Monday, April 25, 2011

Cuba ~ Day 6: The CaTaMaRaN Tour!

Finally! SuperFit had to get up extra early for our trip out to the ocean!

Surprisingly enough, his extra early was the exact time I woke up every morning lol

To prepare ourselves, we assembled our backpack with the following:

1. Towels;
2. Toilet Paper (they told us to bring some!);
3. Myo Lite Protein Bars;
4. Camera; and most importantly (although toilet paper is pretty crucial!)
5. Tickets to get on the Catamaran!

We'd later find out, I forgot to pack the sunscreen! (It was in another bag I had in the room!) Good thing we had a FU friends going on the tour as well (who were obviously better prepared), and who were more than generous with theirs (FUew)! ~ Thanks Rick and Nikki!

If it wasn't for them, we would have burnt to a crisp! (Like some people did within 30 minutes of getting on board!).

As soon as we were done getting ready for our adventure ahead, we quickly grabbed a bite to eat....

Black Coffee, Honey & Jam Mix, Toast and Eggs for me :)

Our fellow friend Rick had a Bacon Sandwich
We called it the Baconnator!!! 
He saved the other half for the boat ride.
I love Bacon, just so you know....
(I've had it once this year lol)

One quick FU'd FUel Up later, we were on the bus headed towards the Catamaran.

We weren't excited at all....

Nope. Not one bit ;)

Little did I know, 54 others would be on the boat as well. I've never been on a Catamaran, so the size of it wasn't at all what I was expecting. I thought 10 at most (I was wayyyy off!).

In line to get on The Catamaran

You can be sure we 'Shot Gunned' the 'netted' part of the boat! (More like we ran to it and claimed our territory!)

Let's just say, we got settled in quickly....

I took Gravol before boarding...
I suffer from major motion sickness!
Good thing I brought a bottle with me to Cuba!

SuperFit fell in...
(Not, lol)

The Boys Chillin'

Rick and Nikki :)

SuperFit knew I'd probably fall in....
(It would be typical of me)
So, I didn't stay on the edge too long
(I was holding on tight!)

It took a little while to set sail....

So we Relaxed and Patiently waited :)

As part of The Catamaran Tour, we'd be doing 3 activities:

1. Swim with the Dolphins (Yipee!!!);
2. Snorkel in the middle of the ocean; and
3. Hang out on a private beach for a FU hours and be served a SeaFU'd lunch!

When the boat finally set sail, we soaked up the rays of sunshine and enjoyed the mild breeze (including the FU clouds here and there to break up our roasting!)...

SuperFit getting us some Orange Crush :)

A Glimpse at the boat

Things we saw on our way to our first destination...

And, things we didn't see...

Although, our eyes definitely opened when we saw....


When we arrived to our first destination (an enclosed square area in the middle of the ocean split into four), we were asked to follow one of the guides to one of the four spaces.

We'd soon be lining up, waiting to play with these wonderful creatures!

I'd like to point out I have a huge fear of touching the bottom of pools, lakes, oceans, etc....I'm a big wuss! I hate not knowing what lays beneath me or what's nibbling on my leg....SuperFit knows this fear all too well.

The moment he stepped into the water and touched the bottom, he immediately said...

"FU, you're not going to like this one bit!" 
(As he proceeded to laugh and point out it was really disgusting lol)

I climbed on his back and stayed there for a good 3 minutes until I had no choice but to get off and have my feet touch the most slimy and gooey texture I've ever felt!

I stood on one FU't the whole time! (No lie! lol)

But, it was worth it....

This was awesome!!!!
A Kiss like no other
(Well, aside from SuperFit's lol)

SuperFit was having the time of his life!

This was truly an incredible experience! The closest I've ever been to Dolphins was when I was 10, visiting Marineland with my Fumily. You can't even compare the two! 

Next on our list was Snorkling....

SuperFit is a licensed Scuba Diver!

He's in there somewhere...

A quick stop later, we'd be on our way to the private beach....

Notice how tightly I'm holding on to the rope!

We were having a blast!!!

The Beach we were headed to!

When we docked, we were told to remember the name of the Catamaran: Folio 56782 (I made up the numbers, but there were numbers lol) 

After making a mental note of our boat name (Folio) and not the #, we made our way to the lunch area and had an amazing meal!!!

We later learned all boats have 'Folio' Numbers (Folio is not the name, it's the file number!)

Patiently waiting for the grub to arrive...

Our group!

Lobster, Cod,  Shrimp, Bread &
Peas?! lol

It looks a little messy, but delicious nonetheless!

There were also Fries.
I didn't have any.

All gone!!!
Minus half the cookie I ate...
I didn't have Fries but I had 1/2 a Cookie :)

The view from our table...

The moment we were done eating, we went for a walk along the beach side...

The sand was hot on our feet!
I'm not complaining :)

Group FUto!!!

Nikki and I enjoy the heat :)

Awwwww ;)

Enjoying the scenery!
It was our last day on the beach :(

What was all the hype over there?!

Coconut Milk!!!
It was Yummy!

This was a FUn way of toasting to a great day!

One of the Catamaran's taking us back to the Resort...
Getting one last shot of the beautiful beach!
I mean of SuperFit lol

We were definitely pooped by the time we boarded...

After an event filled day out in the sunshine...
We are well due for a little nap :)

I forgot to mention....

We left a little something behind in memory of our first vacation...

I've never done this before...
Can you tell?!
It says:
Cuba 2011 - Baby Fu and Kenny
That thing circling the words is supposed to be heart lol

By the time we got back, it was dinner time, would be the best one of all!!!!

Stay Tuned to find out why and for our FUnal Day in Cuba on *CaNdY FiT*

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