Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 1 Cuba: The Art of Relaxing

Before stepping out into the hot Cuban Sunshine, we needed to down our first morning drink to get everything off to a good and healthy start...

SuperFit and Baby Fu gone Wild! ;)
We didn't forget our Magic Bullet!

I didn't know if I should drink my shake from a glass or the blender itself...
Tough decision. So I drank from both.

After gulping down our Protein Shakes, we were ready for our first morning workout (Yup, we trained everyday for a little over an hour!)

Ready to pump some iron! lol

We started off with a little cardio to get our sweat on...

We were so happy there were Spin Bikes!

Then we moved on to our first muscle group: Chest.

Bench Press


Incline dumbbell press

Peck Deck

This machine was a bit awkward to work with as the motion associated to it
was different from anything I was used to doing.
We got her done :)

He's flying! ;)

After completing 30 minutes of cardio and our chest workout, it was time to check out what the breakfast buffet had to offer :)

We stopped for a FU shots by the pool side as we made our way there...


The water temperature was perfect!
Doesn't my face scream excitement?! ;)

As soon as we got to the main buffet area, I scanned to whole place in no time! They had an omelette station, which is where I would end up every morning. 

They didn't have egg whites...
Ah well!

Of course, there was bacon, sausage, homefries (basically the works) to choose from, but I was happy with the choices I made:

Veggie Omellete with a side of oatmeal, fruit and coffee!
It was yummy!

Once we fed our hungry muscles....

We have FUn in our own special way lol

Tough Fu!

We marched (not literally) to the beautiful sandy beach...

I wanna go back :(

For memories sake, we snagged someone else's sand engraved words....

Well, part of them!

After a quick walk down the beach, we got ourselves some beach chairs and laid out in the sun for some colour. SuperFit on the other hand could only do this for 15 minutes. Laying in the sun, doing nothing, drives him 'nuts' (so to speak). So, he walked the beach for an hour lol. When he came back...

I was still there, in my beach chair, sunny side up ;)

He greeted me with lemonade!

I can get used to this!

I finally got up, drank my lemonade slush, struck a pose (or two), swam in the ocean, walked along the beach, only to find myself back in my chair for another 45 minutes before it came time to have lunch!

One of my new VS swimsuits :)

We got our hats from a Beach Vendor for $5.

Time really flies when you're practicing the art of relaxing = doing nothing! :) (I had no troubles adjusting lol)

As it came to eat, we headed towards the Beach Side Buffet...A quick scan later, I found myself with the following:

Muscles (a great source of Protein), Beets and a Cuban Fruit

Cowboy SuperFit had a mixture of meat, black beans and rice

Throughout the remainder of the day, we explored the resort and hung out by the pool side where we enjoyed some sort of circus entertainment...

This is the life!
Hence the 'some sort of circus entertainment' lol
Little Mavee (Bride and Groom's Son) going on a Dog Ride

While still keeping on track and eating every few hours, it came time for our protein load (Again! I swear time really goes by quickly!)

Myo Lite bar with a fantastic cafe con leche

If only I could have my afternoon snack in a beach house all the time!

We found ourselves in the hotel lobby for round #2 of cafe con leche's!

We were soon greeted by friends in the lobby and got a glimpse of the Michael Jackson rehearsal for the night time entertainment (I fell asleep half way through it when it came time to the actual performance)...

Must have been the sugar load from dinner ;) bite size cake with a scoop of ice cream!
You will notice how much bigger this dessert gets by the end of the 7 days lol

Can you tell I'm happy?

I debated licking the bowl clean! ;)

My 'diet' allowed for a dessert a day, which also included fruit and breadTrust me, it felt really amazing treating myself to these goods!

After a year of intensively 'dieting' and training, having one week to relax and enjoy the FU'd offered was great! I still maintained a healthy 'diet' and was conscious of my FU'd intake. That said, I allowed myself to indulge as well....

Like SuperFit told to me on the plane ride there...

"This is your week. enjoy it. live a little ;)" 
As of April 23, I'll be 12 weeks out and there will be no more cheats until my competition date! So I was told to take advantage :) 

In terms of our training....

We kept on schedule every day while in Cuba.

Cardio + 1 muscle group.

It felt great starting our morning with a burst of exercise. Like I had mentioned before, I couldn't see my life without training. I've developed a real passion for it and it has now become a part of who I am.....

It makes me feel alive! (no more excuses!)

Stay Tuned for More on our Cuba Trip on *CaNdY FiT* 

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