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Day 2 Cuba: Baby Fu is FUto Crazy & Crazy for Ice Cream :)

Day 2: The start of yet another great day! (I should perhaps call this the 'back' inspired day ~ You will see why shortly!)

**Note: Get ready for lots of pics!**

As we made our way to the gym (I woke up at 6am...I really don't know how to sleep in anymore!), SuperFit suggested we train our backs....

He asked me to strike a pose in light of our upcoming workout!
Note: In the past year of my training, I've never once worn shorts to the gym...
Cuba gave me a sense of new found confidence (seriously)!
SuperFit also surprised me with a pair of LuluLemon Shorts for our trip!
Although these are not it....I wore them on Day 1 of course :)

So we found ourselves with... 

Cardio with a side of Back on our workout menu for the morning.

FUlling around with our Spin Mixes ;)
Well, I was taking a FUto lol

I must say the gym was always freezing when we stepped inside (I had goose bumps as soon as we'd walk in!). But by the time our 1/2 hour was done, we were drenched, thirsting for water and cold air (the air conditioning was on full blast ~ needless to say, I didn't have chicken skin anymore!).

This was sign of a good cardio blitz.

As we moved on to our back exercises... 

We used (for the most part) The Universal Machine (you can work multiple muscle groups from this one single standing unit). The weight was different (kg vs. lbs) so we had to adjust accordingly. Being able to make use of it was great (for me in particular) because I travel for work and often find myself with a machine such as this one.

I now know how to use it!  
Rather than looking like a lost child afraid to break it...
(Not literally, I'm not that strong lol).

Put your back into it!

Common Fu!


SuperFit has the best game face!

I have to say my Game Faces are getting slightly better!)


Row, Row, Row your boat...
What goes on in my head is quite special ;)

I couldn't resist taking a pic of his back side lol

One more and off to the buffet we go!

As soon as we ended our workout, we headed towards the grub. On our way there, we noticed an Asian Restaurant called GING SENG....this was FUnny to us because GING SING is the restaurant our circle of friends will often meet up at after a bike ride or just for the sake of getting together ~ to eat lots of Yummy FU'd (well not me right now in my pre-comp mode) ordered by none other than The Masta of course!

We had to take a FUto (how could I resist?!)!

We bumped into the Groom on our way there :)

It didn't take us long to get ourselves a plate of Fu'd once we arrived to the buffet!

Not literally ;)

I had my first taste of bread (in a long while)!!!
Oh, and Jam :) :) :)

With a little side of fruit of course!
I topped my bread with everything...I didn't care! lol

After breakfast, we headed back to the gym for another workout!
Kidding! We made our way to the beach and met up with the others!

As soon as we got to the beach, we settled in and grilled ourselves for a while. Well not quite, SuperFit went for yet another hour long walk lol

Who's the Hunk ;)

When he came back, we had a mini FUto Shoot! (Taking lots of pics 'FIT' as it is, after all, our first vacation together (I want the memories - I know, I know, korny)! Although I won't deny I may have gone a little picture crazy!)

Life's a Beach ;)
Again, having FUn in our own special way...
Standard Back Pose.
Splish Spash I was taking a Bath ;)
The Bride and Groom showing off their 'backside' :)
This is probably the normal way to pose your back lol

And surprisingly enough, I managed to snap a shot of SuperFit tanning.....

For a whole 4 minutes!

As soon as we were toasted, we buttered ourselves up with more sunscreen! Coincidentally, it was time to eat (again!)...

I had Fish, Black Beans and a Veggie of some sort...
With a side of Fruit and Diet Cuban Cola

One fishy lunch later, we headed out to the market area for some shopping! We took a double decker bus into the city....

We all melted and burnt.

We scored the back of the bus...
Where troublemakers lie!
(Don't we look bad?!) haha.

He doesn't Fullow Bus safety ;)

We all got a necklace from a local vendor...
A great vacation souvenir :)
I should note sunscreen was bought as soon as we got into town as the sun burnt us all!!!
We lathered ourselves up again!

SuperFit got himself a hat for three pesos...
With a side of Plantane Chips ;)
On our way back, we skipped the bus and took a taxi!
Bus ride: 40 minutes
Taxi ride: 5 minutes

Good looking couple <3

Our sweet ride!

We stopped for a Cappuccino to go with our afternoon Protein Snack

After an exhausting afternoon (soooo exhausting lol), we were due for a nap (it's amazing what the hot sunshine will do to you!). When we got up from our siesta, we found ourselves by the pool side, enjoyed some live music and freshened up for dinner....

My Dinner Plate for the evening...
Bread, Fish, Veggies...
I thought the deep fried thing was I didn't eat it after all.

But I definitely had me a bowl of ice cream!!!!

So did SuperFit!

SuperFit couldn't help himself but laugh as he watched me indulge in my sweet treat....

I couldn't find words to describe to him how AmAzInG my Ice Cream Mush was!!!

We capped off  our evening with yet another Cappuccino!

When we got back to our room, I was shocked!

Holy Sh*T! 
This was the result of me carbing up!
My abs plumped up!!! I was so Freakin' Happy!!!!
It's really cool to watch your body change in a matter of days when you're on a
carb manipulation 'diet'! I've never seen them like this!
I was happy (did I say that already?!) HAPPY!!!! lol

Trust me though, carbing up and eating ice cream regularly won't keep em' growing the way you want them to!  Damn! ;) (I thought I'd figured it out lol) 

Stay Tuned for Day 3 of our Cuba Trip on *CaNdY FiT*

p.s. I wasn't lying when I said I went a little FUto crazy lol
p.p.s. Get ready for a glimpse into the Beautiful Wedding, our Scooter Adventure, Catamaran Tour,  our Workouts and of course, more Ice Cream Eating, in my next FU blogs!

Yup Baby Fu Screamed for Ice Cream (well, not literally) ;)

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