Thursday, April 28, 2011

Astalavista Cuba....Hello Reality!

This would mark the last blog post of our Cuban vacation (but definitely not the last for *CaNdY FiT*!)

As mentioned in my last posting (The Catamaran Tour), dinner that evening "was one to remember!"


It would be my last major cheat (sad story, I know!) before my competition in July.

Did I make the most of it? 

Of course I did (the moment I found out I could!) :)

Once we were all showered (from a hot & sweaty day on the boat), we got dressed and headed out to dinner....

Our last supper at Las Margaritas :(

Je l'aime SuperFit!

As we took our seats at the buffet, we enjoyed a great protein filled meal....

I had Fish, Bread & Hot Peppers!!!
(I love everything spicy!)

As soon as I was done my plate, I knew I'd be having ice cream!!!

Since this would be my last bowl for 3 1/2 months, I made it extra special....

Vanilla and Choco Ice cream, Chocolate Chips, Fudge and Strawberry Topping
And a bite size piece of cake under all that FUn!!!!

"Mmmmm....Ice Creammmmmm....."
(Insert Homer Simpson Drool here)

SuperFit helped himself to a little treat too :)

Soon enough, there would be no more :(
(People around us didn't think I could finish my bowl!)

I debated scooping the leftovers with my spoon...

To my surprise, SuperFit said I could help myself to another round because the moment we were back, it would mark the end of any cheat meal or day before the competition!!! 

He said, and I quote:  "Go for it Fu, Get it out of your system!"

I was already on my way back to the desserts before he could finish his sentence!

And so here was Round 2...

I was so FU'in Happy!!!!
It was messy to say the least!

I finished it all!
(Of course I did!) lol

One INCREDIBLE, AMAZING, DELICIOUS SUGAR FILLED meal later....I was officially FUll

We decided to take a long walk (I wonder why?! lol) and take a FU last pictures before our vacation came to and end...

Posing on a Rock...
(I'm not sure what the significance is lol)

FU sees You! ;)

Taking a break...
All that sugar tired me out ;)

It's always more FUn with SuperFit in the pic ;)

As the sun set, we saw Little Mavee out in the lobby and decided to play around for a while....

Boys and their toys.

Vroom Vroom!


We eventually had to call it a night....go to our rooms and pack :(

The next morning, we got up bright and early (normal hours for me), checked out, and helped ourselves to our last breakfast at the resort....

I had a Fruit, Yogurt & Cereal Bowl with Two Eggs
The Jam and Honey were mixed into this sweet goodness :)

As we cleaned ourselves off of any crumbs left over on our shirts, we waited in the lobby until our bus arrived...

Never a dull moment :)

Soon enough, we'd be sitting in it....

No more vacation for us :(

But, we did have one last cappuccino at the airport with our Protein Snack :)

I can't even say how many Capps we had during our entire trip!


We eventually boarded our plane and landed, safely. 

The good news was....

The weather was gorgeous in Ottawa, so it made being back a little easier :)

SuperFit rode his new bike as soon as we got home...

He was anxious to get ridin'!

And I, well, I took a nap!

All in all, we had an incredible vacation and we couldn't have asked for anything more perfect than what we got! I'm definitely looking forward to our next :)

But, until then...

I had to get back to reality and back to my regular training and 'dieting' schedule! The wheels had to get rolling, which meant...

Being reacquainted with infamous body fat measurement calipers! Yipee!!! Not. lol.


I am officially 12 weeks away (as of April 23) from my first  competition!

Duty called (I answered) and...

I'm extremely excited for the journey ahead! 
Even if I can't have another bowl of ice cream (for a little while at least!) 

So, let's put our drinks up and cheers to what's to come :)

Wish me luck!

I'll have a Protein Shake ;)

Stay Tuned to find out how I got back into the swing of things & a glimpse into 007 and PINK's competition at the Nationals on *CaNdY FiT*!

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