Wednesday, February 23, 2011

No CuPcAkE for YoU FU....

But great results for Baby Fu :)

Before I share my most recent results, let me remind you of my biggest temptation....CuPcAkEs!!!

Let's start from the beginning...

Just recently, SuperFit and I decided to swing by my Mom's place for a visit.

Baby Fu & Momé (2010)

Low and behold, CuPcAkEs had just been baked and the icing process was about to begin (you have got to be kidding me!!!). I debated rescheduling our random drop-in to another day so I wouldn't be faced with my Mom's delicious goodies...

 But then I'd be a 'real' Baby! (and we all know I'm not...right?!)

 My sister Kiki:

CuPcAkE Lovin' Sistahs

much like me, has a deep love for CuPcAkEs. She wanted to share this love with her classmates (she's a generous and sweet little thing). I just so happened to pick the day she decided to this (of course I did!). SuperFit immediately looked at me and said...

"No CuPcAkE for you Fu" (Boo)

There are no exceptions in my pre-competition 'diet', so having a sliver of these moist, chocolate, finger-licking good CuPcAkEs was definitely out of the question (even the bite-sized one's they made). With that said, I knew I coudn't have any, so I didn't bother asking if my 'diet' would allow for this special treat (on this non-cheating allocated day).....

I sucked it up and joined in the IcInG PaRtY!

Just look at what I would have missed out on!

Mini-bite sized CuPcAkEs ready to be iced 
(Yes, those are homemade truffles too)
Making of the Icing
(Yes, those are the real sized CuPcAkEs!)
Kiki making some Psychedelic Coloured Icing :)
(Mmmm, I just want to dip my finger it it!)
Carefully icing the CuPcAkEs!
SuperFit couldn't wait...
(But well deserved!) ;)

You would think this was pure ToRtUrE but at least I got to join in the Psychedelic FUn....

CuPcAkes always bring a smile to my face, even when I can't have any.....

The best part is I just so happened to match the icing colour (my sweater)!
It's almost like I was destined to have one (in my dreams!) lol

The next day...(coincidentally)

I had a date with the calipers. I was ready for it (I just hoped for good results, especially since I was being a 'good girl'!). Trust me, you always get a little nervous with these dates as you never know what to expect....(no pun intended with that statement lol)

So the hour had come and...

A few pinches later, SuperFit was happy to report I was now 14.5% BF, down from my last measurement! Woo HOo!!!

This was really good news, especially since we discovered my body found a happy weight and has decided to budge little by little.

**Note: What we have to keep in mind is my body has completely transformed itself in less than one year. It's to no surprise my body is reacting this way (meaning it's stabilizing itself, which is a positive thing!). My body has no idea it's going to be competing in July, it's just happy I'm taking care of it ('strictly' speaking lol). It's in no rush to get anywhere fast! This simply means I have to continue on with what I'm doing and expect 'slower' results in my progression over the coming months**

Sometimes (I will not deny), it is FUstrating because I'm working really hard at it. Although, I believe it is human nature to want things yesterday (if you know what I mean). We expect to see results right away, but it doesn't always work like that (in most cases)! I've learned 'patience' is key in my own personal development (especially in this area!).

007 is always there with her words of encouragement...
and for that I am forever grateful!

What I need to remember is everyone is different and no two metabolisms are the same. I was able to get down to 14.5% BF....

That's 12% down from a year ago! 
(I'm proud of what I've accomplished and that's what matters most!!!)

This is something I I'm not going to give up simply because I have to put in some extra work (that being more cardio and prolonged 'dieting'). Trust me, I will turtle pace my way to the stage if I have to...whatever it takes!

I just have to keep my eye on the bird:

Yup....Eye on the Bird! lol

Like SuperFit said:

"No one said it would be easy!"

So, I will continue to:

1. Follow my 'diet' to a T;
2. Not cheat (unless permission has been granted);
3. Continue on with my training; and most importantly....

Push as I hard as I can!

*The good news is we started early and have plenty of time to adjust and re-adjust*

 We just have to take it...

One 'Baby Fu' step at a time!

Oli (back), Baby Fu (front and centre)
I know...I look like a boy!

Stay Tuned for more on *CaNdY FiT*

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