Wednesday, February 23, 2011

No CuPcAkE for YoU FU....

But great results for Baby Fu :)

Before I share my most recent results, let me remind you of my biggest temptation....CuPcAkEs!!!

Let's start from the beginning...

Just recently, SuperFit and I decided to swing by my Mom's place for a visit.

Baby Fu & Momé (2010)

Low and behold, CuPcAkEs had just been baked and the icing process was about to begin (you have got to be kidding me!!!). I debated rescheduling our random drop-in to another day so I wouldn't be faced with my Mom's delicious goodies...

 But then I'd be a 'real' Baby! (and we all know I'm not...right?!)

 My sister Kiki:

CuPcAkE Lovin' Sistahs

much like me, has a deep love for CuPcAkEs. She wanted to share this love with her classmates (she's a generous and sweet little thing). I just so happened to pick the day she decided to this (of course I did!). SuperFit immediately looked at me and said...

"No CuPcAkE for you Fu" (Boo)

There are no exceptions in my pre-competition 'diet', so having a sliver of these moist, chocolate, finger-licking good CuPcAkEs was definitely out of the question (even the bite-sized one's they made). With that said, I knew I coudn't have any, so I didn't bother asking if my 'diet' would allow for this special treat (on this non-cheating allocated day).....

I sucked it up and joined in the IcInG PaRtY!

Just look at what I would have missed out on!

Mini-bite sized CuPcAkEs ready to be iced 
(Yes, those are homemade truffles too)
Making of the Icing
(Yes, those are the real sized CuPcAkEs!)
Kiki making some Psychedelic Coloured Icing :)
(Mmmm, I just want to dip my finger it it!)
Carefully icing the CuPcAkEs!
SuperFit couldn't wait...
(But well deserved!) ;)

You would think this was pure ToRtUrE but at least I got to join in the Psychedelic FUn....

CuPcAkes always bring a smile to my face, even when I can't have any.....

The best part is I just so happened to match the icing colour (my sweater)!
It's almost like I was destined to have one (in my dreams!) lol

The next day...(coincidentally)

I had a date with the calipers. I was ready for it (I just hoped for good results, especially since I was being a 'good girl'!). Trust me, you always get a little nervous with these dates as you never know what to expect....(no pun intended with that statement lol)

So the hour had come and...

A few pinches later, SuperFit was happy to report I was now 14.5% BF, down from my last measurement! Woo HOo!!!

This was really good news, especially since we discovered my body found a happy weight and has decided to budge little by little.

**Note: What we have to keep in mind is my body has completely transformed itself in less than one year. It's to no surprise my body is reacting this way (meaning it's stabilizing itself, which is a positive thing!). My body has no idea it's going to be competing in July, it's just happy I'm taking care of it ('strictly' speaking lol). It's in no rush to get anywhere fast! This simply means I have to continue on with what I'm doing and expect 'slower' results in my progression over the coming months**

Sometimes (I will not deny), it is FUstrating because I'm working really hard at it. Although, I believe it is human nature to want things yesterday (if you know what I mean). We expect to see results right away, but it doesn't always work like that (in most cases)! I've learned 'patience' is key in my own personal development (especially in this area!).

007 is always there with her words of encouragement...
and for that I am forever grateful!

What I need to remember is everyone is different and no two metabolisms are the same. I was able to get down to 14.5% BF....

That's 12% down from a year ago! 
(I'm proud of what I've accomplished and that's what matters most!!!)

This is something I I'm not going to give up simply because I have to put in some extra work (that being more cardio and prolonged 'dieting'). Trust me, I will turtle pace my way to the stage if I have to...whatever it takes!

I just have to keep my eye on the bird:

Yup....Eye on the Bird! lol

Like SuperFit said:

"No one said it would be easy!"

So, I will continue to:

1. Follow my 'diet' to a T;
2. Not cheat (unless permission has been granted);
3. Continue on with my training; and most importantly....

Push as I hard as I can!

*The good news is we started early and have plenty of time to adjust and re-adjust*

 We just have to take it...

One 'Baby Fu' step at a time!

Oli (back), Baby Fu (front and centre)
I know...I look like a boy!

Stay Tuned for more on *CaNdY FiT*

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bikini Shopping....for the Stage!

