Sunday, May 15, 2011

9 Weeks Out: The Art of Saying NO.

So often in my pre-comp preparation, I find myself saying these Fu little Words...

"No Thank You!" 

There aren't too many FU'd options, per se, on the 'diet' rotation, so repeating these very words is not uncommon for me...

1. I can't;
2. I'll Pass;
3. No thank you;
4. It looks great but...; and of course
5. NO.

In many cases, they are said in event/dinner party situations...

Like Birthday Parties.
Saying "No" to Chocolate Cake!
Just so you know, my little bro hardly ever smiles for pics. He does it on purpose!

I will admit, sometimes it is difFUcult to decline the FU'd being offered to you. Not in a sense where I'm feeling really vulnerable when faced with temptation, but simply because I feel bad for those who put a lot of time and effort into preparing such a great meal.

Although believe me when I say: I'd love to have what everyone else is having!!! :)

All in moderation of course :)

I must say, my FUriends & FUmily have been extremely supportive and sensitive to my 'diet' needs, which has been FU'in incredible....

"Here Baby Fu, have some Cucumber"

They will often say/ask...

1. What can you eat?;
2. If I make "", will you be able to have it?; and
3. Just tell what you can have and I'll make it :)

Trust me, this has been really helpFUl during my preparation months and has made dining outside of the home much easier...

That said...

I'm very appreciative to the mere fact I'm surrounded by people who want to see me get to the finish line! I couldn't ask for better supporters in my Journey leading up to the big day!!!

The Masta has been outstanding when it comes to Clean Cooking, as he too is making changes in his eating habits...

Take this particular dinner party as an example of this...

I got him some Allegro Cheese in his new beginning to healthy eating :)
Great Source of Protein (11grams per serving), Low Cals, Low Carbs and Low Fat.

He read the nutrition facts to be sure I wasn't pulling his leg ;)

He even pulled out the glasses lol
"But Baby Fu, how can it be?!"

On this specific occasion (just a typical FU FUmily Dinner), he made sure I could eat what was being served (the bulk of it as least!)...

Green Beans and Carrots
I don't eat carrots, but I love green beans!
It can't always be about me lol

Stir-FUrying away!

For the main course....

A BIG Turkey!!!
The Masta didn't  know what to do with it all lol

Once everything was ready and the table was set....

Dinner was served!

It was time to chow down!

My brother wins for being the most excited.

It was FU'in Yummy!

As The Masta is currently on a regime (provided by SuperFit @ Florida Fitness Aylmer),  to lose Body Fat and bulk up with some HULK Muscle, there were a FU adjustments he had to make....

Like portion control.
My brother found it FUnny, The Masta...not so much!

One successful & clean dinner later....

We applauded The Masta for a job well done!!!
Cooking Clean is FUn and Delicious!

Just to say...

The Masta lost 4 pounds in two weeks by simply changing his eating habits and continuing on with his regular exercise routine.

He's looking FUbulous!!! Good Job Masta!

BAM!!! Double Time!

Moving on....

As I'm currently 9 weeks away from my first competition, I want to be sure I know exactly what I'm putting into my body. Meaning....

I want to have complete control over the FU'd I'm eating. 

That way, I don't have to worry about a thing!

Such as the use/overuse of the following:

1. Oils;
2. Butter;
3. Sugars; and
4. Sauces.

**Just to name a FU**


There have been many instances where I've had to say NO.

And in my books..."No means NO!" (said in the sweetest of ways of course) :)

Here are a FU examples of this....(Which have all taken place over the past FU weeks)...

1. Welcome Home OLI!!!

My brother was visiting from B.C. so, my Mom put together his FUvorite Meal....

Veal Parmesan with Spaghetti and Meat Sauce

Garlic Bread

Remember I had my Mom's Spag for one of my cheats!
It's that good!!!

Getting right into it ;)

No comment lol


Once dinner was served...

I could eat two large bowls of spaghetti!

Everyone was excited to dig in!

Two Thumbs UP!

I brought my own Salad and Chicken Breast :)
It wasn't as exciting but good nonetheless!

As soon as the FU'd on everyone's plate disappeared, it was dessert time! 

And, we all know my Mom is incredible when it comes to baking sweet things!

As she assembled the ingredients for her sweet creation, she asked that I pass her the Cocoa Powder.

As I opened the cupboard door and reached for the Cocoa, I couldn't help but notice...

The ULTRA LARGE Peanut Butter TUB!!!
Poor Fu :(

I quickly shut the door (as if I didn't see anything!) and watched my Mom as she began the Hot FUdge making process (to go with the Brownies she had made earlier on...)

**It's FUn watching her bake (not painful ~ is that weird?! Especially right now?!). Anyway, I know it tastes amazing!!! And don't worry, I'm going on pure memory and people's initial reaction to their first bite lol**



As the HOT FUdge was cookin', there was time to sneak in a little Lovin'...

Chocolate will make anyone smile!

Soon enough, everyone was drooling with sweet sweet hunger....

1 brownie square

1 Big Scoop of Maple Ice Cream and 1 Fresh Strawberry

Topped with Hot FUdge...
Just watch as the FUdge Floods the Plate...

And More...

FUNally, we were introduced to...

Pure Chocolate Heaven.

SuperFit felt really horrible my 'diet' didn't allow for this lol

The very first bite...

Remember I said the first bite tells it all...
I don't think he liked it ;)

As for my brother...


Holy FU it's Good!

Kiki dipped her strawberry in the leftover FUdge.
We don't waste deliciousness! ;)

Like I said...
We don't waste lol
SuperFit couldn't get enough!!

Don't Worry, Baby Fu wasHappy lol

At least there was coffee :)

This particular Coffee Machine makes the most amazing of Coffees.
It looks cool too!

