Monday, February 14, 2011

Trainin' Like a Fu and Food for FUel...

After having enjoyed one of my absolute best 'cheats', it was time to put the wheels back in motion. I must admit it wasn't extremely difficult to go back on no carbs for the next few days as my stomach was filled with sugary goods (just enough for a sugar high and mild stomach ache!). Who knows when my next cheat meal/day would be!

I had to take advantage of this Day and get my Cravings right out of my system!

You have to wonder if having these kinds of cheat meals/days ruin all the hard dieting and training you've done, but it doesn't. I followed the 'diet' to a T and trained (doing my weights and cardio) according to plan. After being re-acquainted with the calipers my results showed I was able to have one day to splurge (controlled splurging! lol).

My body needed some FUn Food for FUel!

The important part is to make sure you go right back to your 'diet' and training the next day. Making sure to follow everything as prescribed (by SuperFit, in my case) until results show you can 'cheat' again.

It puts your system into shock and I like the shock value!!!
(I shocked everyone by getting into fitness and I wasn't about to stop 'shocking' now - not literally, that would hurt!)

Just a side...

I came across a FUn recipe I wanted to try out. After testing it out and having successfully followed the 'easy' instructions (for the chips), I added this 'Clean Side' to my recipe book :) (This recipe book of mine is in my head...I should probably create a hardcopy version!)

Baked Collard Green Chips:

1. Wash and pat dry the collard green leaves
2. Tear the leaves into chip size bites
3. Discard the middle 'white' stem

Toss the greens into a large bowl and combine the following ingredients (making sure the leaves are evenly coated):

1. Pam Olive Oil Spray (enough to coat the leaves) ~
    You can also use 2tbsp of olive oil
2. 2 tbsp of lemon juice
3. Salt to taste ~ I like Garlic Salt - personal preference
4. Chili Flakes (if you like it hot)

Ingredients :)
   Mmmm...leafy greens :)

Pre-heat oven at 300F and bake for approx. 20 minutes (until greens look crisp)

These make for a great snack but are also Yummy as a side to...

Haddock Fish Filet:

1. Spray PAM Olive Oil in a non-stick fry pan.
2. Coat filet with salt and pepper (I used Char Crust Dry Rub Seasonings,
    8 cals per serving and absolutely delicious!)
3. Cook both sides for approx. 4 minutes over medium heat

                        This is FU'in AmAzInG!!! (and even better on Chicken!)
                                                    Enjoy! (Fish and Chips on low carbs)

Moving right along,

My new week in training....

Would involve heavier lifting and most importantly, training like a FU (aka, hard). What we've noticed thus far in my weight training is I have a tendency to hold my breath...a little too long. It reminds me of The Masta telling me a story from when I was an actual 'Baby/Toddler'. I would hold my breath until I turned blue... not green ;)

Apparently this would happen if I didn't get what I wanted or if I was mad...(it was probably over *CaNdY* too because I often requested going to the corner store!).

That said....

I still, to this day, have these Tantrums! (Not! Give me some credit! lol)

I'm clearly not getting what I want!

**Note: What I'm sure contributed to my *CaNdY* Addiction was due to the fact that in my pre-teen years I had a best friend who's parents owned (or managed) a *CaNdY* Factory. They had a garage full of different *CaNdY* and Chocolates. Everytime I went over, I was allowed to fill up a box and taste new products before they were available to the public - Dream come true!**

Back to my training... ~ I seem to have gone off topic ;)

I'm learning how to breathe while lifting heavy and ensuring I have oxygen going to my brain (I don't want to lose anymore brain cells!). I'm also learning proper positioning to perfect each workout. If I don't do this, I won't get the workout I should be getting and I will most likely increase my chances of getting injured (which is definitely not uncommon judging by my track record).

What is my track record?!:
  1. Getting my foot stuck and chopped by the blades of a lawn mower (came close to getting a prosthetic foot);
  2. A spider crawled into my mouth and bit me while sleeping with my mouth open (the ambulance was called - my cheek swelled as big and hard as a baseball);
  3. Falling off a play structure, landing on my chin and gushing blood everywhere.
  4. Running into a Dim Sum Cart and splitting my head open.
  5. Breaking two of my toes from tripping over a vacuum (resulting in the use of crutches for 2 weeks);
  6. Spraining my FU finger while playing basketball in Grade 7;
  7. Having an injured tailbone for life after being dropped to the ground during a Grade 8 Cheerleading Practice;
  8. Cutting off the tip of my finger while chopping veggies;
  9. Purposefully falling on my Bum while rollerblading down a steep hill because I didn't how to stop (I had bruises and scrapes all over my legs and of course an extremely soar caboose!)
  10. Crashing into SuperFit while ridin' his ass (I later learned the proper cycling's called riding his wheel). I flew off my bike at 30km/h, laid in a fetal position for 10 minutes and couldn't walk without pain for 4 days. **Note: I didn't cry and had 25km left until we got home. I sucked it up...big time!**
I wasn't about to go back to Picnic Riding ;)

And give up riding SuperFit's wheel!!! 
He's so handsome (Korny I know, but so true!)

I'm sure there are more injury stories to share but I think that's enough for now! 

**I should note throughout my childhood years, The Masta always told me to be careful because I was clumsy and never took the time to do things the 'right' away. I learned this to be true later on in life.  I also learned...

The Masta is ALWAYS right! (Trust me)**

Learning to pay attention to the Rules of the Masta at a very young age...
(I look half asleep)
p.s. I know, he looks like Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee!

Just to say, this is why I need to make sure I concentrate on each workout I do because who knows what kind of injury lays in my FUture!

Pumping right along...

At Florida Fitness Aylmer, SuperFit always makes sure everyone is doing their exercises properly and ensuring we are pushing ourselves to the max. Like he says...

"Push yourself to failure because the last rep is the one that counts. Pains is weakness leaving the body"

Trust me, I definitely feel pain leaving my body after his leg workouts!!!! (All of his personal training trainees would testify to this!)

**Note: SuperFit always mentioned how 'composed' I looked during each workout. Never making a distorted face to show I was pushing with all my HULK might. That is, not until we went hard on my leg workout. He broke me, he laughed so hard (for a good 3 minutes). He said it looked like I was going to cry....**

 I may be called Baby Fu but I ain't no Baby! lol

Nope, not a Baby....

Training like a FU and FUeling my system with energy is motivating to me to push myself more and more as the days, weeks and months bring me closer to my competition ahead.

In addition to all this FUn, it came time for me to start thinking about my Posing Suits....(SO EXCITING!!!!)

p.s. Happy Valentine's Day!!!

My LOVE Treats:

Flowers from SuperFit <3
ONE Reese's PB Heart
I told SuperFit "We go together like Chocolate & Peanut Butter"
So I thought this would be an appropriate choice :)
This took me no time to unwrap!
Especially after two weeks since my last cheat :)

Simply Perfect!

Stay Tuned for more on *CaNdY FiT*

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