And so the unimaginable came to a reality: the day where I would be thinking about my posing suit for a Figure Competition. It's not quite like bikini shopping (actually not at all), as everything is created from scratch. You are in charge of the material and colour selections (following the guidelines of what a posing suit needs to look like, of course).

As the thinking process began, it was decided I was not only going to compete in the Figure Division but also in the Fitness Model Category (where I'd be able to dress up in a FUn costume of my choice), with much more liberty and playfulness in the overall look and feel of the suit (it's like Halloween in July - minus the free *CaNdY* -  And just so you know, I stopped trick or treating this past Fall! Kiddin' lol).

Real Costume - Free *CaNdY*
Bad Costume - No *CaNdY*
This was supposed to be me as Shakira...It turned out to be me with more accessories...
Epic fail!

The exciting part about all of this is that it's like buying something of great value and tailoring it to you and only you. It's a prize in itself and gift to yourself for all the hard work you've put in to reaching the bright lights of the stage....(nothing beats treating yourself to something nice!). Although come to think of it, I never thought a posing suit would ever be in the books under the chapter of treating myself (compared to buying ice cream or new shoes for a job well done!).

**I should note I'm shy dressing in front of anyone as it is so standing up in front of crowd (of I don't know how many), in a tiny bikini (posing suit) only to be judged on my physique is a little frightening - but also quite exciting at the same time because I know I will have worked my ASS off to be there!**

That being said...

It was time to flush away these fears!
(I have 6 months, so I can flush little by little lol).

     I debated putting this up....but couldn't resist (I'm sorry!!!)
I should note this is not my bum!

After having attended a few competitions as a spectator and volunteer (SuperFit manages the backstage of most area competitions), I got a good sense of what it was all about and the importance of having a suit made specifically for you. One that does not give you 'Bikini Bite' (nothing like having your bum eat your suit)! ~ Bikini bite is actually a product which prevents this from happening. I wouldn't want a wedgy on stage, so you can be sure I'll have this on hand!

Let the FUn begin...

007 told me she was going to meet with the designer of her next posing suit for the upcoming Nationals she'd be competing in this Spring. 007 and PINK (who is also competing at the Nationals), among many other Figure/Fitness/Bikini Athletes, all book with the same designer, as she is superb and is recognized by the Fitness Industry for her amazing creations!

Just a few examples:

PINK looking Incredible as a Modern Pirate
007 looking Smokin' Hot in Blue!
PINK's bridal themed fitness costume 
(She was getting married soon after!)

She insisted I tag along as I needed to get my thoughts together and put the wheels in motion in getting my suits ready. Trust me, you have to get started early as bookings for competition suits fill up fast!

I had a few ideas up my sleeve about my Fitness Costume (I will not divulge what I decided on - that'll be a surprise!), as well as having some colour ideas in mind for both my Fitness Costume and Figure Posing Suit.

Some history...

Over the past year, I met with the designer a few times. Our meeting wasn't about my competing and needing of a posing suit but it was for 007's 2010 competitions. 007 brought me along to help out with the colour and fabric selections, which was a lot FUn! It's quite amazing what you can do to bling and spice up your suit....(what girl doesn't like shiny things plus I like it spicy! Awful joke, I know lol) ;)

During our meeting with the designer, 007 said jokingly (but in all seriousness) that next year I would be coming to see her for my own suit. I laughed in pure disbelief as I would never find myself in that situation...

"Not me..No way and Absolutely No how!"

007 said "You just watch!" (it would appear 007 is always right, much like The Masta!)
The Masta gave her a medal for being right ;)

So finally the day had come...

 To meet with The Best, #1 supplier in custom design for Figure Posing Suits, Fitness Bikinis and Costumes there is. Joan MacDonald owner and designer for Daydream Fitness Design and Bikinis ~ founded for The Serious Fitness Competitor ~ Her work and designs are truly incredible! They are made to be unique and 'Fit' to each individual and their bodies. To add to this, she is a Genuine Gem to work with!

When we arrived to Joan's, we immediately got talking about our suits. 007 went first. She had a colour in mind and knew exactly what she'd like to add (in terms of her bling!). Joan was filled with excellent ideas on how to make all of this work. The next step would be trying on the bottoms (she already knew the cut of her posing top) to make sure the style suited her body (they were teeny weeny things, I was happy I was only coming in to pick out my colours)!

