Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cheat #2: Fu'd for Thought....

During the last week of my second month into my intensive training and 'dieting' (now that's a mouthful), it was time for me to prepare for an upcoming cheat. Yes, I got another FUll days worth!!!!

But wait....

Before we start the clapping and the cheering of this momentous occasion, I should mention my training routine and 'diet' had been modified slightly (insert sarcasm here)

Before the glorious day arrived.....
  1. We added extra hours of cardio to my week;
  2. I was instructed to train with lighter' weights (it's always good to have a light week); and
  3. My 'low carb diet' was extended by a couple of days ...(I will share my results in my next post)
Good thing I was introduced to the following 'low carb' pancake recipe by 007's husband (which helped me get through my week!):

Blend (or stir):
4 egg whites
1 Scoop of Whey Protein Powder (I currently have Vanilla in the Pantry)

This will make 1 big pancake or 4-5 thin, crêpre-like pancakes.

Pour Mixture into Fry Pan Over Medium-high heat

Go big or go home! lol

Add Vanilla Stevia and/or Cinnamon to the blend....


Now, the reason for this 'stricter' regiment was not due to the fact I would be cheating, but simply to see how my body would react to this change in my routine. Like I mentioned in previous posts, I have a turtle pace metabolism and we are currently testing how it reacts to certain modifications (from high impact to low impact changes). Of course, no one would wish to add days to their 'low carb diet' with additional cardio, but...

You gotta do whatcha gotta do! 
(and I listen to whatever SuperFit tells me to do as he is the Master in this area. In addition to that, I want to know I put 100% of my efforts into my pre-comp preparation when I hit the stage!)

Plus, I had a cheat day coming up so I had something to look forward to at the end of a long week, and I had some serious planning to do (which would be a FUn distraction)....

There was light at the end of the road!

Now, before I begin outlining what my second cheat entailed, I'd like to note a few 'weaker' moments I had been faced with during the past month:

1. We know all about the CuPcAkeS (as seen in my last blog post!);

2. SuperFit's Best Friend's B-Day Party...

a. I special ordered a meal - no oil etc...while
b. I watched everyone eat savory dishes from a fantastic Chinese Restaurant (I try to avoid restaurant outings as much as possible...but sometimes it's impossible and for good reason!); and
c. I chewed on a piece of gum while everyone ate, what seemed to be, a delicious chocolate ganache cake filled with roasted pecans and caramel;

3. I 'avoided' (as much as possible) all runnins with treats (Cake (x4), *CaNdY*, Chocolates, Cookies, Timbits; Festive Luncheons).

4. My Mom's Birthday Dinner at Sterling Restaurant...

SuperFit and Baby Fu <3
What will get me 'super fit' (note the pun) ;)
It was very tasty mind you!
(I meant my Mom not the cake lol)
I will never know what they meant by 'melt in your mouth' good...

6.  Isn't that enough?!

Despite these moments of temptation...

I did not succumb to any of them (now you can clap and cheer!!! lol). If I did, I'd only be cheating myself out of my own successes. My real cheat day wouldn't be true to my dedication and I would feel really guilty knowing I didn't deserve it!

But I did! So now it was time to put in some 'FU'd 4 Thought' into my next cheat...

Yes, I write them out! (It's not it? lol)
It simply serves as a guideline. Meaning I'm not tied to the list.
It's to make sure I don't forget anything during my day of tasteful bliss!
Does this explanation make it any less 'sad'???!! (I hope so, hahaha)


I knew from the get-go I'd be having two (yes 2!) of these:

I dropped by my Mom's for yet another visit early in the week and...
They had just baked more CuPcAkes!!!
I stored them in the fridge until my cheat :)

I would, of course, be sticking to my breakfast tradition of Banana Protein Pancakes with a generous serving of Yummy, oh so creammy Peanut Butter!!! (Drooolll)...

And this time,  I added Chocolate Chips!
*I actually find it better without, but it was still 'melt in MY mouth good'

On the day of my cheat...

I had a sudden craving for a Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Raspberries and a Glass of Milk for my Morning' Snack....(I obviously deterred from my list, but I'm allowed to cheat - no pun intended):

This was amazing!!!
Especially after my 1hr ride on my bike trainer :)

My Bro Oli was down from BC for a visit (perfect timing)! So, we went for our traditional SUSH lunch later in the day....

We all ate like pigs!

We topped it off with a piece of Chocolate Lemon Poppy Seed Cake from Thyme and Again at my Mom's place (treats are always offered there!)....

I was sooo FUll!
I napped for 1h1/2  after this!
This was not on my list ;)

For dinner, I stuck to the list and had my Mom's delicious homemade Spaghetti and Meat Sauce (I know it's not a crazy cheat dinner but it's what I wanted. A sensible choice, I think!)

Nothing beats Mom's Spaghetti!
Especially after a nap lol

I ended my cheat with Kernel's Jalapeno Popcorn and Two movies with SuperFit (perfect ending to a delicious day)....

Not much left (are you suprised?!) ;)

Note: I had gone out and bought the following goodies a few days prior to my cheat day:

You should have seen the smile on my face when I bought this stuff!

The FUnny thing about this was the fact I didn't even open any of it!!!!

I have no idea why?!!! On the day of my cheat, my sugar stash 'wasn't doing it for me'! I wanted more of the 'real', high carb/sugar-filled stuff (Bread, Pasta & CuPcAkEs ~ PB will always be in the mix!).

**Note: I also munched on 10cent grocery store *CaNDY* & a few Choco covered Werther's Originals** 

My cheat ended up being a little different from how I had originally planned it.....but, it turned out to be...even better!!! 

The next day I went back to my scheduled routine, which involved:

1. 1hr of hardcore Spinning at Florida Fitness Aylmer taught by SuperFit;
2. Abs; and
3. Clean Eating (it sucked lol).

Another FUnny thing (actually, more ironic than anything) about the day after my cheat (again, another mouthful) was SuperFit and I ended up at 'Oh So Good Desserts' for a big cup of Joe!


We wanted to try another coffee joint and ended up there (what we will do for roasted beans). The coffee was great (insert fake enthusiam here). The desserts, well....they looked heavenly (maybe I'll write this one down on my next cheat list) ;)

All to say....

I'm resisting 'temptation' one FU'in day at a time!
(O.K., I realize I was asking for it when we went to Oh So Good, so I won't include it on my 'weaker' moments list!)

In the meantime....

Stay Tuned for More on *CaNdY FiT*

Oh, and one more thing!

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  1. Wow...Baby Fu! Definately, sounds like you're really enjoy your training and change the way of your eating habitto make it better......Bravo! Keep up the good work!!!

    Hope I will win the membership from Flordia Fitness so SuperFit can teach me some tricks



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