Monday, February 7, 2011

30 days of HarDcOrE 'DiEtIng' = CHEAT DAY!!!

You don't even know how excited I am to be sharing with you my
Treat Eating Cheat Day!!!

Over the past month....

I've been 'dieting' intensively (a mixture of carbs, no carbs and insanely strict CLEAN eating!). By being a 'good girl' and following all the rules, I earned a cheat day to allow myself to 'carb' load for my next phase of the 'diet'.

Up to this point....

I lost my holiday weight, went down on the Body Fat scale + I gained 1.5 lbs of muscle! ('The Hulk' is back...hé hé!)

What I've learned is when you are 'dieting' with minimal (and I mean barely any) carbs, gaining muscle while losing weight is a difficult combo (different metabolism/genetics = varying results). So, this was GREAT news for me (knowing my body)!

After SuperFit's analysis of my numbers, I was given the GREEN light to have whatever I wanted for an entire day (trust me, this was amazing news as I thought my first cheat would simply be one meal). Of course, I could not and would not skip on any proteins in order to keep my muscles in place!

After the surprise cheating news, I had an entire day to plan! And, believe me when I say....

I plan the HELL out of my Treat Eating Cheat Days!!!! (SuperFit just laughs)

Some cheating history...

When I first began with cheat meals and cheat days, I wasn't really sure what it meant until 007 gave me the 101 on proper cheating (OMG....what was I thinking?!). I would usually have Peanut Butter and a Cookie (very reasonable lol). 007 laughed and said....

"No, no no....have your PB and cookie AND have whatever else your little Baby Fu heart desires because trust me, you don't get these days too often!!!" (Really?!!! YAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!)

This meant The *CaNdY FiT* Baby Fu Monster could come out and play (not literally, but just come out and eat whatever!)

1 year later...

 I've become a Treat Eating Cheat Day (Meal) Specialist!

So this time around...

I decided to include MaRShmALLoWs to my first cheat of the season.

*Note: Everytime we go to the grocery store (and this is no lie - SuperFit can give you his eyewitness testimony), I pick up a bag of these white, fluffy, cloud-like sugar puffs and simply SMELLLLLL the hell out of them (then I put the bag down and waaaalk away - I am not CRAZY!)**

Well, maybe a little nuts

I absolutely love the smell of I bought bag to finally put this temptation to rest (saving SuperFit some embarrassment lol)!

My First Cheat of 2011 was composed of (and not limited to) the following Deliciousness:

 Banana Protein Pancakes with PB and Coffee!
 Marshmallow, Blueberry, Banana, Granola and Vanilla Yogurt Parfait
I had this twice (morning/afternoon) as a snack ..It was Sooooo Yummmy!!!
 Sushi for Lunch!!!!
 Some things I munched on throughout the day...

Of course, after this royal day, I had to get my mind back on track until I would be able to cheat again (it may not be a day, perhaps only a meal depending on my results). Trust me, it takes a lot of will power (I had to work hard at this) to be able to feast then immediately go back to intensive 'dieting' (because you wish you could eat like that, stay healthy and never gain a pound of fat) and with that said...

You Gotta Getter Done! (I went back to no carbs the next day - it's a real bummer but I was completely satisfied with my cheat!!!!!)

I will not deny some days are tougher than others.

1. You feel really hungry on some days more than others (especially if you're bored)
2. You want a little taste or piece of something sweet
3. You think 'how will a morcel of this or that make any difference'  - (it does)

Feeling, Wanting, and Thinking aside...

I've decided to outline some of the FUntastic Results/Observations and what I will call FUstrations throughout the Pre-Comp 'Diet' (1 month in):

FUntastic Results/Observations:

1. Weight loss
2. Muscle Gain
3. Toner Look
4. Healthier (cleaner) Eating Habits
5. Training Harder
6. Feelin' great in my clothes :)


1. Turtle pace metabolism (this is what 7 years did to I have to rev it back into fast gear) = 'Dieting' Harder to get my metabolism going (it's, SuperFit needs to manipulate certain aspects of my 'Diet')
2. Mood changes on prolonged carbless days
3. Irritability (trust me, sometimes watching people eat food you love is *CaNdY*)

*Note: I will continue updating this list as we go along*

All that said....

It's allllll part of the process :)

I'm committed to what I've set out to achieve and most importantly, I'm dedicated to myself and my own personal progress throughout the various stages ahead.....

I will continue to trek along! (one day at time)

Stay Tuned for more on *CaNdY FiT*


  1. LOve your blog! I did all this last year with 2 Debbie's help...

    Keep posting, this is total motivator for me to keep at it..


  2. Thank you Ginette!!!! :)

    I'm really happy you like my blog and I'm thrilled to hear it's motivating for you as well. That means a lot!

    Debbie is an incredible person who has never ceased to support and encourage me since I've come to know her. I'm sure you will attest to that same feeling I have towards our own 007!

    Keep reading:)

    Baby Fu

  3. Oh my goodness, I just found this post and it looks like so much fun! It would have been so difficult to get back into the diet.

    But I love, love, love how driven you are, and the massive support network you seem to have.

    (Yep,you guessed it, I'm supposed to be researching...)


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