Wrong! (so so so SO wrong!)

I soon found out I had to put these on as well! 007 said she'd never forget the look on my face - a true deer caught in the headlights! (I was not prepared for this at all....if I were, I would've needed a few days to process this, as, like I mentioned before, I have a 'changing in front of people fear'!).

You want me to Whaaaaaaaaaa?!!

I giggled throughout the entire fitting (my nervous habit, just like when I started weight training). I was giggling, they were laughing. It turned out to be quite a FUn experience once everything set in.

**To be perfectly honest, it was probably a good thing I didn't know because I would have been stressed out...I'm now 6 months out and didn't think I'd have anything to try on for another 3 lol). After I told SuperFit about the experience he said "OMG, I can just imagine what was going through your head knowing how shy you are! Poor Baby Fu!" He was half laughing as he said this to me!**

Obviously, I started flushing my fears away sooner than expected!

I then tried on a top and was asked to strike a pose.

**Note: I had started practicing my poses with both 007 and believe it or not SuperFit. SuperFit is actually the one who taught 007 and PINK their competition poses when they first got started!!!**

So, I was happy I knew what to do when asked to pose as I had not anticipated this request either!

I mean just look at this awesome pose....

Cowgirl Fu
This is not from the fitting lol 
Different day, Different year, Different Province!

The whole experience of picking out the material and colours for my suits was extremely exciting. Even having to try on a demo suit and stricking a pose turned out to be great FUn!  It set a reality to the whole thing. I was actually going to compete and I was going to have my own competition suits made by the best there is!

Both 007 and I were on a high from it! (It was amazing having her there with me!)

We celebrated our excitement at Starbucks over Tea and Coffee (can you tell we are 'dieting'?)

"Golden Girls"
Just a sneak peek :)


I'm compiling some ideas for my Fitness Costume and I'm looking forward to my next meeting to talk about my suits! ~ I'm prepared to try on anything that comes my way ;)


I'm Soooo Pumped for what the next 6 months will bring until I'm up on Stage....

One flush at a time ;)

Stay Tuned For More on *CaNdY FiT*

Monday, February 14, 2011

Trainin' Like a Fu and Food for FUel...

After having enjoyed one of my absolute best 'cheats', it was time to put the wheels back in motion. I must admit it wasn't extremely difficult to go back on no carbs for the next few days as my stomach was filled with sugary goods (just enough for a sugar high and mild stomach ache!). Who knows when my next cheat meal/day would be!

I had to take advantage of this Day and get my Cravings right out of my system!

You have to wonder if having these kinds of cheat meals/days ruin all the hard dieting and training you've done, but it doesn't. I followed the 'diet' to a T and trained (doing my weights and cardio) according to plan. After being re-acquainted with the calipers my results showed I was able to have one day to splurge (controlled splurging! lol).

My body needed some FUn Food for FUel!

The important part is to make sure you go right back to your 'diet' and training the next day. Making sure to follow everything as prescribed (by SuperFit, in my case) until results show you can 'cheat' again.

It puts your system into shock and I like the shock value!!!
(I shocked everyone by getting into fitness and I wasn't about to stop 'shocking' now - not literally, that would hurt!)

Just a side...

I came across a FUn recipe I wanted to try out. After testing it out and having successfully followed the 'easy' instructions (for the chips), I added this 'Clean Side' to my recipe book :) (This recipe book of mine is in my head...I should probably create a hardcopy version!)

Baked Collard Green Chips:

1. Wash and pat dry the collard green leaves
2. Tear the leaves into chip size bites
3. Discard the middle 'white' stem

Toss the greens into a large bowl and combine the following ingredients (making sure the leaves are evenly coated):

1. Pam Olive Oil Spray (enough to coat the leaves) ~
    You can also use 2tbsp of olive oil
2. 2 tbsp of lemon juice
3. Salt to taste ~ I like Garlic Salt - personal preference
4. Chili Flakes (if you like it hot)

Ingredients :)
   Mmmm...leafy greens :)

Pre-heat oven at 300F and bake for approx. 20 minutes (until greens look crisp)

These make for a great snack but are also Yummy as a side to...

