Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cuba ~ Day 4. "I Do"

On our fourth day of vacationing in Cuba, this day would be the most special of all.....

It was the day of The Wedding!!!

The exchange of vows wasn't until later in the afternoon, so we had the FUll day to relax!

Of course we started off with our usual routine:

1. Wake up (again, I woke up at 6am)
2. Have our Protein Shakes
3. Workout
4. Eat at the Buffet; and
5. Beach it up!

As soon as we got dressed and gulped down our pre-workout drink...

Baby Fu is Coo Coo ;)

We made our way to the gym and began with our blitz of: Cardio...

These would be my Lululemon Shorts I got from SuperFit :)

We then moved on to our: Biceps.

Seated dumbbell curls

Standing Dumbbell Curls

Concentrating on my reps...


Barbell Curls

Making sure I'm breathing while curling!
I tend to hold my breath. 

Concentration Curls...
Good thing I'm concentrating on my rep and not the FUto ;)

One hot and sweaty workout session later, it was time to help ourselves to some FU'd!

A FU Pancakes, Toast and an Omelette for SuperFit.

Eggs, Sunny Side Up with Toast for me!
The Jam and Honey mixed together was an awesome dipping sauce :)
It screamed Sugar Boost! lol

Two delicious meals later, it was time for the beach. We soaked up the rays of sunshine and enjoyed the mild breeze....I thought I was on an episode of Baywatch ;)

That is not David Hasselhoff...

It's SuperFit!!! :)

I had to get a picture with him!

I asked him to be my date for the wedding ;)
He agreed.

A FU more hours by the beach side later....

Cowboy Baby Fu

It was lunch time...

So we sanded off our Towels and got a move on!

We decided to try out the indoor lunch buffet to see if they had anything different to offer...

They did!!! Fish on the Grill!!! Mmmmmm.
I also had a small serving of beef and beets.
I took a little bit of rice but didn't end up eating it. 
I was FUll and satisfied with the rest.

After lunch, we hung out by the poolside with the group (which grew to about 24 by the time the day of the wedding arrived!). Soon enough, it was time to get ready for the big day!!!!

We took a FU more pics (of course we did! lol) before getting ready as the maid wasn't finished with our room...

My pose...
And, the Studs Pose ;)

I like this one the best :)

When we got to our room, we had a little surprise waiting for us....

An Elephant!
I think she was telling us to eat like Elephants at the Wedding Reception ;)

We got ready in less than 1/2 hour and quickly headed towards the beach for the wedding ceremony....

He was the Perfect Date ;)

Smooth Criminal ;)

And me well, I look like a perroquet according to SuperFit...
He meant I was colourful (He has a way with his words)

Waiting for the Wedding to begin <3

But where's the FUn without a little excitement ;)
We ran into a bit of a technical glitch!

The chosen music for the wedding wasn't playing...
There was a lot of running around and getting our own adapters to get the system working.
We FUnally got it ready to go in time for the Bride to walk down the aisle :)

FUew!!! ;)

The Groom and his Best Man

The Flower Girl and Ring Bearer

The Beautiful Bride!!!!!!
She was absolutely Stunning beyond belief!!!

Great Back, Gorgeous Dress!

I do!

A shot with the new married man.

Happy for his Nookie!


Celebrating the 'Just Married' Couple

After the exchange of vows had taken place, everyone headed toward the resort's gourmet restaurant for the reception & dinner. 

As we took our places, we found these delicious goodies waiting for us!


Look at them closely!!!
As beautiful as they were....
SuperFit and I ate ours in no time!

Once everyone was comfortably seated....we were served the following:

Smoked Salmon
I was FUll right after this ;) lol


A mixture of veggies

For our main course, SuperFit and I chose the Chicken (obviously lol)

It was really yummy!

And for dessert....

A scoop of strawberry ice cream with a warm brownie!

But wait! How could you FUrget about the Wedding Cake?!!!

I surely didn't! lol

'Killer' Hot Wife ;)

SuperFit took on the role of serving the cake...
He gave me the smallest piece (Not! lol)


The Bride fanning herself while enjoying a nice Cuban Cigar ;)
Sexy Senorita!

As we said our congratulations to the newly married couple, we went to bed and got ready for our second last day of our Cuba Trip.

So far so Great!

Stay Tuned for Day 5 of our Cuban Vacation on *CaNdY FiT*

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