

PINK's face is priceless lol


I was also happy to be reunited with a FUriend!

FFA's Competition Mascot!

As the FUn continued, I couldn't help but notice...


The Girls come well prepared ;)
Note: the suitcase is 007's - PINK's stash was in her room!

Needless to say, the excitement level was high....

SuperFit getting his first look at PINK's competition suit!
Made by Joan MacDonald - DayDreams Fitness Wear.
Both girls had their suits made by the best in the industry!

Soon enough, it was time to head over to the Athletes Meeting to get their competitor #'s as well as being filled in on competition rules and regulations...

We got a FU shots in before we made our way downstairs....

SuperFit and PINK showing the love!

007 showing no love....

That's better :)

 A proud SuperFit and his Star Competitors!

Lovebirds :)

Lovebirds x2!

With all the love going on, it was time to get serious!

Listening carefully....
And not quite listening...
The Girls were excited to Officially Register!

The boys and I left an hour in (for dinner) as the girls got their numbers (it was long)....

Tha Boyz enjoying their supper!

I came equipped with my own :)


We also got some shopping in after dinner! 

Rocky Mountain...

007's husband (Martin), got her a White Chocolate Flower :)

SuperFit got himself Oakley cycling glasses he's been wanting...
For the past two years!
It matches his bike ;)

And, they looked awesome!

 I got myself a new Bench Coat!!!! :)

After shopping 'til we dropped, we headed back to the hotel pumped for the next day!

The Girls were ready and thrilled to be competing together in less than 24 hours!!!!

It had been two years since they competed together...
Needless to say, they were excited!

Stay Tuned for Part 2 of 007 and PINK's Competition on *CaNdY FiT*

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