Haddock Fish Filet:

1. Spray PAM Olive Oil in a non-stick fry pan.
2. Coat filet with salt and pepper (I used Char Crust Dry Rub Seasonings,
    8 cals per serving and absolutely delicious!)
3. Cook both sides for approx. 4 minutes over medium heat

                        This is FU'in AmAzInG!!! (and even better on Chicken!)
                                                    Enjoy! (Fish and Chips on low carbs)

Moving right along,

My new week in training....

Would involve heavier lifting and most importantly, training like a FU (aka, hard). What we've noticed thus far in my weight training is I have a tendency to hold my breath...a little too long. It reminds me of The Masta telling me a story from when I was an actual 'Baby/Toddler'. I would hold my breath until I turned blue... not green ;)

Apparently this would happen if I didn't get what I wanted or if I was mad...(it was probably over *CaNdY* too because I often requested going to the corner store!).

That said....

I still, to this day, have these Tantrums! (Not! Give me some credit! lol)

I'm clearly not getting what I want!

**Note: What I'm sure contributed to my *CaNdY* Addiction was due to the fact that in my pre-teen years I had a best friend who's parents owned (or managed) a *CaNdY* Factory. They had a garage full of different *CaNdY* and Chocolates. Everytime I went over, I was allowed to fill up a box and taste new products before they were available to the public - Dream come true!**

Back to my training... ~ I seem to have gone off topic ;)

I'm learning how to breathe while lifting heavy and ensuring I have oxygen going to my brain (I don't want to lose anymore brain cells!). I'm also learning proper positioning to perfect each workout. If I don't do this, I won't get the workout I should be getting and I will most likely increase my chances of getting injured (which is definitely not uncommon judging by my track record).

What is my track record?!:
  1. Getting my foot stuck and chopped by the blades of a lawn mower (came close to getting a prosthetic foot);
  2. A spider crawled into my mouth and bit me while sleeping with my mouth open (the ambulance was called - my cheek swelled as big and hard as a baseball);
  3. Falling off a play structure, landing on my chin and gushing blood everywhere.
  4. Running into a Dim Sum Cart and splitting my head open.
  5. Breaking two of my toes from tripping over a vacuum (resulting in the use of crutches for 2 weeks);
  6. Spraining my FU finger while playing basketball in Grade 7;
  7. Having an injured tailbone for life after being dropped to the ground during a Grade 8 Cheerleading Practice;
  8. Cutting off the tip of my finger while chopping veggies;
  9. Purposefully falling on my Bum while rollerblading down a steep hill because I didn't how to stop (I had bruises and scrapes all over my legs and of course an extremely soar caboose!)
  10. Crashing into SuperFit while ridin' his ass (I later learned the proper cycling's called riding his wheel). I flew off my bike at 30km/h, laid in a fetal position for 10 minutes and couldn't walk without pain for 4 days. **Note: I didn't cry and had 25km left until we got home. I sucked it up...big time!**
I wasn't about to go back to Picnic Riding ;)

And give up riding SuperFit's wheel!!! 
He's so handsome (Korny I know, but so true!)

I'm sure there are more injury stories to share but I think that's enough for now! 

**I should note throughout my childhood years, The Masta always told me to be careful because I was clumsy and never took the time to do things the 'right' away. I learned this to be true later on in life.  I also learned...

The Masta is ALWAYS right! (Trust me)**

Learning to pay attention to the Rules of the Masta at a very young age...
(I look half asleep)
p.s. I know, he looks like Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee!

Just to say, this is why I need to make sure I concentrate on each workout I do because who knows what kind of injury lays in my FUture!

Pumping right along...

At Florida Fitness Aylmer, SuperFit always makes sure everyone is doing their exercises properly and ensuring we are pushing ourselves to the max. Like he says...

"Push yourself to failure because the last rep is the one that counts. Pains is weakness leaving the body"

Trust me, I definitely feel pain leaving my body after his leg workouts!!!! (All of his personal training trainees would testify to this!)

**Note: SuperFit always mentioned how 'composed' I looked during each workout. Never making a distorted face to show I was pushing with all my HULK might. That is, not until we went hard on my leg workout. He broke me, he laughed so hard (for a good 3 minutes). He said it looked like I was going to cry....**

 I may be called Baby Fu but I ain't no Baby! lol

Nope, not a Baby....

Training like a FU and FUeling my system with energy is motivating to me to push myself more and more as the days, weeks and months bring me closer to my competition ahead.

