Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cooking like a FU!

While blogging about my vacation to Cuba, I decided to break it up with a FU recipes I'd like to add to my list of FU'ds in my virtual cookbook.

The first Monday back from our holidays, I got a sudden urge to cook like a FU. As I finished my workout:

1. Chest
2. Triceps
3. Spinning with 007

I got home and put my make believe apron on (I don't actually own one but I should since I spilled a number of things on myself that evening!).

After doing a major grocery run the day before, I had loads to make!

I decided to cook my chicken for the week, prepare the evening's dinner and make myself a FU protein snacks to last me a FU days.

1. Char Crusted Chicken on a Cedar Plank
2. Lemon/Dill Salmon on a Cedar Plank
3. Chocolate Protein Cookies
4. Mini Protein CuPcAkEs and Protein Muffin Tops

Let's begin:

1. Firing the BBQ (I learned how to BBQ last summer and I now Love it!!!)

2. After placing 6 chicken breasts to the Cedar Plank (purchased at Home Depot - you can get a FU smokey flavours), I sprinkled on some new Char Crust Seasoning we bought....

Hickory & Molasses
It's really good :)

Once the BBQ was nice and hot, I placed the meat on the grill!

I could have used a bigger plank..or two!
But, I only had two left and I was using both!
The Cedar Plank offers a nice smokey flavour to your meats!
Absolutely deliscious! Try it!

As the chicken was cooking, I started on the salmon steaks.

I purchased some fresh dill and cut up a FU lemon slices to top. I then added salt and pepper to taste...

Clean and Simple

And off to the BBQ it went...

I sprayed water onto the planks throughout the cooking process.
This would prevent it from catching on fire :S
I failed to soak the planks prior to usage lol

While the Protein was cooking, I started a FU of my snacks for the week. One of which was a trial run to what would turn out to be something amazing! L.O.V.E.! (Well, for the 'dieter') lol

But first, let's start with the Choco Protein Cookies (I've made Vanilla & Cookies and Cream - all based on your Protein Flavour of Choice).


1. 1 scoop of Protein Powder
2. 2 tbps of egg whites
3. A touch of water
4. Cinnamon or Vanilla Stevia (optional)

Combine all ingredients into a bowl - making sure it is thick (it makes a crackling sound - but not like rice krispies!)

I mix it with a spoon...
You are welcome to use the blender :)

Once I've mixed all the ingredients, I spoon it bit by bit into two large plates....

Leaving enough space between each as they
do tend to expand and stick together.
If that's the case, just break them apart :)

And place them into the microwave for 3 minutes 30 seconds (this really depends on the power of your machine ~ It can vary anywhere between 1 min 30 secs to what I've noted above...just to say that my microwave is  really really weak!). You'll know they're ready when they're nice and crispy....

End result...
You can dip the Cookies in a non-fat Yogurt :)
They tend to be a tad dry so the yogurt makes the difference.

Once I finished with the Cookies, I checked on my goods in the BBQ and soon started on with the Protein CuPcAkEs/Muffin Tops.....This was exciting!!!


1. 3 scoops of your favorite flavoured Protein Powder
2. 9 Egg Whites
3. 1 cup of Cottage Cheese or Greek Yogurt
4. A dash of Cinnamon and Vanilla Stevia (optional)


Super Fit
Super Blender!
Just to say it can blend skis.

I got my non-stick mini-CuPcAkE and muffin top pans from The Cookware Centre - 220 Bank Street - It's a Family Run Business - as in my Family :) ~ Check it out at

You can see I started on the rice in the midst of all my cookin'

I'm actually very excited (despite the awkward look)!
I'm concentrating on not spilling over....
I should note this pic was taken today as I wanted to demonstrate how to pour!
(I'm kidding of course lol)

And Put it in the Oven (at 350F for about 20 minutes)

Patty Cake, Patty Cake Baker's Man ;)

We'll get back to the CuPCaKes soon.

On with Dinner (everything was ready at the same time!) ~ Obviously I planned it that way ;)

SuperFit's Dinner
I didn't have carbs.

I think he was happy :)

And, back to the CuPcAkEs....(I did say soon! lol)

(There are missing two cuz I ate them)

I then decided to have some FUn with Greek Yogurt (added Protein) and a mixture of Sugar Free/Fat Free JELLO flavours....

Carefully selecting my flavours ;)

Makeshift icing..
I used a little over a teaspoon of Greek Yogurt and a Sprinkle of Flavour
(I had leftover 'icing', so you really don't need much to top)

I ended up with this....

Tell me that doesn't look good!
(I had a bit of Cherry leftover so I added it to the bunch)
Mind you, they are also good without the JELLO icing :)


Stay Tuned for More Recipes on *CaNdY FiT*


  1. Thank for these recipes I hope youll post more!
    Im not allowed any protein for the last 4.5weeks
    and im hungrrrryyyyy

    i hate tilapia as well

    on a white fish diet barf

  2. Of course I will!

    And trust me, it will all be worth it in the end:)

  3. I meant to say protein shakes * :)

  4. mmmm! the cupcakes look delish! Def going to try them :)

  5. Did the cookies stick to the plate in the microwave? should I use parchment paper?

    1. No, they didn't stick. You can try parchment paper if they are sticking :)


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