Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bikini Shopping....for the Stage!

And so the unimaginable came to a reality: the day where I would be thinking about my posing suit for a Figure Competition. It's not quite like bikini shopping (actually not at all), as everything is created from scratch. You are in charge of the material and colour selections (following the guidelines of what a posing suit needs to look like, of course).

As the thinking process began, it was decided I was not only going to compete in the Figure Division but also in the Fitness Model Category (where I'd be able to dress up in a FUn costume of my choice), with much more liberty and playfulness in the overall look and feel of the suit (it's like Halloween in July - minus the free *CaNdY* -  And just so you know, I stopped trick or treating this past Fall! Kiddin' lol).

Real Costume - Free *CaNdY*
Bad Costume - No *CaNdY*
This was supposed to be me as Shakira...It turned out to be me with more accessories...
Epic fail!

The exciting part about all of this is that it's like buying something of great value and tailoring it to you and only you. It's a prize in itself and gift to yourself for all the hard work you've put in to reaching the bright lights of the stage....(nothing beats treating yourself to something nice!). Although come to think of it, I never thought a posing suit would ever be in the books under the chapter of treating myself (compared to buying ice cream or new shoes for a job well done!).

**I should note I'm shy dressing in front of anyone as it is so standing up in front of crowd (of I don't know how many), in a tiny bikini (posing suit) only to be judged on my physique is a little frightening - but also quite exciting at the same time because I know I will have worked my ASS off to be there!**

That being said...

It was time to flush away these fears!
(I have 6 months, so I can flush little by little lol).

     I debated putting this up....but couldn't resist (I'm sorry!!!)
I should note this is not my bum!

After having attended a few competitions as a spectator and volunteer (SuperFit manages the backstage of most area competitions), I got a good sense of what it was all about and the importance of having a suit made specifically for you. One that does not give you 'Bikini Bite' (nothing like having your bum eat your suit)! ~ Bikini bite is actually a product which prevents this from happening. I wouldn't want a wedgy on stage, so you can be sure I'll have this on hand!

Let the FUn begin...

007 told me she was going to meet with the designer of her next posing suit for the upcoming Nationals she'd be competing in this Spring. 007 and PINK (who is also competing at the Nationals), among many other Figure/Fitness/Bikini Athletes, all book with the same designer, as she is superb and is recognized by the Fitness Industry for her amazing creations!

Just a few examples:

PINK looking Incredible as a Modern Pirate
007 looking Smokin' Hot in Blue!
PINK's bridal themed fitness costume 
(She was getting married soon after!)

She insisted I tag along as I needed to get my thoughts together and put the wheels in motion in getting my suits ready. Trust me, you have to get started early as bookings for competition suits fill up fast!

I had a few ideas up my sleeve about my Fitness Costume (I will not divulge what I decided on - that'll be a surprise!), as well as having some colour ideas in mind for both my Fitness Costume and Figure Posing Suit.

Some history...

Over the past year, I met with the designer a few times. Our meeting wasn't about my competing and needing of a posing suit but it was for 007's 2010 competitions. 007 brought me along to help out with the colour and fabric selections, which was a lot FUn! It's quite amazing what you can do to bling and spice up your suit....(what girl doesn't like shiny things plus I like it spicy! Awful joke, I know lol) ;)

During our meeting with the designer, 007 said jokingly (but in all seriousness) that next year I would be coming to see her for my own suit. I laughed in pure disbelief as I would never find myself in that situation...

"Not me..No way and Absolutely No how!"

007 said "You just watch!" (it would appear 007 is always right, much like The Masta!)
The Masta gave her a medal for being right ;)

So finally the day had come...

 To meet with The Best, #1 supplier in custom design for Figure Posing Suits, Fitness Bikinis and Costumes there is. Joan MacDonald owner and designer for Daydream Fitness Design and Bikinis ~ founded for The Serious Fitness Competitor ~ Her work and designs are truly incredible! They are made to be unique and 'Fit' to each individual and their bodies. To add to this, she is a Genuine Gem to work with!

When we arrived to Joan's, we immediately got talking about our suits. 007 went first. She had a colour in mind and knew exactly what she'd like to add (in terms of her bling!). Joan was filled with excellent ideas on how to make all of this work. The next step would be trying on the bottoms (she already knew the cut of her posing top) to make sure the style suited her body (they were teeny weeny things, I was happy I was only coming in to pick out my colours)!

Wrong! (so so so SO wrong!)

I soon found out I had to put these on as well! 007 said she'd never forget the look on my face - a true deer caught in the headlights! (I was not prepared for this at all....if I were, I would've needed a few days to process this, as, like I mentioned before, I have a 'changing in front of people fear'!).

You want me to Whaaaaaaaaaa?!!

I giggled throughout the entire fitting (my nervous habit, just like when I started weight training). I was giggling, they were laughing. It turned out to be quite a FUn experience once everything set in.

**To be perfectly honest, it was probably a good thing I didn't know because I would have been stressed out...I'm now 6 months out and didn't think I'd have anything to try on for another 3 lol). After I told SuperFit about the experience he said "OMG, I can just imagine what was going through your head knowing how shy you are! Poor Baby Fu!" He was half laughing as he said this to me!**

Obviously, I started flushing my fears away sooner than expected!

I then tried on a top and was asked to strike a pose.

**Note: I had started practicing my poses with both 007 and believe it or not SuperFit. SuperFit is actually the one who taught 007 and PINK their competition poses when they first got started!!!**

So, I was happy I knew what to do when asked to pose as I had not anticipated this request either!

I mean just look at this awesome pose....

Cowgirl Fu
This is not from the fitting lol 
Different day, Different year, Different Province!

The whole experience of picking out the material and colours for my suits was extremely exciting. Even having to try on a demo suit and stricking a pose turned out to be great FUn!  It set a reality to the whole thing. I was actually going to compete and I was going to have my own competition suits made by the best there is!

Both 007 and I were on a high from it! (It was amazing having her there with me!)

We celebrated our excitement at Starbucks over Tea and Coffee (can you tell we are 'dieting'?)

"Golden Girls"
Just a sneak peek :)


I'm compiling some ideas for my Fitness Costume and I'm looking forward to my next meeting to talk about my suits! ~ I'm prepared to try on anything that comes my way ;)


I'm Soooo Pumped for what the next 6 months will bring until I'm up on Stage....

One flush at a time ;)

Stay Tuned For More on *CaNdY FiT*


  1. OMG, that was so funny. And yes the giggles were unstopable! I had to laugh myself at the fun you two had.
    It was my absolute pleasure to have you two gals in my studio.

    Can't wait for your first "official fitting". I will have kleenex ready to laughing tears.


  2. Woo hoo! I can't wait either! This time I will definitely be prepared :)

    Get ready for a giggle fest!



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