In addition to all this FUn, it came time for me to start thinking about my Posing Suits....(SO EXCITING!!!!)

p.s. Happy Valentine's Day!!!

My LOVE Treats:

Flowers from SuperFit <3
ONE Reese's PB Heart
I told SuperFit "We go together like Chocolate & Peanut Butter"
So I thought this would be an appropriate choice :)
This took me no time to unwrap!
Especially after two weeks since my last cheat :)

Simply Perfect!

Stay Tuned for more on *CaNdY FiT*

Monday, February 7, 2011

30 days of HarDcOrE 'DiEtIng' = CHEAT DAY!!!

You don't even know how excited I am to be sharing with you my
Treat Eating Cheat Day!!!

Over the past month....

I've been 'dieting' intensively (a mixture of carbs, no carbs and insanely strict CLEAN eating!). By being a 'good girl' and following all the rules, I earned a cheat day to allow myself to 'carb' load for my next phase of the 'diet'.

Up to this point....

I lost my holiday weight, went down on the Body Fat scale + I gained 1.5 lbs of muscle! ('The Hulk' is back...hé hé!)

What I've learned is when you are 'dieting' with minimal (and I mean barely any) carbs, gaining muscle while losing weight is a difficult combo (different metabolism/genetics = varying results). So, this was GREAT news for me (knowing my body)!

After SuperFit's analysis of my numbers, I was given the GREEN light to have whatever I wanted for an entire day (trust me, this was amazing news as I thought my first cheat would simply be one meal). Of course, I could not and would not skip on any proteins in order to keep my muscles in place!

After the surprise cheating news, I had an entire day to plan! And, believe me when I say....

I plan the HELL out of my Treat Eating Cheat Days!!!! (SuperFit just laughs)

Some cheating history...

When I first began with cheat meals and cheat days, I wasn't really sure what it meant until 007 gave me the 101 on proper cheating (OMG....what was I thinking?!). I would usually have Peanut Butter and a Cookie (very reasonable lol). 007 laughed and said....

"No, no no....have your PB and cookie AND have whatever else your little Baby Fu heart desires because trust me, you don't get these days too often!!!" (Really?!!! YAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!)

This meant The *CaNdY FiT* Baby Fu Monster could come out and play (not literally, but just come out and eat whatever!)

1 year later...

 I've become a Treat Eating Cheat Day (Meal) Specialist!

So this time around...

I decided to include MaRShmALLoWs to my first cheat of the season.

*Note: Everytime we go to the grocery store (and this is no lie - SuperFit can give you his eyewitness testimony), I pick up a bag of these white, fluffy, cloud-like sugar puffs and simply SMELLLLLL the hell out of them (then I put the bag down and waaaalk away - I am not CRAZY!)**

Well, maybe a little nuts

I absolutely love the smell of I bought bag to finally put this temptation to rest (saving SuperFit some embarrassment lol)!

My First Cheat of 2011 was composed of (and not limited to) the following Deliciousness:

 Banana Protein Pancakes with PB and Coffee!
 Marshmallow, Blueberry, Banana, Granola and Vanilla Yogurt Parfait
I had this twice (morning/afternoon) as a snack ..It was Sooooo Yummmy!!!
 Sushi for Lunch!!!!
 Some things I munched on throughout the day...

Of course, after this royal day, I had to get my mind back on track until I would be able to cheat again (it may not be a day, perhaps only a meal depending on my results). Trust me, it takes a lot of will power (I had to work hard at this) to be able to feast then immediately go back to intensive 'dieting' (because you wish you could eat like that, stay healthy and never gain a pound of fat) and with that said...

You Gotta Getter Done! (I went back to no carbs the next day - it's a real bummer but I was completely satisfied with my cheat!!!!!)

I will not deny some days are tougher than others.

1. You feel really hungry on some days more than others (especially if you're bored)
2. You want a little taste or piece of something sweet
3. You think 'how will a morcel of this or that make any difference'  - (it does)

Feeling, Wanting, and Thinking aside...

