Saturday, April 9, 2011

And we're back from Cuba!!!

Let me begin by saying the Ice Cream in Cuba is Fu'in AmAzIng!!!

I made this myself ;)

In all seriousness though (not that the ice cream wasn't delicious)...

Our Trip to Cuba was incredible...

I think our faces say it all ;)

and The Wedding was Perfect! 

A Toast to Love! 
The Gorgeous Bride
The Handsome Groom

We couldn't have asked for anything better and I wouldn't change a single thing! It was simply everything we could have hoped for :)

We had sunshine everyday and it was definitely a very, very relaxing trip filled with FUn, Laughs, Sand in our swimsuits, Cappuccinos and most importantly, memories to last us a lifetime (700 pictures worth to be more accurate ~ runs in the FUmily!)

Now, let's start from the beginning....

On the morning of our departure, I made myself Berry Protein Pancakes:

I grabbed a FU Berries from my Mom's place :)

They were delish...but Banana is still the best in my books!


1. 3/4 cup of berries
2. 2 espresso cups of oatmeal
3. 6 eggs whites
4. Cinnamon
5. Stevia (natural sweetener)

Blend all together. Spray your fry pan and cook both sides. The size of your pancakes is up to you :)

Once I gobbled down my berry delicious breakfast...

I moved on to my 4th attempt at packing 'Light'.

I really tried sticking to one suitcase but failed within 10 minutes.

One for clothes and One for shoes & accessories...
At least the attempt was there :S

This also included the packing of my oversized purse....

It was filled with airplane goodies (which I tried to keep 'hidden') but I got caught in no time ;)

*CaNdY*, Myo Lite Protein Bars, Homemade Protein Cookies, Camera, Sunglasses
Iphone Charger, Mags & Gravol.
SuperFit later had his hand in My *CaNdY* 
Little did he know, I had also packed Nibbs in my suitcase lol
I shared them throughout the week ;)

As we wouldn't be boarding our flight to Cuba for another 3 hours, we had a quick bite to eat...

Still keeping on track :)

Yee Haw!

I should note when we went through security I had to take my sweater off. As I went through the metal detector, the officer commented on my arms....

She said she loved the defined, muscular look of them...
I could see SuperFit smiling in background. I was flattered beyond belief.

SuperFit flashed his bicep as a joke and I said, without thinking....

"These GUNS are allowed on board right?!" Yes, Yes I did.

The officer laughed and quickly said...

"Shhhhh...that word could get you in trouble!" 
So much for my lame joke (as I sit here, laughing out loud).

One korny joke later...

It was time to board our plane and we were soon flying among the marshmallow shaped clouds...

Nice and Fluffy
I should have brought Marshmallow ;)
Cuba here we come!!!

As it came time to eat dinner (we were on a late afternoon flight), I had my yogurt and protein cookies as I don't enjoy airplane Fu'd...

The yogurt parfait was a treat :)
As opposed to whatever SuperFit was having...

Another 3 hours later, we finally arrived to our destination!

Our first pic in Cuba :)

Once we arrived to the hotel, we checked in and tried locating an elevator. There was no elevator. 1/2 an hour later, we were golf carted to our villa, which was coincidentally right next to the gym!

Our home for the next 7 nights!

The gym :)

After we unpacked, we toured around and looked forward to the hot sunshine coming our way!

Our room :)
I'm ready to explore!

I was so excited, I woke up at 530am the next morning ready to get started...

But, the sun didn't rise until 7am! I innocently poked at SuperFit in an attempt to wake him up. It didn't work.

So, I waited.
(This waiting game felt like an eternity, especially since I couldn't go out and explore as it was dark out)

90 minutes later... our first day officially began!!! Woop WOop!!! 
(I poked him harder as soon as I saw daylight lol)

**Note: I will be splitting up my blogs from our vacation as the length of a 7 day vacation has the potential of being quite long!**

So, Stay Tuned for More on *CaNdy FiT*

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