Sunday, May 8, 2011

10 Weeks and Counting!

I'm officially 10 weeks out of my first competition (as of May 7)!!!

It feels like we just got back from our holidays! (Well, technically we did...4 weeks ago!)

"You are my Sunshine, My only Sunshine"

As soon as we returned from our vacation, it was time to get back on track with my pre-comp 'dieting' and regular training routine.

No 'buts' about it!

I must admit, it was really nice to have 1 week to relax as well as being able to take it easy on my FU'd intake. Really FU'in nice :)

Although I was still being mindful of what I was eating, being able to treat myself was definitely a big bonus!

I really did mean BIG when I was referring to the Bonus ;)

Needless to say, a big grocery run had to be start fresh of course...

You can never have enough chicken or tuna!

I also got lots of Veggies, Egg whites and Greek Yogurt!
As you can see, I'd already started packing meals/snacks in containers.
Being prepared always helps and it also cuts back on prep-time when you're in a rush....
Especially in the morning!

If you are wondering whether or not it was hard getting back into the groove of things (after having some time off my 'diet'), I must admit it wasn't too bad....

Although my face my would say otherwise lol

As much as I enjoyed the ice cream and all of the sugary treats, I was excited for my competition and thrilled to go through the experience of participating in a Fitness/Figure show!!!

Plus...I had my 3rd fitting coming up (May 28)...

My posing suit bottoms are much smaller than my Bikini in Cuba!
This FUto was taken during my second fitting with Joan MacDonald -
DayDreams Fitness Wear

For the first two weeks, I would be doing a mixture of carb manipulation 'diets' to get my body to where it was, prior to leaving on our trip. 

When we left for Cuba, I had been carb-free for a while and as a result, my muscles were flat ~ This was done purposeFUlly...

After being away and eating more than usual, my muscles FU'lled up with carbs (and sugar)! It was really interesting (and amazing) to watch my body transform over a span of a FU days (and I don't mean in terms of gaining fat but how my muscles looked once filled). 

I was FUll (to say the least)!!! (Literally and pun intended)

Remember how excited I got when I saw my abs pop?!

I didn't mean to cut my head off! lol
I swear it's me! ;)

We all know if I continued on with my high carb/high sugar 'diet', my abs would eventually disappear!

It was time to get the wheels back in motion, so...

The first 14 days looked a lot like this....

Scrambled Spinach & Egg whites with a side of black coffee...
And Metamucil ;)

Grilled Chicken

Chicken and Veggies
Black Coffee.

Spinach, Salmon, Salsa.

More chicken and grilled asparagus with lemon

Chicken, Chicken, Chicken and more Spinach.

Dry FU'ing Tuna in water.

Tuna, Melted Allegro Cheese and an Orange Pepper
I realize this has the potential of looking like vomit.
But, it's amazing!

Chicken and a Yellow Pepper lol

Spinach, Chicken and Green Tea

A little different than the all-you-can-eat buffets and dessert bars (don't ch'ya think?! lol), but that gets to be a little much anyways!

To be honest, it felt good to be eating my grilled chicken and egg whites again! (I missed them - sad, I know!)

I like having the pleasure of treating myself and getting excited over the FU'd I love...when I know they are all well deserved. 

Savoring every bite is key! So...

 I don't want to lose the appreciation I've developed for the finest of flavors. 

And trust me...

Over the past year I've learned to really (really!) appreciate my cheats/treats...

I mean I don't think I've ever put PoPcOrN on my head before!

Before I began my Fitness Venture, I ate sugar and high fat FU'ds because I could; without giving them any thought (aside from the fact I was hungry and it was what I felt like eating)!

Translation: Succumbing to my cravings.

I want to continue feeling like a Kid when I'm at an ice cream shop!!!

Once the first two weeks had passed...

I met with the calipers...

My results indicated....

I was right on track! My Body Fat was at 12%...12 weeks out!

In case you didn't know...

The last 12 weeks of your pre-comp preparation are crucial as everything intensifies....

What you do and don't do, really matter!

It's also when the official countdown begins!

Tik Tok
SuperFit's new watch ;)

From 12 weeks to 10 weeks, I've noticed a difference in how my body is shaping and.. 

I'm loving every moment of this transformation!

The whole experience is really exciting, especially when you've never done it before (I've only ever observed it)I never imagined myself doing this!

And Now...

I'm really doing it!!! Wahoo!

For your information...

I'm going to be posting progression FUtos as time ticks away....

Here's a recent one taken at 11 weeks...

I will add progression pics up until 4 weeks out...
You'll have to come watch the show on July 16 (in Hull, QC)
To see the FUnal Package

I'm definitely...

Having a lot of FUn in my Fitness Journey, and...

Everyday I'm grateful for all the things I've learned in becoming a Healthy & Fit Baby Fu!

Stay Tuned for More on *CaNdY FiT*


  1. Dude ur abs are already coming in!!! wicked job, nice blog sista!!! keep them coming:)

  2. Thanks!!!! I'm having so much FUn prepping for my competition! And, I will definitely keep the Blogs Comin'! :)


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