Wednesday, March 30, 2011

No Cheat For You FU!

In light of our upcoming trip, a decision was made:

1 day free for all with all the deliciousness goodness I had planned on having would only happen in my dreams... 

Phoebe ain't sympathizing ;)

Learning this was bit of a bummer, but I knew I'd survive :)

Plus, there was good news (Yup!!!):

1. I got a cheat meal with no sugars = No *CaNdY*

So I ate Sushi til I was sick and enjoyed....

I pretty well inhaled the whole bag in no time.

The other piece of good news (and pretty obvious I would think) was...

2. Our Cuban vacation!!!

I learned that...

I would have the opportunity to relax with my 'diet' (which I didn't expect at all!) and enjoy a FU sweet treats in Cuba (and it wouldn't be assigned to specific meals or days ~ I really do mean "relax" Yipee for Me!!).

I think it's a fair compromise!

**Note: Even if I have more leniency towards my 'diet', I want to be smart about it too. Meaning, I plan on being conscious of what I'm putting into my body! I've learned a lot throughout the year about eating right and making 'smart food' choices (and I'm not referring to smart food popcorn lol). So, I want to continue on with my healthy eating habits, and ultimately, the new healthy lifestyle I've chosen to follow!**

Now, the tricky thing about going away to an all-inclusive resort is you really have no idea what to expect in terms of the food served (aside from the 'bad' stuff) you know will always be around (and by 'bad' I mean delicious!)....

Such as:

1. 24/7 Buffets = pizza, burgers, ice cream, all the deep-fried stuff etc...;
2. A la carte restaurants; and
3. Sugar, Sugar, Sugar and more Sugar....

And we all know I love Sugar!
**Just so you know, none of these were mine! Seriously! I swear! I promise! No Lie..For Real!**

 Although, this sugar filled treat is a different story! 
It was alllll mine (2x over)
(I'm having ice cream by the pool side = Heaven!)

So you can be sure I'll be bringing the following:

1. Protein Powder;
2. Oatmeal;
3. Myo Lite Bars (they are great in taste!);

Nutrition wise:
Good on cals, carbs, fat and protein :)
SuperFit Approved (for my 'relaxed diet')

4. Magic Bullet (ya...the bullet!).

Because I definitely know..

Being around this much FU'd, 24/7, will be the difficult part... (meaning temptation will be present at all times!)

That's why it's a good thing I'll have my own stash of healthy goods!

You see at home, I only have one box of goodies from Truffle Treasures, which I keep hidden....

Do you really think it's this small?!!

Tell me you remember my box of goodies?!
 If not, it looks a little something like this:

I keep this in the pantry....
There's 99.8% left of this box since it was born at X-Mas!
I nibbled on FU things during my cheats, of course!

So by having temptation trying to lure me in while vacationing....

I'll have to increase my restraint level by 100% and really, really fight the temptation to be bad! ~ but not at allll times ;)

It wasn't me!

I will do my very best to eat as clean as possible (while still enjoying a FU things in moderation!) but...

I'm not going to go FU'ng nuts!

I don't want to jeopardize my efforts thus far into my pre-comp preparation!

So, I'm planning ahead! ~ (The Masta taught me well!)

"Baby Fu, you always have to be prepared!"
Me:  "Yes Masta!"
He's always this serious when giving me a life lesson ;)

Because I know...

It's easy to get carried away...and not by the waves ;) 

My friend SD taking me away on my first trip to Cuba!
See, it's that easy!!! ;)

And, we have to remember...

I'm in pre-comp mode, so duty calls (and I have to answer)!!! 

Like the Ol' saying goes: Life's a Beach!!!

So play in the sand....
Side note: I don't FUllow Beach Rules very well!

I'm just happy I'll be some place hot, with a beach, sand and great company! ~ Where FU'd will be the least of my concerns!

So don't be FU'lled...

My Life isn't all about FU'd...
(Although I do enjoy writing about it, let alone eat it lol)!

And I sure know how to lick a place clean...literally!

All to say...

I'm really looking forward to the time away and enjoying life's simple pleasures...

I'm on vacation damnit!

And, I'm going to make every moment...

Don't Happy :)

And every bite...COUNT! ~ Responsibly ;)

Just look at the size of my plate!
(Playa Del Carmen - Dining in a Cenote - Cave)

Plus, I'll be relaxing on...

My first vacation away with SuperFit!!! :)

Muaaahhhh ;)

Baby Fu signing off...

I'm officially on VaCaTiOn!!!!

Until then, Cheers to Happy Workouts and Healthy Eating!

Stay Tuned for more on *CaNdY FiT* 

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