Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cuba ~ Day Cinqo: Chillin' & Pool Partyin'!

The second last day of our vacation came around far too quickly!

Obviously, I was awake before the sun rose....just waiting to get my day started!

While I so anxiously awaited for SuperFit to wake up, I got dressed, moisturized my nose (it was the only part on my body that burnt) and flipped through one of my many Health and Fitness Magazines I brought with me to Cuba.

An hour and a half later, the sun came out to play, SuperFit woke up, and I was ready to rumble!

I 'rumbled' my way to the gym (as soon as it opened) and got started with my cardio....(SuperFit would join me in a little while - he chose to walk the beach for an hour)

(I decided to do an 1hr and 15min after all the dessert I had the night before! And, you can be sure I'd be having some ice cream come supper time!!!)...

I was FU'in sweaty by the end of it!

One drenching spin session later, we'd be training our triceps....


Push it Fu!

One arm cable pushdowns...

FUrcing with my Baby Fu might!

Close Grip Bench Press

This was a new exercise for me!
Just another option to add to my list :)

Seated One Arm Dumbbell Extensions...
After all the sugar we ate at the wedding, SuperFit's arms were monstrous!!!
I had to take a pic!
His arm made me think of Popeye after having his spinach lol

I did them standing...
I took a pic of myself (after finishing my real sets of course!)
SuperFit stepped out...he'd be back in 2 (Get it?! Too much info?! lol)

Tricep Dips

Pumpin' them up!

My Game Face says "You're not working hard enough!!!" lol

Feelin' the burn!!!

If you were there in person, you'd be shocked at how PUMPED his arms got!
What carb and sugar loading will do!
All calculated of course ;)

This would mark our FUnal day at the gym!
We'd be out early the next day on a booked adventure and....
Leaving Cuba early the day after! :(

After taking our last look at the gym, we said our goodbyes and headed towards the breakfast FU'd....

I love this breakfast! 

Once we were done enjoying our meal, we walked towards the beach for some more Grilling Time (Although I started covering myself up with a towel because my grilling was turning into burning! Even with SPF 60!).

That said, we didn't stay too too long as the sun was scorching and there was absolutely no breeze! We trekked our way back to the poolside for a mixture of shade and sun (when desired!)....

The big long trek to the pool begins ;)
It was literally a 2 min walk lol

Swim up bar....
They made great strawberry lemonade!

A FU lounging hours later, it was lunch time....

Grilled Fish and Veggies with a Splash of Lime :)

And a plateful of Fruit!
Papaya, Pinenapple and I still don't know the name of the other one...

We also helped ourselves to a FU mini bananas...
With a side of chocolate chips :)

Once we were done indulging in our little treat, we went back to the pool and met up with the others.....

SuperFit and Matt

Nikki, Little Mavee and Nookie having FUn in the pool!

Live music!
They were amazing!!!
You couldn't help yourself from busting a move!!! :)

A little dancing with Mama!

 Workin' it! ;)


"Throw your hands up in the air...throw your hands up in THE AIR!"

Matt didn't know what the hell was going on ;)

SuperFit took a break from dancing and struck a pose ;)

I took a break and enjoyed some peanuts :)

Right after this pic was taken we quickly got out of the pool....
Let's just say a group of 'beyond tipsy' people decided to join in on the party...
They were out of control!
One guy literally wobbled his way to the edge of the pool, threw his stuff on top of mine and...
Fell in, Belly Flat.
He almost crushed 3 people on his way
The splash he made was prize worthy.

It was time to get ready for dinner anyway and, it started to rain! So it was all in good timing :)

Reaaddddy! :)

Ready to eat!!!

SuperFit having a bowl of pasta...
Note the bib (he didn't want to stain his new linen shirt!)

**Note: When we went shopping for SuperFit's Linen Outfit, he asked both the sales associate and me if he'd be wearing bed sheets** Just thought I'd share that with you all lol

For Dinner...
I had Fish, Chicken, a Veggie of some sort and of course...

What came after dinner?! I think we all know at this point :) :) :)

I decided to make a banana split!

I'm so proud of my dessert!

It's going in!


Tell me this doesn't look delicious lol
Well it did when it wasn't all mushed together ;)

SuperFit couldn't resist from helping himself a bowl....
 After seeing how much I was enjoying mine!

And you think I get excited?! lol
At least he's not wearing the bib ;)

No more :(

One incredible meal later, we all hung out in the lobby and enjoyed a vast amount of cappuccinos...

They were incredible!

Chillin' and relaxin'


Smile for the Camera!

Stud ;)

Snapping a FU shots of our own :)
Because we don't have enough lol

The Duo at their best!

As the night came to a close, we went back to our room and got ready for the adventure waiting for us the next day!!!

Our adventure on the Catamaran!!!

Stay Tuned for Day 6 of our Cuban Vacation on *CaNdY FiT*


  1. THIS IS AWESOME! I was looking for a decent regiment to start my gf on. I think I found it. YEAH

  2. Fantastic!!! Have a happy workout :)


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