Monday, March 7, 2011

I'll have Combo # 0!

I thought I would talk about my revised training and 'dieting' menu leading up to my cheat day...

As I had mentioned in my previous post, I was 'ordered' to follow a 'low carb diet' for a FU extra days, which included a side 'order' of  extra cardio!!! (for good measure!) ;)

Let's call this Combo # 0! (I won't be choosing from any value menu anytime soon!)

I'm lovin' it ;)
This was a loooooong time ago!
This will never be part of my cheat. But...
Like Justin Bieber says "Never say Never"

So I won't....JB knows what's up! (my sis would be proud I made a reference to Justin B. lol)

After my last measurent of 14.5% BF, we (as in SuperFit) had decided I should try out a new training regime and 'diet'. Currently, I'm where I need to be in terms of my pre-comp preparation, but SuperFit wanted to test something out before the 8 week crunch  time (mmm...crispy crunch & crunchie choco bars!). It would appear my stomach speaks for itself now ;).

He asked if I could do it.....I responded:

Are you serious?!
(We all know by now if you present a challenge to me, there's no way I'm going to back down from it!)

This challenge would be more FU'd based than anything (or so I thought). It would prove to be a little tougher than expected as I continued my training and we added more cardio ~ making me a little more tired than usual, even if I was lifting lighter weights.

I had to think of it as being 'just' FU extra days on top of what I was currently doing. But, I was prepared for the low FUel light to come on asking me to FILL UP...

 I definitely know how to FUll Up my Tank!

I had to run on empty for 'just' a little while longer~ I wasn't about to stall half way to my destination!

I must say, we are both happy we started my prep early as we are learning which 'diets' work best for me in terms of losing BF while maintaining my Muscle Mass. Again, No two metabolisms are the same, which is why SuperFit tailors what and how he does things based on each athlete he works with....

We don't call him SuperFit for nothing :)

Perhaps we should call him 'The Hulk'
But that's my name! ;)

**Note: SuperFit provides and develops training programs and 'diets' for his Florida Fitness Aylmer Members interested in areas of weightloss, muscle gain, toning and most importanly, maintaining a healhty and active lifestyle. His competitive athletes are measured regularly. Training routines and 'diets' can change at any time leading up to competitions!!!**

After finishing my unsavoury Combo # 0...

I felt FUll...(Ya right)!
These photos are proof of how much I love sushi!

Here's a glimpse (more like random thoughts) into my state of mind and 'being' throughout the week (yes, I know it's a little messed up and probably makes no sense whatsoever..pls don't judge lol):

Okay, this is going energy levels are normal, my hunger's stable; I'm going to start writing my cheat list!; That made me hungry!; I can't wait for Saturday!; I feel good (na na na na na, I knew that I would now, nanananna ~ you know the song); Okay NOW this is beginning to drain me a bit; I'm going to treat myself to a massage (in between my PM snack and dinner of course...time is surely to go by faster this way!); Are we there yet??!! 1 hr of cardio left!; Keep it up!; OMG, I'm so happy this is a light week!; I'm going to bed (it's 830pm); Are we there yet (x2)?! I get to cheat tomorrow!!!!! FU'ng Right! Woo Hoo! One more day!!!! I'm Pooped. Getter done Baby Fu....nothing like a good pump in the ol' biceps ;) Are we there yet (x3)?! 1 more sleeeeeeep!!!...

Trust me, it felt really good completing my new regime without going astray! It was Loooong but it was well worth it!!!

**Please note these thoughts don't happen all at once and I am not 'that' crazy...**

I was happy I had my new 'low carb' pancake recipe to add to my list of Green Lighted Fu'd, as it helped me (immensily) to get through my day. It's almost like a treat to be completely honest....(but perhaps I have gone 'coo coo' and it taste like S*&T). I mean I did try and explain to 007 my salted cinnamon omelette was like having a sweet and salty treat (the things we tell ourselves when 'dieting' don't often make any sense ~ at least in my case)......But,

I have never given anyone any reason to question my sanity....


I also enjoyed lots of veggies and chicken, trying not to think too much about food as the days went on (but it's hard when your planning your cheat lol ). Food thoughts aside, I was motivated ~  I was going to cross that finish line damnit! There were...

Results (& treats) coming my way!

In the end...

I dropped down to 13% BF!!!! Take that Turtle Pace Metabolism!

Ha Yaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! (as The Masta would yell)...

The Masta and JoJo (my other sister!)
Her black belt testing :)

All to say...

I'm looking forward to my next challenge! (riiiiiigggggggggght!)

Stay Tuned for more on *CaNdY FiT*

 **Note: I've added a polling question on the right-hand side of the webpage. Please vote as it will let me know what YOU want to hear more about :) Also, Day in the life of Baby Fu means my routine, fitting everything in etc...**


  1. Soooo proud of you baby Fu!!!!
    I think you look amazing!!!!
    Happy International Women Day to an amazing lady!!!!!

  2. Thank you so much fo your support and encouragement Katie!!! Happy International Women's Day to you as well! Wishing you all the best xo


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