Can you tell who had the Sugar?!

Even if I couldn't have my FUvorite Meal or a taste of the dessert...

I still had a blast!!!

2. Happy Birthday Masta!!!

It was time to celebrate my Dad's 35th birthday! ;)

He loves balloons! ;)

On his very special day, he treated himself to a FU treats. 

Like he would say "I'm going to be Bad" lol

CHEESE (pun intended) & crackers.

A FU cheese slices later, we sat down for dinner (there's no time wasting with The Masta!)...

Mashed Potatoes, Chicken, Gravy, Salmon & Stir-Fried Veggies

I had a mixture of chicken and salmon with a side of red peppers...

I 'passed' on the gravy ;)

After one delicious was time for the birthday cake!!!

The kids were in charge of lighting the candles


I'm sure he was thinking of the # of candles on the cake as opposed to...
How it was going to taste ;)

In light of his cheat meal...I thought this card was appropriate...

Inside the card it said:
 "But you won't be able to zip your jeans the next day"

I stuck a little surprise in the envelope as The Masta is known for his FUmous Chocolate Fondue...

He's watching his weight, so I opted for the mini version :)

In any case, he'd be having his cake and eating it too (so there wouldn't be any chocolate fondue on this very special of days)....

He's FU'in Crazy for Cake!
It's exciting when you've worked your way to a cheat!
Sweet Guilt Free Pleasures :)

I was offered a piece (out of politeness I think lol). And of course, I said "No thanks"...

I opted for coffee.
Are you surprised?! ;)

But I definitely could have had the leftover cake  lol

As SuperFit would have said in this situation (he was in California for The Masta's Bday):

"No Cake for you Fu!"

Ah well, I love gift opening anyway!

Since The Masta is currently on a healthy eating regime, his gifts were very 'diet' appropriate (to say the least!!!)...

As you can see, there was a lot of Protein on the table..
Minus the cake ;)

Egg Whites, More Allegro Cheese and Greek Yogurt!
I can't tell if his smile is fake lol

Either way, he was excited to get new FU'd ideas for snacks and meals. 

And trust me, he got plenty of tips on how to make use of his gifts from both 007 and me :)

FUnally, I surprised my Dad with a new FUFULemon Coat (which is not eatable but athletic nonetheless) lol

He loves  FUFULemon :)
Happy Birthday Masta!

3. Happy Mother's Day!!!

Mother's Day Brunch took place at the Hilton Lac Leamy in Hull. Upon my arrival, my eyes immediately went to...

Crack for the *CaNdY* Lover ;)

As I knew this would be a definite N.O. on my list of things I could have, my eyes went immediately to what I'd be able to eat....

Doesn't have that same appeal but colourful nonetheless :)
I was happy they had Peppers!
I love Peppers!!

My plate ended up looking like this...

Salmon, Cucumbers and Red Peppers...
With a side of mustard for dipping...
I can't be sure why I chose to do this...

The moment everyone was done trying all the delicious FU'ds the buffet had to offer (and trust me the selection was large!) it was time for dessert....

A Dessert Spring Roll and Creme Caramel
(The Masta's Favorite!)

Getting a taste of a FU treats :)

It was also my Grampa's birthday, so if you thought the Sweet Buffet wasn't it enough...

There was also Cake!

Not one piece was had after all the other sweets!

Even if I couldn't have the chocolate, the cake, the creme 'whatevers' or any of the other yummy looking FU'ds, I was happy to be with my FUmily to celebrate a FUNtastic and Loving Mom and my Grampa's 89th Birthday!!!!

Happy Mother's Day and Happy Birthday Grampa!!!

That was my sweet treat!

I love my Mama!

4. My Ultimate Temptations...

We all know about my addiction to PB...
And buying jar after jar for no good reason!
(Especially when they're on sale!)
Don't worry....
My cupboard still holds 8, & it hasn't gone up....or down ;)
This is a big deal lol

I will tell you though....

I was so FU'in excited when I saw this huge display of PB, but then realized...

"Oh ya, I can't have any & I'm best not to buy another jar!"

My temptations are not only limited to my L.O.V.E. for PB...

But also extend to...



And of course...

We all know I can't have any of these delicious treats until July 17!

So until then, I tell myself...

"No Baby Fu, NO!"

6. My FUn Temptations ~ @ Zero Calories...

I love FAT HAIR!!!
And I don't have to worry about the calories...
 No matter how much I spray!

If I can't have a milkshake, I might as well smell like one!

Mmmm....Ice Cream!!!

In these cases, I tell myself...

"Yes, Baby Fu, YES!"

Putting temptation aside...

I am extremely determined to give my best efforts in my preparation leading up to the day of my competition. 

Of course saying NO can be difficult, but keeping my eye on my goals and knowing what I want to achieve...

Well that's...

Motivation in itself to succeed!

In situations where I'm presented with temptation (out of my control), I:

1. Make myself a Coffee or Tea;
2. Chew on a piece of Gum;
3. Do the dishes (lol);
4. Chew on a piece of Gum (there's a lot of gum chewing) ;)

Soon enough...
 This will no longer be part of my 'diet' as the competition date approaches!


5. Remind myself of the commitment I made to myself!

For me...

Giving in to temptation is not even a question worth asking.

Although it sure looks FU'ing Good!

I committed myself to this journey and there is no way I'm going to let temptation take control. 

FU'd just makes life taste good.... 

Living a healthy & well-balanced lifestyle makes everything better than good! ~ words from the Fu ;)

That said...

I'm going to present the best FU'in package I can... 

NO sugar added! 

The Gelato will simply have to wait!

Here I am at Week 9 :)

Stay Tuned for More on *CaNdY FiT*

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