Sunday, March 20, 2011

Training with the one & only SuperFit :)

SuperFit and I don't often get to train together, so when the moment presents itself...

You can be sure I'll take FUll advantage of it!

Reason being: I work during the day while he trains during a set time every morning (I stay away from the morning breath - joke, he smells like flowers - another joke. He smells just fine ~ that's safe right?! lol).

Each workout with SuperFit at Florida Fitness Aylmer has never disappointed! There's a reason why he's booked solid with his personal training (PT). You want results, go see SupertFit! 

Hubba Hubba (lol)
He sure knows what he's doing!

**This should explain why I jump for joy (literally) when the opportunity is there ~ by either slipping in between his PT programs or if he's catching up on a workout during the weekend!**

If she cumma knockin'....

I'll be there, ready for a monstrous training session! 
(Which took place most recently on a Saturday Morning ~ He had to catch up....YAY!)

The muscle group on the menu for our morning workout - Arms. This included:

1. Biceps; and
2. Triceps

I must say, my training dates with SuperFit are a little different than those with 007 as...

There is no coffee or flowers to be had....

No coffee or flowers for you Fu!
I miss 007! lol ;)

But, like SuperFit says:

"Let's go Fu, you're here to Train!"(Translation: Put your Game Face on...NOW!)
Game Face!
(That dinosaur figure is our competition mascot - 
His name is FUBIE...a mix of both Baby Fu and 007 (Debbie)

Fubie weighing in at the QC Provincials

And bringing home the goods!
(007 brought home the hardware!!!)

**Note: Whether it be that I'm training alone, with 007 or SuperFit, we all  have FUn while we're at it. We (as in SuperFit and I) may even break down into a dance in between sets (if the song is right, of course!) - You gotta love what you're doing and have FUn while you're doing it; even in the most intense of workouts!

It's not a chore, it's a passion! ~ Just don't FU'll around during sets..that's a big NO NO!

Pumping on to our Saturday morning training session...

Here are a FU Arm exercises we did during our workout 'sesh' together:


On the bicep curls
(Now that my friends, is a game face!)

Push(ing) down to work on my triceps
(My game face fails in comparison!)

Behind bars ;)

Skull Crushers..
"Cahmon Fu!"

We obviously don't use the same weight...

"Good Set Fu"

SuperFit, the one and only!

Major Guns is what SuperFit calls these...
This was an eye opener for me in terms of my progress!
It took me a sec to process it as I've never seen my arm from that angle...
I'm still processing!

Some of the many benefits to training with SuperFit are:

1. He ensures I'm doing my exercises correctly;
2. He pushes me to places I never thought possible; and
3. He consistently motivates me to strive for more!

As musical artist Usher would put it...

If you really want more, scream it out louder,
If you're on the [gym] floor, bring out the fire,
And light it up, take it up higher,
Gonna push it to the limit, give it more.

This pretty well sums up my workouts with SuperFit! ~ I hope you enjoyed my discrete personal touch to the lyrics ;)
Let's remember, I struggled lifting 15lbs on the loathed Shoulder Press (Machine #7) when I first started on my trek towards fitness. I'm now doing sets at 90lbs....

Hard to believe how far I've come in a year!
I've learned to love it <3

By having SuperFit push me to my max and believe in my 'power'...

I've developed a strength I never thought I had!
No..he's not supporting himself ;)

I am now able see my own potential in the workouts I do!
(I am confident in pushing myself, on my own, to even greater heights!)

I will admit the following:

When I train alone, I think of SuperFit!

Not in a 'lovee dovee' way:

Awwww ;)

 But in the 'I'm here to train!' way...

To Getter Done!

Always repeating SuperFit's line:

"Cahmon Fu...One more, this is the one that counts!"

It never gets old.

Stay Tuned for More on *CaNdY FiT*

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  1. I'm a runner and recently started lifting. I'm all about goals and love to aim for things. Anyway, I recently ran my first marathon and just love it. I'm training for my second right now. However, I don't get the "high" I use to get from running. It takes ten miles to get that feeling. And aint know body got time to run ten miles a day! So I've taken on lifting and damn, and it is awesome. My goal is get gain mass, I want people to see me and think damn that girl is an athlete. Glad I found your blog!!!!



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