I've decided to outline some of the FUntastic Results/Observations and what I will call FUstrations throughout the Pre-Comp 'Diet' (1 month in):

FUntastic Results/Observations:

1. Weight loss
2. Muscle Gain
3. Toner Look
4. Healthier (cleaner) Eating Habits
5. Training Harder
6. Feelin' great in my clothes :)


1. Turtle pace metabolism (this is what 7 years did to I have to rev it back into fast gear) = 'Dieting' Harder to get my metabolism going (it's, SuperFit needs to manipulate certain aspects of my 'Diet')
2. Mood changes on prolonged carbless days
3. Irritability (trust me, sometimes watching people eat food you love is *CaNdY*)

*Note: I will continue updating this list as we go along*

All that said....

It's allllll part of the process :)

I'm committed to what I've set out to achieve and most importantly, I'm dedicated to myself and my own personal progress throughout the various stages ahead.....

I will continue to trek along! (one day at time)

Stay Tuned for more on *CaNdY FiT*

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Baby Fu's Decision to COMPETE!

I never, in a million years, thought I'd ever consider competing in a Fitness Show - especially in the Figure Division. After about 7 months of training, eating right and having changed my entire lifestyle, 007's words of encouragement were starting to rub off on me. Those being...

"Baby Fu, I think you'd do GREAT if you competed. You should really consider it! You 'Diet' Well, you Train Hard and you're Committed! You've got what it takes....I want to see you up on that Stage!" (007 repeatedly said these words to me.....I think she knew I'd eventually change my mind!)

I began flirting with the idea that perhaps this was something I could actually do. Something which would represent the FINAL marker in achieving the unimaginable. I was (and continue to be) happy in my new lifestyle...but could I challenge myself even more (and did I need to)?!

Did I say challenge?! We all know what that means! ;)

All kidding aside....

This was a big decision for me because it would mean I had to be stricter in my daily regiment (more so than what I was currently being) and I would have to 'give up' my more relaxed weekends, which often included one or more of the following:

1. Peanut Butter with Protein Banana Pancakes (always, without a doubt)
2. Sushi
3. Dining Out
4. Popcorn
5. Nibbling on a few *CaNdIeS* here and there.

Preparing to compete would involve:

1.  24/7 of  Intense 'Dieting'
2. Harder/Heavier training (to gain more muscle mass)
3. Lessen my BF by about 8-10% (for the show)
4. Absolutely no 'cheats' unless I was given the GREEN light (results based)
5. I would be doing this for 7 MONTHS!

7 months is a long period of time, but with that said...

Could I push myself further?!

Again, the difficulty for me laid not in the training, but in the 'dieting'. What saved me once I reached my goals after beginning my Fitness Journey, was the rewards I gave myself on the weekends. I was more 'relaxed' and I enjoyed my little treats. I ate really clean during the week (and always trained) in order to have my Peanut Butter and Popcorn or whatever it may be. If I chose to compete...

I would need to ELIMINATE all of this  (until it was specified otherwise)!

 No desserts
 No weekend Sushi
No chocolate Fondue

I should say, SuperFit in no way shape or form ever encouraged me to pursue the competion route. Many people would think he did seeing he is the one and only SUPERFIT... and he trains 007 and PINK:

     007 winning the Overall QC Provincials (2010)
        Trained by SuperFit at Florida Fitness Aylmer
          PINK winning 2nd Place at the Miss Bikini Universe Competition in Miami (2010)
Trained by SuperFit at Florida Fitness Aylmer

But in all honesty, SuperFit loved the way I looked (so did I) and would often deter any conversation 007 had with him regarding my competing. Not because he didn't believe I could do it (he always said I'd be able to) simply because he'd have to live with me throughout the pre-competition months (joking!!!!).

Seriously, it was because he was proud of my achievements and stated I had already surpassed all of my goals. I looked great and felt great, why would I want to compete?!

My answer was (once I had made my decision):

"I've attained a level of fitness which far surpasses anything I could have ever imagined. I want to compete because it will have demonstrated my upmost dedication to myself and it would be the most difficult challenge ever presented to me in my journey of 're-discovering my physical side'. This is for me, not for anyone else.

This would be the furthest I can go ... and I want to go there!"

How could he say NO?! lol

I had already accomplished what I destined myself to do in my pursuit of fitness but now I wanted to take it to my full potential! My decision to compete would be taking it to the maximum.

It would be the HIGHEST point I could get to and I wanted to reach for the TOP.

 And so...

Baby Fu's Pre-Competition Journey (on the 'Yellow Brick Road') officially began.

Trainin' :)

Stay tuned for more on *CaNdY FiT*
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