Saturday, March 26, 2011

Leavin' on a Jet Plane...

Don't know when I'll be back again...

 Of course I do! I have a competition to come back to!
Oh and reality!

After 2 months, 3 weeks (6 days, 7 hours, 45 minutes and 28 seconds) of training and dieting like a FU (but who's counting?!)...

The FU's Spinning at FFA!

 It was time for me to start thinking about my beach attire!!!

SuperFit and I will be attending a wedding at the end of March (next week)! His good friends 'Nookie' and Matt will be getting married under the hot sunshine, on the beautiful sandy beach of Varadero, Cuba!

Married couple to be <3

This will be the first time, in my entire life, where I've actually exercised and 'dieted' prior to a vacation. Perfect timing I'd say! What's FUn is Nookie will also be competing in the July show! So, we'll both be soaking up the bursting  rays of sunshine before we 'burst' out onto the stage! This will serve as a great base for our Stage Tan!

Yup, we need to be nice and tanned for the stage! Thankfully, there's tanning cream specifically made for this occasion. And trust me, we need to put on loads and loads of fake, creamy tanning goodness before we can step out into the bright lights....

SuperFit carefully applying 'Pro-Tan' with the gloves of love ;)

SuperFit has loads of experience doing this, which dates back to his bodybuilding days...

He know what he's talking we LISTEN!

Where do you think Florida Fitness Aylmer Competitors 007 and PINK learned their tricks (I won't mention the twirling) ;)....

They both came home winners that day!
SuperFit modestly showing how proud he is of his girls :)

Back to the vacation prep...

In preparation for this vacation, I bought myself a bunch of 'mix and match' bikinis from Victoria's Secret as a little gift to myself (and why not?!).

I was so excited, I had a duplicate order sent to me thinking they had not delivered it when I got the notification saying they did (really really long story...)

I was way too FU'in excited I jumped the gun...
Big time!

It was more of a headache dealing with the duplicate order than waiting for the actual parcel to arrive 5 hours later ~ (and there you have it, my long, long story!) ;)

Now this is my kind of mail!

**I promise you: I am not a headache to deal with....I was simply too excited when I got an email notification saying my package was delivered, then sadly being advised by SuperFit no such parcel had arrived! Don't worry, I didn't throw a tantrum, I put truth the ol' sayin 'Big Girls Don't Cry'! ;) **

Moving on..... 

The tricky thing about ordering online is you are FUlly going blind in guessing your size. Luckily for me, I returned nothing (this was such a moment of relief!)...

Rubbing that Buddha Belly sure paid off!
Luck was on my side...
 (oh and just a bit of training and 'dieting' lol)

This was the first time (there seems to be a lot of first times!) everything 'FIT'! (This is typically not the case when bikini shopping!)

I felt comfortable wearing what I bought!

But most importantly...

I was proud of myself! (and you would hope so!)

Planning our week in Cuba...

We haven't yet FUlly determined what the plan will be in terms of my 'dieting' throughout the week... (Don't worry, I will get to enjoy a FU delicacies Cuba has to offer!)

What I do know is...

It won't be a free for all (understandably so!) and there will continue to be structure in my FU'd intake...

Or I might come back a little bloated! ;)

The Beach will be a nice & easy distraction :)
That's me behind all that hair!

In terms of training, SuperFit and I (of course) will make use of the equipment available at the resort. We'll keep the Pump going ;) (We're on it will be to a lesser degree to what we usually do, that's for sure!)

Last year in Cuba...
I was motivated to getter done!

**Note: I will keep you all posted in terms of how it all works out! I'm ready, so bring it on ;) Although I'm sure it will be easier said than done as I'm writing this at home, inside, hiding from the cold, away from the beaches and 24/7 buffets!!!**

At least I won't be needing a coat!

As promised...

Here's an updated list of my highs & lows thus far in my pre-comp preparation....


FUntastic Results/Observations:

1. Weight loss
2. Muscle Gain
3. Toner Look
4. Healthier (cleaner) Eating Habits
5. Training Harder
6. Feelin' great in my clothes :)

New Highs:

7. I'm lower on the Body Fat Measurement Scale
8. I'm happy with my Bikini purchases!
9. None of my work pants fit (Bitter Sweet feeling as I do like my clothes but I do get to shop for replacements!)
10. SuperFit has been keeping a similar regiment to mine, which is so helpful and supportive!!! Trust me, it helps when you're not watching someone eat everything you wish you could have when your options are so limited.
11. My skin/complexion has's never felt better!!!
12. I feel stronger = lifting heavier
13. I put on more muscle mass!
14. I was randomly asked if I trained; they thought I looked fit! (This was a huge compliment!)



1. Turtle pace metabolism (this is what 7 years did to I have to rev it back into fast gear) = 'Dieting' Harder to get my metabolism going (it's, SuperFit needs to manipulate certain aspects of my 'Diet' from time to time)
2. Mood changes on prolonged carbless days
3. Irritability (trust me, sometimes watching people eat food you love is *CaNdY*)

 I was actually happy when this photo was taken!
(Baby Fu's Neutral Face - I told you I look mad lol)

New lows:

4. Again, slower results than what I'd wish for (bringing us back to my metabolism) ~ But, I'm patient (most of the time lol)
5. I'm starting to hate food ads/commercials! I don't want (more like can't) try any new burger or 5$ foot long, nor do I want to start my day with Nutella or any breakfast sandwich, let alone any new hot eats or cool treats from DQ and I especially have no interest in this new Choco/PB relationship...

YUK! ;)

In summary...

We can clearly see the highs outweigh the lows, so....

I continue to remind myself of my accomplishments as it's the key to my drive in getting me to the finish line.


Giving it 100% of my efforts is even more Powerful...
It revs up my engine!

Vroom Vroom...
I realize my boots are freakin' hot! Right?!

And I feel like...

I can carry the world's weight on my shoulders ;)
(So to speak of course)

Now, that's strong ;) 

Stay Tuned for More on *CaNdY FiT*

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