Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Baby Fu's Decision to COMPETE!

I never, in a million years, thought I'd ever consider competing in a Fitness Show - especially in the Figure Division. After about 7 months of training, eating right and having changed my entire lifestyle, 007's words of encouragement were starting to rub off on me. Those being...

"Baby Fu, I think you'd do GREAT if you competed. You should really consider it! You 'Diet' Well, you Train Hard and you're Committed! You've got what it takes....I want to see you up on that Stage!" (007 repeatedly said these words to me.....I think she knew I'd eventually change my mind!)

I began flirting with the idea that perhaps this was something I could actually do. Something which would represent the FINAL marker in achieving the unimaginable. I was (and continue to be) happy in my new lifestyle...but could I challenge myself even more (and did I need to)?!

Did I say challenge?! We all know what that means! ;)

All kidding aside....

This was a big decision for me because it would mean I had to be stricter in my daily regiment (more so than what I was currently being) and I would have to 'give up' my more relaxed weekends, which often included one or more of the following:

1. Peanut Butter with Protein Banana Pancakes (always, without a doubt)
2. Sushi
3. Dining Out
4. Popcorn
5. Nibbling on a few *CaNdIeS* here and there.

Preparing to compete would involve:

1.  24/7 of  Intense 'Dieting'
2. Harder/Heavier training (to gain more muscle mass)
3. Lessen my BF by about 8-10% (for the show)
4. Absolutely no 'cheats' unless I was given the GREEN light (results based)
5. I would be doing this for 7 MONTHS!

7 months is a long period of time, but with that said...

Could I push myself further?!

Again, the difficulty for me laid not in the training, but in the 'dieting'. What saved me once I reached my goals after beginning my Fitness Journey, was the rewards I gave myself on the weekends. I was more 'relaxed' and I enjoyed my little treats. I ate really clean during the week (and always trained) in order to have my Peanut Butter and Popcorn or whatever it may be. If I chose to compete...

I would need to ELIMINATE all of this  (until it was specified otherwise)!

 No desserts
 No weekend Sushi
No chocolate Fondue

I should say, SuperFit in no way shape or form ever encouraged me to pursue the competion route. Many people would think he did seeing he is the one and only SUPERFIT... and he trains 007 and PINK:

     007 winning the Overall QC Provincials (2010)
        Trained by SuperFit at Florida Fitness Aylmer
          PINK winning 2nd Place at the Miss Bikini Universe Competition in Miami (2010)
Trained by SuperFit at Florida Fitness Aylmer

But in all honesty, SuperFit loved the way I looked (so did I) and would often deter any conversation 007 had with him regarding my competing. Not because he didn't believe I could do it (he always said I'd be able to) simply because he'd have to live with me throughout the pre-competition months (joking!!!!).

Seriously, it was because he was proud of my achievements and stated I had already surpassed all of my goals. I looked great and felt great, why would I want to compete?!

My answer was (once I had made my decision):

"I've attained a level of fitness which far surpasses anything I could have ever imagined. I want to compete because it will have demonstrated my upmost dedication to myself and it would be the most difficult challenge ever presented to me in my journey of 're-discovering my physical side'. This is for me, not for anyone else.

This would be the furthest I can go ... and I want to go there!"

How could he say NO?! lol

I had already accomplished what I destined myself to do in my pursuit of fitness but now I wanted to take it to my full potential! My decision to compete would be taking it to the maximum.

It would be the HIGHEST point I could get to and I wanted to reach for the TOP.

 And so...

Baby Fu's Pre-Competition Journey (on the 'Yellow Brick Road') officially began.

Trainin' :)

Stay tuned for more on *CaNdY FiT*


  1. I was having a bit of a Candy Fit fix this morning when I found this post.

    You are a seriously motivated woman! I love the discipline you put into what you do, while still keeping it fun. I love, love, love that you emphasise that you like the way you looked, and the competition was a way to meet fitness goals.

    You are fantastic :-D

  2. Wow - what an amazing and inspirational post! I have been flirting with competing and I just love reading the journey of others that going down this same path!


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