Monday, March 14, 2011

Cooking with Fu...

Here are a FU recipes I've either cooked for myself or SuperFit.

They are all clean, healthy and SuperFit approved :)

I screwed up whatever I was making that day...

**Please note I may possibly be the worst at giving recipe instructions...but I'm trying and having FUn while I'm at it!** :)

1. Pizza!!!


1. Blue Menu thin pizza crust or a tortilla size of your choice (nice & easy!)
2. Tomato Sauce (low cal. low carb)
3. Allegro Cheese (60 cal. per serving, 1 gram of fat, 2 carbs, 11 grams of PROTEIN!)
4. Lean Chicken (sliced and grilled), or any other lean meat of your choice
5. Mushrooms
6. Cherry Tomatoes
7. Spinach
8. Onions
9. Tablespoon of Pesto (if you like it)
10. Salt and Pepper to taste

The ingredients are bonding well ;)

In a Fry Pan sprayed with olive oil, add veggies, cooked chicken and seasonings over Medium High Heat

In the meantime...

Set oven at 400F

Remove crust from packaging and add tomato sauce (don't go sauce crazy)

Dance. (lol)

Oli and I doing the infamous Robot!

Once ingredients are nice and hot...
(I like to cook my veggies prior to topping my pizza...personal preference)

Carefully spread them out on the pizza!


Cheese It!

Place in heated oven until crust and cheese browns!


This is not a personal size pizza...sharing is encouraged ;)

2. Oven-baked FUngerling Potatoes

1. Golden or Ruby Red FUngerling Potatoes (okay okay, it's Fingerling!)
2. Onions (chopped in rings - I'm not really sure how I managed to do that - Trial and Error!)
3. A teaspoon of dried Rosemary
4. A dash of Paprika (optional)
5. Olive oil (I always use spray olive oil)
6. Salt and Pepper to taste

Wash and Pat dry the FUngerlings...

Cut each Fungerling into halves

Combine all ingredients into a large bowl until everything has been evenly coated.

Pre-Heat Oven at 375F

Do the Robot....

It was like Serendipity...

Place the coated FUngerlings into an oven safe casserole..


Bake until you can easily stick a fork through the potatoes!
This is my testing may have a better one (which wouldn't surprise me lol)

(40 minutes'ish)

3. Sweet Potato Fries

1. Sweet Potatoes
2. Spray Olive Oil
3. Cinnamon 
4. Salt
The Famous Sweet Potato!

Cut sweet potatoes into fry-like shapes (split down middle first then go from there)
They are tough to use your muscles!

Pre-Heat Oven at 375F


Never a dull moment!

Place Fries onto a baking pan and sprinkle on some cinnamon and salt...
(I love the taste cinnamon gives them!)

Bake for approx. 40 minutes (or until desired crispiness...moving them around once or twice)

Sweet Goodness!

We enjoy these with....

4. Char Crusted Blackened Chicken

Low cal, low carb and simply mouthwatering good!
You can order this online if you can't find it in-store...

Spray chicken with olive oil and evenly coat it with Char Crust (the Original is the best!)

In a fry pan, over medium heat, cook chicken until there ain't no Pink...

It looks burnt but it's not....
Hence the Blackened Chicken ;)


and Enjoy :)

Oh, but don't FUget your greens!

This dressing is really good!
Renee's Pomegranate Blueberry Acai
5 Calories, 1 carb and 0 Fat per serving.

5. J.E.L.L.O Dessert....(or snack) :)

A little Jello Goodness for FUn (but I try and limit my aspartame intake)

Top it with Yogurt 
(preferably Greek as it's loaded with Protein!)
If you like Cottage Cheese, go for it!

That's it for now.....I'll post more in the near FUture!

Until then...

Do the Robot Damnit! (hahahaha)

I swear it's contagious!

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